Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Good evening prim pals! Whew, what a day! Went to the attorney with my mom this morning, worked at the shop all day, went to see Terri's new Halloween goodies (WOW - there will be great new things), went to visit my Dad and sometime tonight I'm ready to collapse!Got a couple new lights in this weekend. Just love this glass "jar" lamp with the advertising. I have a flicker candle bulb in it now, but you could use a silicone bulb too. $24.95
Isn't this little mustard metal lamp a cutie? $19.95

I had a couple e-mails regarding suitcases. Yes, I will ship and here is what I have right now.
Old black suitcase, medium size, $19.95

With kind of a lavender interior.
Medium brown suitcase, $16.95
Interior is also a beige.
One of my favorites is this larger suitcase with the stripes. $16.95

Brown interior.

Another larger beige suitcase. $14.95

This has kind of a brown/burgandy lining.
Last, but not least, is the smaller black one with kind of a green gingham lining. $16.95
IDEA! One of our customers wants to stack suitcases on her hearth and fill the top one with snowmen this winter. Wouldn't that be adorable?
Hope this gives you a better idea!
I am getting SO excited about our new fall merchandise, especially since I went to Terri's house! It is going to be so much fun to make the switch - not that I'm ready for fall to get here yet. Heck, summer has barely started in Michigan!
Sorry this is such a short post, but I'm ready to go get on some p.j.'s and relax for a little while before I start over tomorrow! Have a great evening.
Until next time...

Sunday, June 28, 2009


What a beautiful summer day! I had the day off (and tomorrow too). We are always closed on Mondays, but I hired someone for this afternoon. It seems so good to just be able to be home and get caught up on a few things. More dolls are in the works. I decided to hang the stained doll parts and clothes outside instead of using the oven today. I'll bet my neighbors wondered what the heck was out there!!! We will have garden dolls, black dolls, Halloween dolls... I'm excited to get going on them! Be watching soon.
Does anything say summer much more than an old watering can? Seems like I can never get enough!

My Sweet Peas all started to bloom - and take over everything else. Oh well, it looks like an old country fence.
Papa and Abbey had to drain some of the water out of the pool and move it a little bit. Can't wait to see what our water bill is this month!!!
Papa finally got a chance to hold both of his girls. Check out our new little redhead! She is so adorable, just like her big sis!
Ashley and Tony got a chance to use their new travel system. They only live a couple blocks from us, so it's a nice walk. Lucy seems to be content wherever she is!
Dick and I are going for a little ride and then up to see Dad for awhile this evening. I like to take him a little bedtime snack once in awhile - he loves his sweets!
I hope all of you are having a great Sunday afternoon and the sun is shining wherever you are!
Until next time...

Friday, June 26, 2009


Congratulations to Janene from Primitive Lifestyle! I'd like to thank all of you wonderful bloggers for entering my 100 post drawing and for the sweet comments! It was so much fun to come home, add the new names and pull one out of the "hat".
And the prizes are a gardening sampler, a gardening penny rug, a strawberry pinkeep, a handmade flower, a pantry cake and a mouse in a tea cup! They will be on the way as soon as I get her address.
I got a little bored at work today, so I decided to mess around with an old quilt piece and some wool. I saw a hooked rug on someone's (sorry I don't remember who's) picture trail and thought about turning it into a little wallhanging. Not quite done with it, but it has been lots of fun.
Still pretty warm here in Michigan. Thank goodness for air at home - I don't have anything but big fans in my old building in town. Whew, it's a relief to come home on these hot days.
I'm back in doll mode, got a few sewn up and stuffed, now the fun part starts. I'm even starting on some for fall and Halloween! (It's never too early.)
Had to stop and see my girlies on the way home - you can never have enough girly time! Abbey has been such a great big sis, I don't want her to think she is being pushed aside for Lucy. I'm so lucky to have such great little granddaughters!
Well girls, have a great evening and we'll talk again soon!
Until next time...

Thursday, June 25, 2009


I just wanted to say thank you to all of you wonderful blogging friends for your kind and beautiful comments about our new little granddaughter, Lucianna (Lucy). She is home and doing great and big sister (Abbey) just loves her. Can't wait to spend more time getting acquainted!
Don't forget that tomorrow is my 100 Post Drawing - so there's still a little time to enter. I'll be picking the name out of the hat after work tomorrow evening. Good luck to all of you!
Until tomorrow...

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Well girls, you have one more day to get your names in for the drawing! Hurry, hurry, hurry! I will be putting the names in the hat after work on Friday. Good luck to you all. I think it's love. Abbey is just infatuated with her little sister and has been a very big help. The family is all home and settled in now and Abbey has been holding Lucy most of the day.
Papa finally got to get up to the hospital last night and see his sweet little granddaughter. Oh boy, here we go again! He is just the best grandpa!

For you gals that live around our area, every Wednesday night there is a car cruise in downtown Holly. It was tonight and it was HOT!!! I try to be open until 7 on Wednesday evenings, but I ended up leaving at 6:30 tonight. Just couldn't take the heat any longer!

They close off the main street and in come the cars. It really is a lot of fun. There is a d.j. right across the street from my shop and they do all kinds of games and have great old music.
Bring the hubbies to look at cars and come visit with me!
Hope you are all having a great day and are keeping cool. These 90 plus days are just TOO hot for me. Thank goodness for central air!
Got to get dinner on the table. Hope to hear from you before Friday.
Until next time...

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


WOOOO HOOOO!!! My turn! What a day we had yesterday! First, we had to go pick up our new "blow-up" pool so Papa and Abbey could get that filled with air and water. THEN Ashley called and they were on their way to the hospital! FINALLY!!!
We gave them a chance to get checked in and situated before we took off. (Abbey had to have at least one swim!) Found their car and took this picture in the expecting parent's parking lot.
We had quite a wait for everything to get going. Kim and Chad were there with us and Abbey brought some books to read to everyone. It got later and later and later, so Papa took Abbey to our house so she could get some rest. (They even had a little swim before bedtime.) At last Tony came down the hall and said she was here!
Introducing Lucianna (Lucy) Kimberly Surre. She is 8 lb. 15 oz, 21 1/2" long and has RED hair!!!
What a little dolly!
I could hardly wait to get my hands on her and snuggle her right up! There is truly no feeling in the world like it - my own little granddaughter (again).
Ashley will hate me for this picture, but I think she looks beautiful for having a baby only one hour before. She is such a great mom and Lucy is a lucky little girl.
Aunt Kim (guess where the Kimberly part came from) had to get a few snuggles too. She didn't know Ashley was going to name her after her until last night. Pretty emotional time.
Proud Uncle Chad finally got his turn. (Then he took LOTS of pictures.) Abbey and Lucy are both SO lucky to have these two for an aunt and uncle! They taught Abbey to ski at 2 years old - now it will be Lucy's turn!
I just had to get another turn so I could look her all over. I'll never get enough!
This morning Abbey was READY TO ROLL with her new t-shirt and all. Time to go meet her new sister.
It was love at first sight! She has already helped change a diaper and wants to hold her by the hour.
Great-grandma loves to rock babies more than anything else. It was so late last night that she had to wait until this morning. Sure do wish Dad could have been there too.
Tony, the proud dad, is fascinated by his new daughter. He did a great job helping Ashley get through labor and delivery and his new journey is also about to begin.
Congratulations to Ashley, Tony and Abbey! (And thanks for another beautiful granddaughter.)
Tonight is Dick's turn to see Lucy. I felt so bad that he had to leave last night, but he didn't mind taking Abbey with him - they are so close.
So Linda (Behind My Red Door), maybe these little girls with such similar names will have a chance to meet one day! (and the Grammy's too!)
Don't forget to sign up for my giveaway. Again, the drawing will be on Friday! Have a great evening - I sure will!
Until next time...

Monday, June 22, 2009


HAPPY DAY AFTER FATHER'S DAY EVERYONE! We had a busy day yesterday, but we got to see ALL of the grandchildren, which is just the best! Dick cooked breakfast and two of the kids came with their families. Rich, Val and Sydney arrived first. Sydney is about 18 months and is on the go, go, go! Amanda and Caroline Hope (6 months old) is just the sweetest little cutie!

Oh boy, these two are something else! Elise Marie (Ellie) and Jack Michael (3 and 4) are just the cutest little buggersThey are bestest buddies!
We love to sing "action" songs and have tea parties!
And, of course, here's my Gannon! Can't believe he is 11 already and catching up with his Grandma. (We always have to measure to see how tall he is!)
Later in the afternoon, we headed up to the nursing home to have a picnic with Dad in the courtyard. He enjoyed it so much. Mom made rhubard pie, we took strawberry shortcake and KFC! So glad we have such a nice area to take Dad outside. (From left to right, cousin Margaret, Dad and Mom.)
My son Chad and Grandpa. Chad's Kim is such a sweetie, she brought beautiful flowers to one of the patients here for her 90th birthday. It just made that sweet little lady's day!
My Ashley and Grandpa. (Poor Ashley is SO ready to have this baby - and we're ready to get our hands on her!)
FOUR GENERATIONS! (Me, Abbey, Dad, Ashley and Chad) I'm so thankful that we had this time together for Father's Day, it's what it's truly about.
Okay girls, I've been so busy that I haven't been paying much attention to how many posts I've done. I can't believe this is NUMBER 100! Time for a give-away. I've never done this before, so you'll have to hang in there with me. Just leave a comment and you will be in the drawing, which will take place on this Friday. The prize will be a surprise, but I don't think you will be disappointed. If you don't have a blog, just leave a comment anyway with your e-mail.
I can't believe how many wonderful friends I've made through this blog. It is such a wonderful way to get to know people from all over the world that have the same interests. Thank you all so much for making me feel welcome and for the support you have given since Dad had his stroke.
I hope that the next time I'm on here we have a new grandbaby (Lucianna) and I can say "Woo Hoo" to Linda (Behind My Red Door)!
Until next time...

Friday, June 19, 2009


Wow! Was it ever hot and muggy here today! Tonight it finally started raining, storming really, but it broke the humidity. I played around at the shop today and changed a few things around in the front area - then Debbie came with a van load of great stuff! Moved the vintage patio set and patriotic goodies to the other side of the store.
This red and black chippy chair would look so cute in a garden with a big red geranium! $15.00

It's kind of hard to see this awesome burgandy prim table, but I just love it. $49.50 And the antique coffee grinder made into a light with the "Home Sweet Home" lampshade. $54.95

I really like this little mustard lamp with the burgandy homespun shade. $24.95
Another lamp, this one is an old schoolhouse with a navy check shade. $29.95

My favorite of the lights is this old mustard "house" that lights up. $19.95
We got quite a few new pictures, but here is one of my favorites. $29.95
This is a sweetie too. It has old jars and gingerbread. $29.95
Need a little side table next to a chair? This old green table is just perfect! $29.95
Can you believe this old pink prim table? It would be the perfect potting bench! $24.95
This wrought iron tea cart is just beautiful. It has places to put your potted plants (or wine bottles). $69.95
Oh yes, this old prim wheelboro would be the perfect garden accent with - of course - a red geranium. It has old screen on the sides and is probably handmade. $29.95
And, last but not least, is this old prim bench. Another porch or garden goodie! $29.95
SO - there's the line-up for today. The store is almost bursting at the seams just waiting for the customers to discover all the new prims. Next week - I hope - will be "doll week" with lots of new prim dolls in the shop. The ideas are swirling, now just to get the time to get them together!
Hope to see some of you soon, and for you gals that live far away, I will be happy to ship anything you might have your eye on (except for the heavy furniture).
Have a great Saturday and enjoy SUMMER!
Until next time...