Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Good evening blogging buddies! Got lots of sewing done yesterday and put some of it out at the shop today. I'm saving some crow and sunflower goodies until after the 4th for a little shop redo. This little gal has springs for hair and a key nose. She is holding a big, old apple that she picked at the orchard.
Louisa Tuttle is a biggie with lots of personality.
She has raw sheep's wool hair, a spike nose, and BIG lips.
She's also fashioning her black boots.
Isabelle is holding a crow, sunflowers and Sweet Annie and would love to come home with you to sit on your porch.
Her hair is made from angel vine and her lips are a big cinnamon stick.
I also had to show you the green wicker settee that I just got in. It's made for indoor/outdoor use and is SOOOO comfortable. Wish I still had my old covered porch to put it on!
I'd also like to invite anybody from the area to our "Evening In The Country" on July 16 from 5-9 p.m. We are having a shop hop with Wren In The Willow and it is going to be so much darn fun! Both shops will have summer yummies to eat, shop specials, new merchandise, and drawings. You must get your ticket stamped at both shops to be eligible for the drawing. You can get an extra ticket by bringing a non-perishable food item for the Eastern Michigan Food Bank. Holly Hills Primitives is going to have live music and Zanie Janie's is going to have some surprises too. Hope you can make it!
Well folks, that's about it for tonight. I worked late tonight for the Wednesday night car cruise, so I'm pretty tired out. What a great turnout though, there were 139 cars!
Hope you all have a great day tomorrow and we'll talk again soon.
Until next time...

Monday, June 28, 2010


What a special day! Lucy's first birthday party. Can you believe these darling cakes that Ashley made?
See the tutu that my mommy made for me???
Oh boy, presents!! Big sister Abbey helped me open them.
I got my very own baby doll that really moves and cries.
Which one is the real baby doll?
So much going on!
I loved my cakes - thanks mom.
Our dainty little Lucy wasn't into "digging" in to her own cake - but she sure liked to look at it.
Everyone tried so hard to show me how to eat it with my hands, but I only wanted to be fed. Too yukky!
Happy Birthday Lucy - you light up our lives.
Until next time...

Thursday, June 24, 2010


Lots of fun is happening at Holly Hills Primitives these days! Yesterday was our first "Mommy and Me" painting class. Each mommy and child painted their own sand bucket and it was so much fun. The class was taught by our own Sharon (she is so amazing) and everyone had such a great time.
Our classes are held right through the French doors in Zanie Janie's Coffee Shop. In July there will be a painted, garden scarecrow class and it should be tons of fun!
These proud little girls had to show off their buckets! After the class, they had cupcakes and lemonade slushies.
Summertime - and the livin' is easy! We went to daughter Amanda's house on Father's Day afternoon and had a great time. Ellie, a/k/a Peanut, is our latest little fish - no waterwings or anything and off the diving board she goes!
Caroline's favorite trick was to go down the slide and have someone catch her!
Dick and I had a wonderful Father's Day morning with Dad. We took him out to breakfast and he enjoyed it so much. Wish I could do that every day!
I'm so looking forward to Sunday! Our little Lucy turned one year old on Tuesday and we are having her party on Sunday afternoon at daughter Ashley's house. I had so much fun shopping for a sweet dollie last night - and a few other goodies too.
Well, off to start my day. It's supposed to be a little cooler today (a welcome relief) and there's lots to be done. Hope you all have a creative day!
Until next time...

Saturday, June 19, 2010


Hi good friends! I don't even know where to start, this has been one hectic darn month! I guess I'll start with the new finds for the shop and go from there.
Got this cute table with drop/slide leaves at both ends, it is so great with the black chairs.
This is a wall-mount hoosier top. The glass was missing in the middle door, so what else but a feedsack would go in there?
Close-up of the small feedsack.
Drysink ready for the new handles.
This little mustard piece is as prim as can be. It has towel holders on both ends.
We recruited Sharon to come out of "retirement" and get her brushes out again and am I ever glad! This old sunflower stool is prim perfect!
How about this old school desk? The writing arm isn't this light in person - must have been the camera.
Little table just perfect for a screened porch or deck.
This old ironing board is wonderful! Couldn't you just see it all lit up on a covered porch?
Got in this little magazine table with compartments underneath. I should have moved the gameboard before I took the picture.
This "chicken" bin shelf is really a keeper - it might even have to come home with me!
How about an old chair to put your pot of flowers in?
Lots of gardening goodies still here.
This "tilt" quilt rack is really unusual. What a great way to show off a collection.
Darling kindergarden size old desk and child's folding chair.
This desk is really unusual. When you fold up the front of the desk, it looks just like a dresser.
These old white chairs are as sweet as can be - and sturdy!
Need a PRIM bench for your garden - this is it!
And this baby "stroller" from the late 1800's is just made to set one of your favorite dolls in!
Well, that's it for the new goodies and now on to the month I've had.
It started out that we had a chance to rent our wonderful old house to a nice family - but only if they could be in by the end of the week. I really wanted them to have it, so it was the most exhausting week I've had in a long time - but they are in! It's amazing how much you can accumulate over 20 years in one house! I just closed my eyes and pitched - LOTS! When that was done, we took a truckload of things to our cottage - where we did NOTHING for a whole day. It was heaven.
In the middle of all of this move, I had the downtown Holly antique show coming and had to rearrange the whole shop and get it ready. Sure glad I did, we had a great day! Can't wait until October 2nd for the next one.
My sweet dad is slipping and has been very confused, so there have been some extra runs to the nursing home - even though one of us goes every day.
THEN this week my husband and I both came down with the flu! YUK!!!
All is better now and we're back at it. I hope to spend Monday and Tuesday sewing and making more handmades for the shop.
I hope you will all mark your calendars for Friday, July 16th from 5-9 p.m. We are having s "shop hop" called An Evening In the Country with another great country store called Wren In The Willow in Goodrich, Michigan. There will be food, music, prizes, specials... Be watching for more information.
I hope you all have a wonderful Father's Day tomorrow. We are taking Dad out to brunch and then going to daughter Amanda's for a picnic and dip in their pool!
That's about it for catch-up news for this time.
Until next time...

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Rainy days are here for awhile in Michigan. I heard it's supposed to rain off and on for most of the week. Oh well, might as well set back and enjoy it. I just wish I could curl up with a cup of coffee and a new magazine!
Watermelons have made their way into the shop in all forms - slices, wreaths, dolls...
This little slice of watermelon with a mouse is mounted on an old bobbin.
These mice have made themselves right at home enjoying their banquet.

This little stump doll caught herself a ladybug!
Another little stump doll is mounted in an old bundt pan and sports the American flag.
Louisa sure loves her sunflowers, all picked with Sweet Annie in a feedsack bag.
Closer look at her sweet face.
This long, skinny gal loves to take her bunny outside to find some wild carrots.
Shhh, don't tell the farmer.
Abbey came to the shop after school to show me her new yearbook and decided to ride up and visit Great-Grandpa with me. She always lights up his day.
We took him a nice cold root beer and one of Zanie Janie's BIG sugar cookies. YUMMY!
REMINDER: Don't forget to mark your calendars for the downtown Holly antique show on June 12th. The street is closed down and the antique vendors come to town! Holly Hills Primitives will have lots of new goodies to share with you too.
Hope your week is going great and we'll talk again soon.
Until next time...