Tuesday, June 1, 2010


What a great weekend! We had lots of family time with everyone we love. Gannon spent the night on Sunday and all he wanted to do was get over here to fish. He was SOOOO excited, he caught two more pike! Grandpa had run to the store, so guess who had to help him get them landed??? Yup, it was me! He decided we were the Gannon/Grandma team. What joy this little canal has given him.
Sunday was Mom's birthday, but we were heading to the nursing home for a picnic on Monday after the parade for our celebration. Nothing better for great-grandmas then those little babies. Lucy sure loved all the action at the parade.
Zanie Janie, Steve and Joel came by for the parade too. So glad to have them! This was probably one of our last parades in front of our old house, I miss it so much.
Daughter Ashley, Tony and Lucy ready for Lucy's first Memorial Day.
Daughter Amanda, Greg, Caroline, Ellie and Jack were all excited.
Son Rich, Val, Sydney and Caroline snuck into this one too!
Oh boy, I think it's coming!
Our veterans lead the parade, both the VFW and the American Legion. It is so moving. When they come by, everyone stands and either salutes or claps.
Husband Dick drives a truck every year for the vets that can no longer march.
Abbey and Gannon look forward to riding along and passing out candy. Gannon wears Great Grandpa's hat and Abbey wears Dick's hat.
And then came the band!

Wow, we sure have some great little babies! Aren't they precious?
Mom with Caroline, she loves to read books.
After the parade, Jack and Ellie went upstairs to check out the old playroom. Jack came down with Dick's old army coat on. It was SOOOO cute!
Ellie had a drum and they marched and marched up and down the sidewalks.
Then we went to the nursing home to have a birthday party for Mom. Chad and Kim joined us there and we had fun and great food. Dick took Dad's VFW hat up to him and attached a flag to his wheelchair. Dad was a very active member and past commander of the the Holly VFW post. He was a medic in WWII and was stationed in England for three years. Dick served in Viet Nam. Thank you to both of you. That's what this holiday is all about!
Hope you had as much fun as we did! Now it's off to sewing, sewing, sewing!
Until next time...


  1. So glad to stop by and do a little catching up! Looks like you had a wonderful weekend and all your grand kids are so cute :)

  2. What a wonderful weekend you must have had....thanks for sharing Dawn! Thanks to the Vets in your family....I am forever grateful for their sacrifce.

  3. Dawn,
    thanks for sharing such wonderful pics of your family with us. How happy your Dad looks & a Happy Belated Birthday to your mom.
    I've been sewing alot lately too.

  4. Awesome. many thanks to your family and their service. What a wonderful gathering (millstonemercantile

  5. Good morning Dawn..it looks like you had an absolutely wonderful Memorial weekend!!! Love all the photo's and what a beautiful family you have!!!

    Hugs to you my friend, Doreen