Monday, January 28, 2013


I guess winter has finally hit us here in Michigan. Snow and freezing rain hit us last night and is melting away today. It is supposed to get into the 50's tomorrow and then back down to 17! Crazy weather. Good day to stay indoors and stitch! I wanted to remind you all that we are having our Annual Superbowl Sunday Party at the shop this Sunday (February 3) from noon to 5 p.m. We will be serving up some yummy treats and the orders are rolling in with great prims and handmades. This has been a fun week. Hope you don't care if I share.
On Wednesday morning our rug hooking group headed out for a field trip to the home of Kris Miller. I so appreciate Dick "manning" the shop so I could go. Oh what beautiful patterns and wool. Can't wait to get started on the patterns I bought. It's a replica of an antique rug. Just beautiful!
Thursday we were honored to have Teresa Kogut teach a punchneedle class at the shop. Everyone in our rug hooking group attended. What a great time! I think we even talked Teresa into joining us to hook! If you've never met Teresa, you're really missing out. She is wonderful and her work is amazing.
Then yesterday we were invited to Hartland High School for a birthday party for Ellie, Caroline and Gannon. Amanda and Greg rented the pool for the party and it was a blast. Ellie is sporting a new pixie!
Caroline having fun with friends.
I can't believe our Gannon is 15!!! He had a ball with friends too.
Sydney got to get in on the action too. We missed her party because of the flu.
Jack even got a gift!
I have to share Abbey's story from Saturday. She went to Michigan State University for a rabbit show. Her rabbit won Best of Breed and then Best of Show out of 1200 rabbits. We're so proud of her!
Of course Lucy is always up for a great time.
Cousins Lucy and Sydney had such a great time together. They had to model their floatie suits and silly faces.
If you've never been to the Hartland Pool, you should go. They have a huge swimming pool, an oversized hot tub (which Gan had to try right out)...
there is an awesome kiddie pool with "showers" and a kiddie slide (I don't know how many times Lucy and Sydney went down it together)...
there is a flowing river with noodles to ride (Ashley, Lucy and Abbey) went round and round...
then Rich and Sydney joined in the action. There is also a HUGE water slide and more. Be sure to check it out if you ever have a chance. They do have open swimming for the public too.
Now back to our Annual Superbowl Sunday Party. Spring goodies will be arriving all week,
along with dolls, fantastic flameless candles and more, more, more!
Great Lakes Marketplace has decided to join in on the action too.
John is offering 20% off all tailgate grocery items and they are all Michigan products.
There is a whole line of fantastic grocery products to choose from.
Crust Bakery is also housed in the Marketplace and their products are YUMMO!!!
There is a coffee bar that can make some mean concoctions!
The attached shop (also part of Great Lakes Marketplace) is the artisian village which also features Michigan creations. We are all excited to help take the BLAH out of winter and have some fun with our friends. Arcade Antiques in Battle Alley will just be kicking off their February sale, so you'll be able to get some early peeks. Pat has a new prim dealer that was just moving in some great pieces when I was over there the other day. SOOOO - hope to see you all on Sunday. Until next time...

Tuesday, January 22, 2013


WINTER IS OFFICIALLY HERE! The temp was 2 degrees this morning and the windchill was 15 below. So many schools are closed and I'm so happy that today is my day to sew at home. I've got the coffee pot on - so if anyone wants to come help, feel free! Candles are lit and the music is softly playing in the background. Nothing better than a jammie day at home.
I'm crazy about the 1803 Woodstove Pie candles! The scent is fabulous.
I wanted to share this collection of arrowheads found on my great grandfather's farm years ago. I'm so thrilled that they were saved. Just imagine...
I picked up another little doll bust on our travels this week to add to my collection. My favorite is still the bottle doll made by The Funky Tennessee Artist!
Got a little bored, so out came a few bunnies. This "Too Far Gone" bunny is right up there with my favorites.
Might be a tie with "The Funky Tennessee Artist" doll bunny though.
I got this tiny bunny years ago in Bay City when "Hen In The Holly" was still there.
Any this bigger guy came from a show years ago with "Pig In The Poke". Seems so strange that Easter is in March this year. Decided I wanted awhile to enjoy them. Anybody else getting any bunnies out yet? Well, time to paint frames for stitcheries and to get sewing. Have a cozy day and STAY WARM! Until next time...

Monday, January 21, 2013


OH BOY! Has the weather ever turned frigid here in Michigan. Just ran to Joann's after work and I'm SOOO glad to be home where it's warm and cozy. Tomorrow is my stay-at-home sewing day and I can't wait to just light the candles, turn on the music and enjoy our little nest. Got everything priced and put out at the shop (with more to come) and thought I'd give you a little tour.
A few spring bunnies and other goodies are hopping in slowly, but will have another big order in the next week or so.
Some beautiful textiles are filling up the old child's civil war bed.
Our latest great piece by Dick. This cupboard is built from 90% wood that is 100 years old.
These preserves and dressings are really yummy!
More food goods and antiques.
Our old nesting box is filled with all kinds of lights and bulbs.
I had to hide Dicken's "house" so he could get some sleep at the shop. He's so stinkin' cute that everyone wants to play with him!
The old island is showcasing some great prims.
These big flowers are awesome. The center of the flower is a rusty old pie plate.
There are "chicken" goodies, candles, tart warmers, tarts and more!
This little cubby is full of the most beautiful brown lamps, afghans, rugs... Isn't it funny how colors come back around?
Dick's big tilt-top hutch table is prim as can be - and so are the goodies on top of it!
The back wall of the "cabin" is also covered with prims.
Sure wish I had a spot for one of these make-do settles. Maybe someday.
Stitcheries are coming in daily. I'm crazy for the old verses and can never have enough.
The crock bench is also full. Come on in and take a peek, I'm pretty sure you prim gals will find something that you just can't live without! Tonight I'm off to finish another stitchery and grub material for tomorrow's projects. Mostly, I just want to get warm. These 0-10 degree temps are awful! Stay warm and we'll talk again soon. Until next time...

Saturday, January 19, 2013


WE'RE BACK! Peggy and I had so much fun at the markets and found lots of great prims to add to the shop. We were up and at 'em early every morning and we shopped til we almost dropped. We ordered some wonderful new things that will be delivered throughout the coming months also.
After our first day of shopping, we treated ourselves to dinner at the Cheesecake Factory (it was delicious) and walked around some of the beautiful shops at the Easton Mall. There were white lights everywhere and it was just beautiful! On the second night, we ate at Smokey Bones and it was fantastic! Our room was a suite and it was great to have a "living room" to relax in after a long day of shopping.
On the way home we stopped at a nice little primitive shop and found a few more goodies. We went to Cracker Barrel for lunch and then went back to the shop to buy more! (The owner had a great sale going on!)
As you can see, the van was pretty full!
We made it back to Michigan and unloaded everything at the shop. Got lots of pricing and arranging to do before we open on Monday for Martin Luther King Day! Hope you have time to come visit! We had a ball, but it was good to get home to my family and a surprise overnight with Gannon. Can't wait to snow you some of our new wares! Until next time...

Wednesday, January 16, 2013


WOO-HOO!!! It's finally time to head to the markets as soon as I get my day in tomorrow. Peggy and I are going to go together and have a great time. Can't wait to see what's new this spring to bring back to the shop. We will be open next Monday (Martin Luther King Day) for anyone that happens to have the day off. Don't forget that our fantastic punchneedle class is next Thursday (January 24) from noon to 3 p.m. I am honored that Teresa Kogut is teaching in our shop and bringing her wonderful patterns with her! Then on January 30th is our needle felting class with Jan Turchi, come make a beautiful felted heart.
I wanted to share my new little cupboard that I bought from Robin (The Parson's Wife) a week or so ago. Finally got it in place and just love it. Peggy gifted me with the beautiful battery candles (which I will have in the shop soon)and I just can't believe how real they look!
This is Dickens after a hard day at the shop. He loves to come home, snuggle up in his nice comfy fed, cuddle with his stuffed dog and just snooze for a couple of hours. He has already grown almost 4 inches! Just love him to pieces - but he IS a puppy! He is getting pretty potty trained, doesn't cry in his crate at night anymore, and is just full of life - just what the doctor ordered. Hope you have a great weekend and I'll post again when we return from Ohio. Until next time...