Friday, March 30, 2012


TGIF! Yup, Bonnie is going to be holding down the fort (shop) tomorrow while Dick, Gannon and I head to the Breckenridge show. I'm SOOOO excited! I haven't been in a few years and I can't wait to see everything. I'm hoping to run into some of our blogging friends and customers up there. Isn't the anticipation of a great show part of the fun? Prims, prims, prims! It doesn't get any better than that! Maybe we'll see each other there!

Our big old Tobias bunny is at the front of the shop to greet you as you come in. He just wanted me to let you know that we are continuing our 30% off Easter and 10% storewide sale for the weekend. You guessed it, that means there will be changes to the shop right after Easter. Let's see. Garden? Patriotic? What will it be?

After leaving the Breckenridge show, we are going to head up to the Little House for the rest of the weekend. HOORAY! There's no place I'd rather go. When we walk in the door, it's like that little place just wraps it's arms around us. We loaded up on movies, going to stop to get baby backs, and who the heck cares what the weather does? Dick and Gannon might do a little fishing, I want to play house for awhile and MAYBE we'll venture over to Houghton Lake to visit Sandy at Morning Glory Mercantile. I just know I'm ready to go have fun with two of my favorite guys.
By the way, there's a chance that our Funky Tennessee Artist might be at the shop June 9 (the downtown Holly antique show) to do an artist's signing. Be watching for more details.
Hope you all have a fabulous weekend and we'll talk again next week.
Until next time...

Thursday, March 29, 2012


Good evening friends. Just wanted to pop in and let you know that I added quite a few dolls to our selling blog for you to check out. Just let me know if you see anything you're interested in.
Today was paperwork day at the shop. We have been so busy that I haven't had much time to go through everything. Well, today was the day! We have decided to do a show in Tawas, Mi on Memorial Day Weekend and others that I will be announcing soon. This will be a fun new endeavor for Dick and I.
Don't forget, all of our Easter goodies are on sale at the shop. Time to get ready for the next change! Let see, what will it be? Maybe gardening? Maybe patriotic? You'll just have to wait and check us out soon.
Have a great evening and we'll talk again soon.
Until next time...

Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Good morning prim pals! What a great weekend! Our open house was a blast, we met so many new customers, ate too much, and just had some plain old fun. If you didn't get a chance to come over, Dick and I decided to run some specials through this Friday. All Easter will be 30% off and everything else in the shop will be 10% off - including furniture. We have a very few bunnies left by The Funky Tennessee Artist and this is your chance to get one at a great price!
I was so "pooped" that I slept on the couch almost all day yesterday - but it was just what the doctor ordered. This weekend we are heading up to our Little House to see how spring is treating her. I can't wait to do some tweeking up there.
We will be adding lots of goodies to our selling blog this week, so keep watching. Just type in and it should take you right to us!
Well girls, since I wasted the whole day yesterday, guess I better get moving and get some things done before I open the shop back up tomorrow.
Have a great day!
Until next time...

Saturday, March 24, 2012


Good evening friends! Dick and I would like to thank our great customers for making the first day of our Springthyme In The Village open house a success and let you know we are looking forward to one more day of fun and festivities.
This was a special day for me. Cindy and her husband Gary, from Cynthia Lee Designs blog, came to the shop from Ohio with their two adorable little Yorkies. Cindy and I have been blogging for about 3 years with each other and we finally got to meet! What a nice treat!
It is so much fun to see people that we haven't seen in awhile too. Another favorite customer is Kris from Adrian, MI. She always puts a smile on our faces when she comes in. Talk about a great gal! Just wish I would have gotten a picture.

Thank you Cindy and Gary for making the drive to Michigan!

After the open house, we were invited to some friends for dinner - and what a dinner it was! Barb and Dennis had a beautiful strawberry salad, twice baked potatoes, corn on the cob, steak on the grill, and this gorgeous apple pie with ice cream. Dick about had to roll me home! What a great way to top off such a fun day.

I almost forgot to with our daughter-in-law Kim a happy birthday yesterday. Kim is the one standing behind my mom. We were so blessed when Chad brought Kim to our family, she is just a joy. A lot of you have met her mom, Sharon, that works at the shop on Sundays. We love you Kim and "Happy Birthday".
If you didn't get a chance to make it to the open house today, there's still tomorrow. We will be open from 10-5 and there are still lots of goodies to be found. We are going to put all the bunnies and chicks on sale for the last day of the open house, so it's a great time to finish up your Easter/spring decorating. Hope to see you then.
Well friends, time for this old gal to get some sleep. Hope all of you have a Sunday filled with peace.
Until next time...

Friday, March 23, 2012


It just doesn't get any better than having a customer pick up a custom piece of furniture and seeing them this happy! Dick built this custom vanity for Jennifer and Mike's new bathroom and it turned out so beautiful. When they came to pick it up tonight, she was just beeming!

Just picture this with two vessel sinks on top and two mirrors over the pegs. It will be stunning in their prim bathroom redo. He is also painting the tank cover and seat for their pull-chain toilet to match.

It has chunky pegs all the way across the back for hanging her favorite accessories.

It also has a "toothbrush" drawer and two doors on the front. She promised that we could take pictures when it was all installed. Thank you Jennifer and Mike!
DON'T FORGET: SPRINGTHYME IN THE VILLAGE OPEN HOUSE, tomorrow and Sunday (March 24 and 25) from 10-5 each day. We got some great munchies and Zanie Janie will be selling three different kinds of soups. We have little thank you gifts for the first 12 purchasers - plus door prize drawings throughout the weekend.
For you rug hookers, we are starting to get some kits and misc. supplies in for your hooking needs. Stay tuned, more will be added on a regular basis.
You also won't believe the new crow items that are ready for the open house. Sandy made up the cutest "crow pies", Sue did up more "hooked" crows on springs and Sara did the most amazing glass crow magnets. They are all fantastic!
Hope to see you all tomorrow or Sunday for some fun-filled days at Holly Hills Primitives.
Until next time...

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Another fun day at Holly Hills Primitives! Our rug hooking class meets on Wednesday afternoons and it is so much fun and we have such a nice group of gals. Our instructor, Sue, is fabulous!
We are getting more furniture in for our Springtime In The Village Open House this weekend and just thought I'd share a few pieces. This red cupboard is to die for! I want to bring it home SOOOO bad! It's an oldie with square nails, big planks for shelves and double doors. The paint job is fantastic!

For you folks that like blue, it doesn't get much better than this little blue, beadboard cupboard. The inside is very unique with one shelf across and two small shelves on each side.

Need a bench for your porch? This mustard bench is just the perfect spot to set your plants or your bottom on!

And this little mustard table is also a unique piece. The top is made from an old door on a table base with a drawer.

See the keyhole from the door on the top?
Be sure to save some time this weekend to do a little spring shopping. The first 12 purchasers will receive a little free thank you gift. We will have springtime yummies and a door prize. Zanie Janie's Simply Coffee will be selling homemade soups and special beverages right next door! Come have some fun with us!
Until next time...

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Lookie, lookie at what we got at the shop! I'm so excited, it has Judy Condon's home included in this book. They are going fast!
Is this weather fantastic or what? What a treat to have the windows open and the smell of outdoors coming in. It is in the 80's here today, unheard of for this time of year. Do you think it can last?
We're getting geared up for our Springtime In The Village open house this weekend, both Saturday and Sunday from 10-5. Our list is getting shorter. Been to the markets - check, got great handmades in - check, the giveaways for the first 12 purchasers are finished - check, the menu is planned - check! Just a few more days to go. Hope I get a chance to see some of you over the weekend.
Well friends, time to keep stitching, painting and sewing. The list isn't quite short enough yet.
Until next time...

Saturday, March 17, 2012


What a wild day Bonnie and I had Thursday! We left for Ohio at 5 a.m., went to the show, hit two warehouses and headed for home. When we got back to Michigan, it was just after and during the bad storms. Oh my gosh, what a ride!
We did find awesome things at the show though. These bird nest candle holders and battery candles are just beautiful and perfect for spring.

My favorites are the geranium pillows and pillow cases. One of the pillows is trying to make it into my car!

Our little pie safe is filled with potted "herbs", grubby chicks and lots of other spring things.

These "clay" pots are made out of wax and when the votive or tea light is lit inside, they glow all the way through. I did have to bring one home with me!

This table is loaded. We got the greatest table squares that look like burlap, table risers, all kinds of small candle holders, timer pillars and more!

Another favorite were these prim candle holders. They are going fast and hope to get more.

The covered barrels are always popular - especially for you gals with a buttery.

Oh my, we got lots of rugs, lamps, signs...

Another table riser and the old covered bottles.

I was so excited when I found the old rusty graters on boards. I've wanted to have them in the shop for a long time.

These little baskets are adorable. Pop one on the back of a chair and fill them with Easter grass and eggs.

Of course, a variety of towels is always welcome this time of year.

As most of you know, our French doors open into Zanie Janie's Simply Coffee. We had a great St. Patrick's Day surprise. One of her regulars (Louise) brought us a whole dinner to celebrate. Corned beef, cabbage, potatoes, carrots, bread, herbed butter! It was fabulous - thank's Louise!

The crock pot was LOADED!
Yesterday was overwhelming when I unloaded the car, had to price everything and get it put out. Just in time, Suzanne stopped in and decided to "play" and put things out. She did a great job and we had a lot of fun.
Well friends, Dick and I are going to put the top down on the VW and go have a green beer!
Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!
(Don't forget, out Spring Open House is next Sat and Sun!)
Until next time...

Monday, March 12, 2012


My word! Things have sure been hopping at Holly Hills Primitives! Dick and I thought we would have a day to rest up a little today, but five pieces of furniture went out of the shop yesterday and another one may go tomorrow! I guess there really is no rest for the wicked! He is back preparing more cupboards to take into the shop, I'm going to paint some things and then I hope I can lock myself in tomorrow to just sew, sew, sew.
I had to show you the newest piece that came into the shop. It's an 1800's wooden cash register and is one of the coolest things I've ever seen. Can you see the little piece of glass on the top with the slot? That's where you would put your receipts.

The top opens and the drawer pulls out. It still has the keys and it still rings when you open the drawer.

Side view. I could think of a million things to do with this piece!

Another cute little number we got in is this cubby. Perfect to set on top of a desk to sort all of your goodies.

And, yes, spring is at least very close and it will soon be time to think of planting. This washtub was painted by Sharon and would be a great outdoor accent. Who doesn't love crows and sunflowers?
This whole week is going to be CRAZY, but oh so much fun! We will have to take in the new pieces tomorrow and rearrange the shop. Wednesday is our second rug hooking class (Sue will be sure to tell me about all of my mistakes), and I hope to take off for Ohio to the markets on Thursday. Do you get crazy creative ideas going through your head that just won't shut down? I swear, last night I had hives from being so excited about everything!
I can't wait to bring back wonderful new wares for our Spring Open House on March 24 and 25 from 10-5. Hope you can all come visit with us!
Also, don't forget to check out our new selling blog. Some of you have had a hard time getting in, just type It should take you right to it!
Enjoy this springtime weather. The geese and sand cranes are back early and I've even seen a few robins. It's supposed to hit 70 this week - WOO HOO!!! We'll talk again real soon.
Until next time...

Sunday, March 11, 2012


Good Sunday morning friends! Thought I'd pop in and say "hello" before we left for the shop. Sharon generally works on Sunday, but she is in the Virgin Islands soaking up the sun. Sharon is our daughter-in-law Kim's mom, so our kids are with them too. Talked to my son yesterday (his 43rd!!!! birthday) and they had been snorkeling already in the morning. Sure wish I was there with them. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHAD!!!
Since it's Sunday, the little above stitchery is quite appropriate. Isn't it the truth though?

Another great cupboard came in a couple days ago. This would be perfect for components and a flat screen. Be watching for more cupboards soon.

Since spring is right around the corner, wouldn't this old seed spreader be perfect to put a plant in on your porch or to hang on a fence?

I've sure been having fun learning how to hook my rug. I got this far yesterday. I've been leaving it at the shop or I wouldn't get anything done at home. Sure ain't perfect, but I'm having a great time learning.

Thursday night we went to watch our Abbey practice basketball. Talk about HUSTLE! We're looking forward to going to an actual game, it will be a "ball".
Friday night Abbey and Lucy spent the night while their folks went to see Gavin McGraw. What a joy these two little girls are! They both sit right up and eat their dinner, are so much fun, and go right to sleep when it's bed time. Can't wait for the next sleepover!
This is going to be a crazy, busy week! Dick has a custom order to build, we have more cupboards to ready for the shop, I'm heading to the markets, and there's tons of sewing to be finished. Wish there were 36 hours in a day instead of 24!
After many requests, yes Dick is doing custom pieces and we're also doing some design consulting for your prim homes. Come talk to us and see what we have to offer! We went to a home last night that is going from new to prim - so much fun!!!!!!
Well friends, time to hop in the shower and get ready for another great day at Holly Hills Primitives. Come see us soon.
Until next time...

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Lookie, lookie what is coming to the shop tomorrow. I browsed through "Just Country Gardens" tonight and it looks fantastic! Can't wait to read it from cover to cover. Are the rest of you as ready as I am to start diggin' in the dirt? This book has so many great garden ideas.
I also bought the new Home Tours edition of Country Sampler tonight. Hubby went up to the Little House to check on the melting snow and water situation, so I'm ready to curl up with a bunch of pillows and drool. It would have been easy to just come right home and get into it, but I made myself clean first. It always feels so good when the house is clean and the candles are lit. There's nothing much cozier.

We had so much fun at the shop today. Miss Suzanne came to teach our first rug hooking class and everyone enjoyed it so much. We all got to pick a beginner kit and she did such a great job explaining everything and showing us so many samples. This could be dangerous. I have so much to sew and stitch for the shop, but this could be a new favorite! I'm so glad the shop is all changed around and I can take it to work with me tomorrow and keep hooking. Thank you Suzanne, we are all looking forward to next week. Let me know if you have an interest and she might just start a second class!
Spring was definitely in the air today. It was 66 degrees when I left work - almost warm enough to put the top down on the VW! When I let my Rosie dog out tonight, it was still warm and just a beautiful night.
Well my blogging buds, I have a new magazine calling my name. Have a great evening and we'll talk again soon.
Until next time...

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Hi Friends! What a crazy couple of weeks we have had! Yesterday and today was shop redo days and I'm so glad it's done! Thank goodness for my friend Bonnie for coming to help! Not many gals our age would be up for moving a whole store of furniture. Dick and I got a whole load of antique prims last week and they are starting to sneak into the shop. I'm so darned excited!
Thought you might like a quickie tour of the highlights. It always feels so great to have a change.
The front of the shop is looking like spring. Maybe it helped the weatherman too, it was 54 when I left work and we're looking at 60 tomorrow!!! HOORAY! We got the little prim green table and chair with the original green paint. What a unique little desk this would make!

We moved the green fireplace to the front and the mantle is all jazzed up with flowers and bunnies.

We just got the old white toolbox and Bonnie did such a great job filling it up.

The island makes quite a statement. I love it with the screened "pie safe" on top along with the old wheelboro.

It's getting that time of year to be thinking about a potting bench. This one is so special made from an old door and windows.

The island is one of the newer pieces we just brought in. You could either leave it like it is for crocks and bowls or cover the bottom with material or old feed sacks.

The next section of the shop is all done in burgandys and cobblestone. Can you see the darling wax baskets with sweet annie on the table? Our own Pam from Primitive Basketcase did those for the shop. The smell so wonderful and are adorable.

The other side of our "burgandy" section.

Next we have lots of mustard pieces and the old crow table. Mustard is still my favorite color to decorate with - especially really prim!

This old cupboard is screaming to come home with me! Another old piece we just got in. I love, love, love it!

Need a little bench for your mudroom or foyer. This one is on sale for $39.95!

Only one more area to show you today. I could live back here by the old log cabin wall. Unfortunately, the pictures came out pretty dark - I'll try to use a flash tomorrow. I have a thing for old long johns and these white ones are cute as can be.

This three door cupboard would also be a great island, and of course the settle chair is wonderful too.

The black fireplace also found it's way to the cabin and it fit right in. It has pegs across the front and is perfect to hang your favorite prim goodies on.

Just got this black table in too. The chairs have grubby seats with "mama sit upon" and "papa sit upon" stitched on them. Would this be cute in a breakfast room or what?

The last old cupboard we got came out way too dark, but it is beautiful! It is an old beadboard front with the cutest top. Dick did his magic on it with black over cranberry and it turned out great. I'll also try to get a better picture of this tomorrow.
So there you have it. There's lots more to see, but I didn't want to bore you with the whole thing. Great pieces of furniture will be arriving all throughout the month of March - and they are all very primitive.
I'm so excited about tomorrow. It's our first rug hooking class and I can't wait! I've wanted to do this for so long. I signed up for the class, we are going to meet in Zanie Janie's coffee shop. Guess I'll just have to run back and forth between customers, but it will be so worth it.
Come on in and check out the "redo". Also, don't forget that our spring open house will be March 24 and 25. Can't wait to see you!
Until next time...