Sunday, May 30, 2010


AND THE WEEKEND STARTED WITH A BANG! We were just closing the shop yesterday and Merry (Where the Blackbirds Sing) and her friend Sue came in. What a great surprise! My friend Bonnie had stopped in after leaving her hubby at the hospital (he had surgery on Friday), so we invited her to go out to dinner with us. YUMMY! We had Chinese and it tasted SOOO good!
A little later, we stopped in to daughter Amanda's house to see some of the grands and it just lifts your soul. My Ellie girl (a/k/a Peanut) is one of grandma's (a/k/a Grandma Peanut) little sweeties. Can't wait until we can spend a little more time together - maybe tonight!
Sydney discovered Jack's cycle and loved riding it - little Caroline didn't mind it either.
Grandpa discovered a little toad in the rock wall and what a fascination to children! Caroline tried so hard to look in there to see him.
Finally Grandpa got him out so they could all have a good look. Jack wasn't a bit afraid and had to "pet" him for a minute.
After they all got a good look, they put him back in his "house".
Little Sydney wasn't sure which rock was his house!
Ashley and Abbey stopped down at the shop on their way to a wedding yesterday. I can't ever get enough of my beautiful girls.
This morning has been "lawn" morning and while we were sitting and taking a little break - look who came to visit! I just love all the wildlife on this channel. There never seems to be a time when there isn't something to see. We discovered baby Robins under the deck this morning too, those cute little beaks were sticking straight up waiting for their mom.
Today is my mom's 87th birthday - Happy Birthday Mom. We are going to pick up Dad and take them out for ice cream this afternoon. I hope it lifts Dad's spirits, he's been pretty down and is trying to escape the nursing home!
Tomorrow morning my hubby is driving a truck in the parade for the WWII vets that can't march any longer. This started a few years ago with my dad and the tradition continues. Our Gannon and Abbey love to ride along. Gannon wears Great-Grandpa's WWII hat and Abbey wear's Dick's Viet Nam hat. All the kids will be there and then we are going to the nursing home to have a birthday party for Mom.
Hope all of you remember these special men and women this weekend and celebrate the freedom they have provided for the rest of us. Thank you to all the veterans and soldiers across this great country!
Until next time...

Thursday, May 27, 2010


Good WARM evening prim pals! I can't believe how fast summer has moved into Michigan. We've had temps in the high 80's for the past few days and it even touched the low 90's one day. It is HOT! Thank goodness my hubby got the exhaust fan working in the shop - it was such a relief today. My "partner" Janie, from Zanie Janie's coffee shop traveled to Tennessee last night for a few days to see her grandchildren graduate and Sharon (our painting instructor and my daughter-in-law's mom) is filling in for her. We had fun setting outside today and watching the world go by and brainstorming. A few bigger pieces of furniture went today and that's always fun to rearrange and think about what is going to replace them. Got lots of ideas swirling around.
Thought I'd share a few new goodies we got in with you. Our spindle dolls are back and made a little different.
This one is Penny and her posies.
Lizzie and her crow love to go pick sunflowers.
Wouldn't these be cute on a covered porch?
These stitcheries are so much fun when they're done on old doors!
Got some new prim towels with pockets that hold wooden spoons and flax.
Sharon painted this old door I had in the shop. What a great chalkboard!

Another little chalkboard on an old door.
This is a great old sugar tin. What a fun place to keep your birdseed or dogfood!
Time to fill up the shop again with more antiques and handmades. The downtown Holly antique show is coming June 12 and it's such a fun day. The main street is blocked off and the antique vendors come to town. Mark your calendars and come join us!
We are also working on a new class schedule, so keep watching.
Guess it's time to say good-night. Hope all of you have a wonderful holiday weekend and remember to thank a veteran!
Until next time...

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Good morning blogging buddies. I'm afraid to say this out loud (or in writing), but I think summer might finally be arriving to stay. It reached 91 degrees in Michigan yesterday and is supposed to get to 87 today. Whew! From one extreme to the other. But the good news is, the signs of summer are popping up all over. To me, nothing says summer more than red geraniums! My grandmother always had one of these old wicker fern stands when I was growing up, so I brought mine over and put it on Mom's front porch. She isn't so into the "worn" look, so I might have to give it a coat of new white paint.
My son got me this beautiful hanging basket for Mother's Day - with red geraniums - of course.
The peonies are starting to open around the yard and there should be lots more coming. There seems to be buds everywhere this year.
Is there anything much sweeter than Bleeding Hearts? They are so delicate, just wish they would last a little longer.
This is the view of my mom's deck from down below. More and more flowers will be coming.
The leaves have all popped open along the canal. This is truly one of nature's "homes". There are so many different kinds of birds and, at night, the frogs sing the most beautiful melody.

Gannon and Abbey love their private fishing spot. They spend hours out here trying to catch the "big lunker".
Gannon thought he had him the other night - he caught a good size pike. He was so excited he could hardly breath! I had to help him get him up on the grass - before he got away.
Time goes so fast. It's now been a little over a year since Dad had his stroke. The nursing home called this morning and wants to put him in a "secure" area. We have to meet with the doctor today and then go meet with the nursing home people. Poor Dad couldn't stand to be "locked up" more than he already is. (He has been trying to get out for several days now.) This has truly been one of the most heartbreaking years of my life. I wish I could wave a magic wand... My Chad rode his bike up to see Grandpa the other day and we picked a pretty posey for the nurse in the courtyard. Please keep him in your prayers so that he can stay in the room that is familiar to him and be surrounded by the nurses and aides that know and love him.
This was going to be "sewing day" here, but it looks like some of the plans have changed. I hope you are all enjoying these beautiful summer days. Count your blessings and enjoy each day as it comes.
Until next time...

Thursday, May 20, 2010


Another fun class put on by Holly Hills Primitives and Zanie Janie's Coffee Shop tonight. It was soldered jewelry taught by Kari Wolf.
The gals were pretty intense working on their treasures.
We had pizza, coffee and Arnold Palmer Iced Tea.
It was lots of fun to watch!
After class the gals showed off their finished project - they were beautiful!
Some of Kari's new jewelry we have in the shop.
Be sure to stop by and have a look.
I love the broken china pieces!
Wouldn't this be a great graduation gift?
I also had to show you what I got for two of my little granddaughters - Abbey and Lucy. Custom bibs! If you're in town, stop by Morgan's Boutique and order some for your little ones!
Hope tomorrow brings lots more fun at Holly Hills Primitives and to all of you!
Until next time...

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


WOW! What a fun day we had at the shop today! The morning started out with our "lunchbox planter" painting class (taught by Sharon Cerne) and everyone had a ball. Sharon even brought in fresh-baked muffins.
Kari (our jewelry artist) took the class and did a great job.
Missy was having fun too. We have our classes next door at the Zanie Janie's coffee shop and tomorrow night is our soldered jewelry class.
We also got some "new" antiques in the shop and I couldn't wait to share them with you. Great garden goodies for you gals that are getting everything ready for summer. This old sawbuck table with green paint might just turn into a potting bench.
Have you ever seen an edger with a mini mower attached?
Old sprayers look great hanging from your fence or on your potting bench.
Old ironing boards have so many uses. One of my customers uses them on her deck to serve drinks and buffets at her parties.
This one still has the old label attached.
I love these old dust pans with the handles.
Here's a real cutie. It's the wooden end of a crate, but would be a fun addition to any kitchen.
This old high chair has a metal liner on the tray...
...and Lucy thought it was just fine with her.
Lots of old, green shutters have found their way into the shop - you can never have enough shutters!
And wouldn't this old mailbox be adorable with a little plant peeking out the top?
AND THEN the car cruise came back to Holly. It will be here every Wednesday evening (unless there is rain) for the entire summer. Tonight there were over 100 cars.
The disc jockey played great oldies and handed out prizes all evening. Fun, fun, fun! Welcome back cruisers!
Well prim pals, it's been a VERY LONG day and I'm ready to watch Idol. Who's your favorite? Have a great day and we'll talk again tomorrow.
Until next time...