Monday, March 30, 2009


Good morning prim gals. Well, more snow showed up here in Michigan yesterday! We had rain for most of the morning and then, here it came again, more snow! I could hardly believe my eyes, but this HAS to be close to the end of it.
Business was really slow yesterday, but Terry brought more goodies! We now have pantry cakes, 2 more extreme prim black doll heads on a spring, quilted table runners and more. Just love her work and it is such a great addition to the shop. I'll be posting more pictures this week. (Please send kind thoughts to Terry and her daughter today, they meet with Shay's new doctor.)
After I closed the shop, our family gathered for dinner at a new restaurant for Chad and Kim's birthday (finally). Kim's folks, my parents, and my daughter Ashley's family all came to celebrate. We had lots of fun and great conversation. Kim's mom, Sharon, helps me out at the shop and I've really missed her. She recently had both knees replaced and is now on the mend. Can't wait until she can come back and she is hopefully going to teach some classes soon.
We're trying to get our new spring lineup of classes posted soon. We are now offering private group classes too. This should be a fun spring at Holly Hills. Our Kim is going to do some herb and gardening classes along with our usuals. Her gardens are amazing!
Dick and I are going to take a drive up north this afternoon and our friends Debbie and Kenny have a load of goodies they are sending home with us. It's always a surprise to see what great finds she has for the shop. I'm so darned excited to see the cupboards Kenny has been building for us, he is using old vintage doors and windows and his work is wonderful!
Well girls, better get some work done before hubby gets home to pick me up. Have a great Monday and we'll talk again tomorrow...

Friday, March 27, 2009


WHAT A FUN FRIDAY AT HOLLY HILLS PRIMITIVES! My new blogging buddy came to visit with her two daughters and two grandchildren. We had so much fun, just wish I could have left and we would have had more time to visit. Linda owns Gathered Treasures in Grand Ledge, Michigan and it is such a nice, high quality shop! I'm sure you've all seen the pictures of her beautiful home in CS Home Tours, as we all drool with envy! I have loved reading her blog for a long time (Primp Your Pad) and it was just the best to be able to meet in person. I was at her shop quite awhile ago, but that was long before my blogging fever hit! Aren't her grandchildren adorable? This is Nathan and Madie. They were so good in the shop, but I think they were ready to hit McDonald's by the time they left.
Linda and her two daughters. What a fun time to take your daughters shopping and have them interested in the same things as you! Thanks for coming Linda, it was great. I hope to come to Grand Ledge soon!
Our new Terry was at it again. She came back today with more great goodies - and is going to work on more this weekend! Her primitive handmades are wonderful. Some of you e-mailed me about buying her things. Just so you know, I will ship anything you see on the blog that isn't heavy furniture. You can either e-mail or call me at the shop! Some of you asked about the pinkeeps in my last blog. The mouse pinkeep that has the little pillow and spool is $18.95, the mice in the shoe, the mouse in the teacup and the one on the plate are all $14.95. This watermelon with the two little mice is the best! I'm going to start putting prices on so you can decide if you'd like to order. This watermelon/mouse piece is $29.95.
These crow pinkeeps are done on old pieces of architectural wood and made from old quilt batting. They come with rusty old pins! $24.95
Cute little black angel with wooden wings and a feedsack dress. She is holding her heart just to give to you. $29.95
Love these handmade pears and apples. $8.95 each
One of my favorites is the old plum pudding/bundt cake - it even has a cherry on top and to the side! I could just see this setting on your noodle board over the stove! $24.95
I hope all of you will say a prayer for Terry's little girl, Shay, as she is possibly having extensive surgery next week. We all wish her well.
We were busy again today - hooray! I think spring fever is finally hitting a lot of the shopping gals. Our friend Debbie is bringing more antiques this weekend and I've been sewing like a crazy person. I want to keep the shop as full as we can and give everyone lots to choose from.
I was trying to have "something for everyone", but I'm going back to what's true to my heart - primitives. I really learned a lot on my Ohio trip and Melissa from Jailhouse Primitives was a real inspiration. Once Easter is over, anything that is pastel is going bye-bye! (Thank goodness there isn't much left!)
I hope you all have a great weekend and all you shopowners are busy as a bee!
Until tomorrow...

Thursday, March 26, 2009


Good Thursday evenin' to you all. What a better day I had at the shop today. The rain finally ended and people actually were out and about. I sold my favorite old green cupboard, hated to see it go, but that's business! Last night I tried my hand at my first bottle doll. She sure turned out prim!!! The picture makes her look like she had a really big head, but I think it was just the angle of the camera. Anyway, she was fun to experiment with. Our new artist, Terry, came today with a great load of goodies. Her things are just wonderful! (And she's bringing more tomorrow!) Lucky me. This little mouse pinkeep is on a spool, attached to a plate covered in sewing goodies.

Cute little Annie's done on small spindles.
More Annie's. The larger one is on a spring, as well as the heart. There is also little grapevine wreaths with Annie heads and an Annie garland. Really cute.
This little bunny, holding an egg, is also done on an old spring.
This bunny wreath is darling. It looks a lot more prim in person with the moss, eggs, ripped strips of homespun, etc.
One of my favorites has to be these tiny little mice peeking out of the old pink vintage shoes. So sweet!
Another cute creation is the mouse in the teacup. What a good little Mother's Day gift!
As you know, I love pinkeeps, so this is my other favorite! This little mouse on the spool of thread is just the best. I might have to bring one of these home with me for my collection.
Can't wait to see what else I get tomorrow! This was such a nice surprise and we talked about more things she is going to create for the shop.
It is so much fun when we actually have people coming in and are busy! Holly is an antique town, so we get people from all over coming to visit. I had a lady from Australia today. A gal from my class yesterday lived in Egypt for 14 years, that was really interesting too. I hope someday I'll get the chance to meets lots of you ladies!
Hubby has to work late tonight, so I guess I better get busy sewing for awhile. Have a great night and sleep tight...

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Good Wednesday evening prim pals! You all know I met my friend Connie in Ohio last weekend. I just couldn't make that trip without bringing some things back for ME! Sometimes it is so darn hard to shop for the store when I see so many things I would like in my own home! Well, these things are what I chose: Loved this package of grubby wax Easter goodies. It came with 4 wax eggs, a bunny and a carrot. They smell SO good! Just love them in the old wooden bowl!
This pic isn't from our trip, but I thought I'd throw it in while I was adding pictures - especially for Karen from My Colonial Home. Have you ever made penny rug valances? I made these a couple years ago for our dining room windows and I just love the look. You girls should try your hand at them!
I got this crow in the old can from Jailhouse Primitives, made by Melissa's mother. I just think he's adorable. I collect unique crows and my collection keeps growing! This will always be a treasure from my first of many visits to the Jailhouse!
This really primitive bunny was just calling out to me. It was made by Too Far Gone (I love their work). Just couldn't bear to put it in the shop. The egg is the paper mache one we did covered in cloves - sure smells yummy!
Is this tulip adorable or what? Just screams "spring". I want to make more to put in the shop, but I had to have one for me.
I'm not keeping this, but I thought this giant strawberry pinkeep was so cute.
Now this one is for me! It is made from old red velvet and filled with sand. It is so heavy and wonderful.
These are some of my pinkeeps. I have a "thing" for the unusual, really old looking ones. I have several more that are just too big to fit in this corner cupboard.
Things were a little slow at the shop today. I taught a paper-bag scrapbook class this morning, but the afternoon DRAGGED! I have a cold, wouldn't you just know? All I wanted to do was come home and get warm. We had a rainy old spring day and the cold just went through you.
Tonight I'm going to try my hand at making a bottle doll. They look SO old when they're done. I'd like to do one for the shop and see how it goes. I'm also going to plant wheat grass in the cans that Abbey helped me paint and grub last night. I love wheat grass for your Easter table. It grows so fast and you can actually trim it. It looks so cute with some little eggs nestled inside. Might tie some grubby cheesecloth around the cans.
Well girls, if I'm going to get these things done, I guess I better get off this computer. I just enjoy reading all of your posts so much, it's almost addicting! Have a good spring evening and you southern girls pass some sunshine on up to Michigan.
Until next time...

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Well girls, back from the trip and working on the shop. This cute cat was one of my finds in Ohio. I don't have everything out in the shop yet, but thought I would get a few pics in tonight.
I got this old chicken feeder, which would be the cutest little planter, the chenille eggs and grubby chicks. Just love them all!
These wax scented crows are the cutest little things!
And here we go with Debbie's latest load of goodies. She just finds the best darn things for me, don't know what I'd do without her. Talk about prim! Have you ever heard of a wool carder? Well here it is!
This little 3-legged milking stool is just adorable. Would be so cute sitting on a table with your prim dolls.
Her husband, Kenny, has been at it again. He sent me this set of prim bed steps. His work is just awesome and such a great addition to any home.
How about this early youth chair? It has the original paint and "stencils". I could just see the right doll sitting in it.
This picture does not do this new cupboard justice. It is so old, great color, wonderful storage and priced so good. Trying to decide where I could put it in my own house!
Love this blackboard! Just the right size for your kitchen.
Then there's little red sawbuck table. Just as prim and old as can be. Would this ever be great as an end table!
That's all the pictures I took today. I am so darn tired! I feel like I have a shopping "hangover". I'll try to get more put out tomorrow and more pictures. Hopefully my new "handmade" artist will be bringing some of her things tomorrow too. I'm really excited to see what surprises she has in store. I just love all the handmades!
Has anybody decided if they are signing up for Karen's get-together in Pennsylvania? Sure sounds like the best time. I'm hoping to be able to make it, but it will depend on the economy over the next few months in Michigan. Let's all hope that we may be on the upswing!
I've got to get sewing before I "lose" all the ideas I got in Ohio. Just haven't had a minute since I got back. Our Abbey came over tonight and helped me grunge some tin cans and stayed for dinner. She is the best darn helper!
By the way, any smalls on my blog are always for sale and I will ship anywhere in the U.S. Feel free to give me a call at the shop if you like something or have any questions.
Jammie time! Have a great evening! Until tomorrow...

Monday, March 23, 2009


LET THE FUN BEGIN!!! We arrived in Waynesville on Thursday morning, checked into our motel and immediately called Jailhouse Primitives. We decided we just couldn't wait until Saturday! When you walk around the building to the entrance, these are the doors you see lined up for a fence. Aren't they just great!!!
This is definately on the "always stop" list when we go to Ohio from now on. Melissa's shop is just as cute and prim as can be! Connie and I both agreed that Melissa is what really makes the shop though. She is so warm and friendly and welcoming. It was so much fun to actually meet after e-mailing and reading her blog. We each found some great goodies here. I just love the things her mom makes, they are just the best! My "crow in the can" will always be a reminder of our first of many visits to Jailhouse Primitives!

Melissa and I on the front steps of the shop. I hated to leave, but we had so many places to see. We tried to talk her into going with us! I hope she can make it to Michigan sometime soon!
Is this shop adorable or what???!!! It gets even better the minute you walk inside!
From Germantown we went to West Alexandria to Lizzie's Cabin. We were SO disappointed! Lizzie was in Richmond setting up for the Olde Homestead Show and wasn't open. This is on our "next time" list of places to visit.
Another highlight was going into Dayton to meet Alice that owns Kindred Spirits. Connie and I have used her patterns for years and it was so much fun to meet her and see her shop. She was also so friendly and helpful. She showed us both how to needle felt and, of course, we had to buy the supplies!
When we got back to Waynesville, we just drove through town for a few minutes (since everything was closed) and got excited about our day there. This LITTLE log cabin was for sale or rent, so I had to take a picture. Wish I could move it to Michigan!
Friday morning we got up and headed to Columbus to the Heritage Show. What a blast!!! We carried so many packages back to our "shop and drop" table and then had to carry them all out to load them up when we left. We found some great prim goodies to put in the shop (and a few to keep too). One of my favorite vendors is Too Far Gone, she really has great prims.
From Columbus we got in the car and headed to Richmond, IN to the Olde Homestead Show. We finally got to meet Lizzie and see her wares - which were so great!
This is the building where The Olde Homestead Show was held.
Connie back at the motel with some of our loot. We didn't carry in the big pieces!
Me and more loot! Couldn't wait to get it back to the shop!
Saturday we got up and "did" Waynesville! We headed straight to the Wooden Sunflower. We hadn't been here since it changed hands (it used to be Primitives and More). What a nice surprise! More prim goodies! This shopkeeper was also a sweetheart and very helpful. Got my little sweet annie wreath for my bathroom here.
You can't go to Waynesville without visiting Olde Glory! What a beautiful, beautiful store! We had so much fun talking to Bea (the owner). We spent quite a bit of time here and can't wait to come back.
Back to the motel we went and got out our needle felting supplies. Connie was working on a project here and we had so much fun learning how to do this. Can't wait to use it on some of my dolls and lots of other things. It is so much fun to do - which was really a surprise!
This trip was just the greatest. I learned so many things, found so many great things to bring back, but, most of all, had the best time ever with my bestest prim pal! We both agreed that the highlight of the trip was meeting Melissa from Jailhouse Primitives.
And then it was over. We hit McDonald's on the way out of town to get a Diet Coke. Had to take one last picture of Connie in line behind me. Hopefully we'll be able to meet here again in the fall. I was then off to Michigan and Connie off to Tennessee.
All the way home my head was just reeling with ideas of things to make and things to redo at the shop (and home too). Can't wait to start sewing! It was just the best trip ever!
When I got back to Holly, my husband (Dick) and grandson (Gannon) were "manning" the shop. It was so adorable, Gannon wore his shirt and tie to work for me! We have 8 grandchildren with another one on the way, but Gan was our first. I always tell him he is "my first best boy". Can't believe he is 11 already! How could anybody resist buying with this handsome boy waiting on them??? He is just wonderful.
THEN I had to spend some time with my Abbey girl. She came over for awhile in the evening and had dinner with us. We talked every day on the phone and missed each other so much. She is truly a dolly!
Well, today Debbie is on her way with another load of antiques. Can't wait to see what is in this load - I know there is an old prim dry sink! The shop is closed today, so we are just going to go play for the afternoon and put things out and redo. Another fun day in Holly!
Did I mention that I'm really tired??? But what a good tired!
Have a great day and we'll talk again soon...