Thursday, October 29, 2009


Hi everyone! I've been without a computer for about a week and have I ever had withdrawal! We just got it hooked back up at our new house today, so I'll be posting again tomorrow. We have moved pretty much everything and hope to be staying here by the beginning of the week. There is still LOTS of sorting to be done at the other house, things taken to the shop, getting ready for a sale... But the new place looks pretty darn cute and cozy and I can't wait to get to sleep here - won't be long now! At least there is a light at the end of the tunnel!
Today my friend, Bonnie, came to help me move ALL the furniture at the shop - whew- and tomorrow I need to finish up. I am going to be closed on Sunday and Monday to redo everything for Christmas. We sure have some great things arriving daily that I can't wait to share with you.
Have a great evening and I hope to have a picture post SOON!
Until next time...

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Okay, sorry girls, but one more day without pictures! We have been working like crazy ALL day Sunday and Monday at our new home and TODAY the carpet goes in and Saturday the appliances arrive. Oh my gosh, I'm SOOOO happy that the painting, staining, mopping... is done! I made the curtains and got them hung in the bedroom yesterday - out of old feedsacks - and I just love them! Also got the curtains hung in the living room. The only thing left to do is put up the shelf and bar in the closet. What a transformation this project has been! I'm hoping to talk my dear, sweet hubby (are you reading this?) into starting to move this weekend. PLEASE!!!
THEN - I still have to sort, pack, and have a sale at our present house. Oh my, almost 20 years of stuff in this big, old house. AHHHH, simplicity is just around the corner. A lot of things will go to the shop (thank goodness for antiques) and then I'm hoping to have a sale right inside the house. Too darn cold in Michigan to haul everything outside.
Time to mosey on down to the shop. Don't forget about our sale, time to save on some great pieces of furniture!
Hope you all have a wonderful day doing whatever makes you happy.
Until next time...

Sunday, October 18, 2009


Good Sunday morning friends. And what a Sunday this is! We can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel of our new home. Today we will be staining doors, painting the last old cupboard, finishing the kitchen floor and trying to wrap up as much as we can. The carpet will be installed on Tuesday and THEN THE FUN BEGINS! I'm getting so excited to move things in and see what it is REALLY going to look like - I can only imagine at this point. Oh yes, simplicity, it can't come soon enough. That wood stove is beckoning to wrap up in a soft afghan and watch a sappy movie!
I just wanted to thank everyone for their inspirational ideas on the blog. I just LOVE how the walnut stain looks after you paint and sand a piece of furniture and cupboards. What a difference! My hubby is even impressed.
Also, Holly Hills Primitives news! As appreciation to all of our wonderful customers, we are having 50% off all fall and Halloween and (for this week only) 20% off all furniture in the shop. We sure have some great pieces and what a time to save. Doesn't everyone love a "new" antique as the holiday approach? We have pie safes, hoosiers, dry sink, trunks, beds, tables... (just to name a few). Stop in and get in on the savings while you can.
I am going to be closed on Nov. 1 and 2 to do a total redo of the shop for Christmas. The elves have been SOOO busy bringing in box after box. There will be so many beautiful handmade items and one-of-a-kinds for you to choose from.
Don't forget that Holly will be hosting Ladies Night Out on November 13 from 5-9. This is one of the best nights of the year in town. Our shop is even going to have live music this year! More info to follow.
Well, time to get busy! Hope you all have a wonderful Sunday.
Until next time...

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Good chilly evening my friends. Got some new goodies in the shop that are always fun to share. There's a few things just for you "blue" girls out there - some things are kind of unusual. These tins are awesome! The larger one is from peanut butter ($29.95) and the smaller one is from salted peanuts ($24.95). Wouldn't they make great lamps?
How about this old blue steam iron? I've never seen anything quite like it!

I got in two feeds sack, one is for flour and one is for sugar, both with blue print. $12.95 each.

Look at this whopper of a blue grinder! It would be so cute on an old Hoosier cupboard! $29.95
My favorite is the BIG thermometer all in black and white. Sure is tempting to take it home with me! $49.95
This large cranberry scoop would look so great for the holidays! I can just see it with greens, snowmen or whatever you chose to put in it. $49.95

Trunks, trunks and more trunks (with more to come)! What great coffee tables these would make! These two (with the inside trays) are only $69.95.
Another whopper! Check out this butter churn! $129.95
Partial collection of Aunt Jemima goodies. Do you remember your mom having some of these? There's the grocery list (with pegs), scratch pads, string holder, potholder hooks and more!
That's it for today. We were pretty busy - I marked all fall and Halloween to 50% off today. We have to make way for Christmas in a couple weeks and what better way to do it!? So now's the time for a bargain ladies!
Well, off to visit my dear dad and then to paint the stairway at our new home! I think I'll take my Rosie dog for a visit tonight, that always cheers up my dad.
Hope you all are having a great week and staying warmer than it is in Michigan!
Until next time...

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Good cold morning prim friends. I'm still hoping that Michigan will see an Indian Summer this fall, but it has been COLD here lately. The frosts have already arrived and the gardens are done for another season.
No pictures today - I'm saving them for another day. We have been working like crazy on our new home and we're starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Just one stairway to paint - thank goodness. I forgot how much time it takes to paint! We are putting in the flooring in the kitchen tonight or tomorrow night and I still need to paint a couple antique cupboards. Yesterday I tried the sanding and walnut stain over mustard on our "sink base" cupboard and I love how it turned out. Thank you all for the tips! Can't wait to do the same thing on our island and beadboard cupboard! Dick got the wallpaper up in the kitchen and it was like the icing on the cake (mustard ticking)! We're shooting for a move day a week from Sunday - if we get our carpet before then and our appliances get delivered.
As much as I hated the thoughts of giving up our old house, I do have to say that this has been fun. It's like taking a blank canvas and turning it into something that is totally you! I can't wait to be setting in our new living room with a wood fire burning, looking out the doorwall at the wildlife, cook a good dinner (for a change), and snuggle up with the grandkids to watch a good movie! Oh, that will be heaven.
The best part has been watching my mom have something to be excited about. She has to check in every little while to see what we got done next. I think she is pretty surprised at how it is turning out! It will be so great to be right there if she needs us, but still have our own living space and privacy.
Well girls, time to hussle off to the shop. Have a great fall day and we'll talk again soon.
Until next time...

Saturday, October 10, 2009


Wow! I woke up this morning and it isn't raining!!! What a shock! I was starting to wonder if it was ever going to stop! It certainly did look like Witch's Nite last night and we had a ball! Lots of great treats - cakes, pecan pie, cookies, caramel apples, candy and cider, and it was fun to see the customers!

Esmerelda, our resident witch, was watching over our main food table with her webby spinning wheel. They eyes glowed behind the masks on the cakes and the candles dripped just witchy perfect!

Don't know what I'd do without our Terri! She was the cutest witch you ever saw - and such a big, big help! I haven't figured out what she doesn't do yet!

Shey (Terri and Jack's daughter) is the most adorable witch I've ever seen - and the sweetest. And yes, that is her real hair!
Honest, we aren't BAD witches at all - and we give really good deals!
Terri and hubby, Jack. What a great support and helper he has been! Thanks Jack!!!
Shey and her red velvet cake - I think she liked it!
The Witches Of Holly (Holly Hills Primitives and Cathy from My Sweet Holly).

The first customers to come in with their witch hats - so cute!
Fay (one of our wonderful customers) brought her friend on their brooms and we had the best time with them.
SOOOO, that ends Witch's Nite for this year. It was our first time, the weather was TERRIBLE, but we had a great time and our loyal customers showed up in spite of the weather. Looking forward to doing it again next year.
Now, on with the rest of October. Next Saturday I am putting all Halloween at 50% off in conjunction with another shop near Clarkston called Lisa's Country Cupboard. We are going to have a mini shop-hop for deals! And, yes, we will be having treats again and some fun things happening. Come see us!
I have got to get moving on CHRISTMAS now though. The boxes have been arriving, the elves have been creating, and now it's my turn! Those dolls, snowmen and Santas can't wait too much longer.
I'm off to paint in our new home and my good friend, Bonnie, is tending the shop today. Have a wonderful weekend and we'll talk again soon.
Until next time...

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Good drizzly Tuesday prim friends. This weather sure has turned to wet and cold in Michigan. Sure hope we can get an Indian Summer in before it's over! I went into the shop this morning - not feeling very well - got the new pieces put in place and decided to call it a day. I never do that, but there wasn't anybody in town and I needed to come home a REST! I'm afraid I might have a touch of the flu - or something. This is a big week in Holly. Tomorrow is the Halloween Super Cruise (the last car cruise of the season), Thursday we have our soldered necklace class, and Friday night is the town's Witch's Nite Out. Sure can't afford to be sick! My friend Bonnie came in last week and helped me put up our Halloween tree and move a few things around. I love the front part of the shop to be very seasonal and welcoming.
Also rearranged the front table with more to come before this weekend.

I got in three new pieces Saturday afternoon and had to find places for them today. This oak ice box is adorable and just a great size. It is in such wonderful condition.
My favorite is the OLD blanket chest with dove-tailing and all. It has old, red paint and is a very special piece.
The last piece is a baker's table that is in perfect condition. I have a thing for those old bin drawers!
And the doors are open to the new coffee shop - Zanie Janie's a/k/a Simply Coffee. What a treat to smell the coffee roasting when I go in each morning and what a great neighbor!
Hope some of you can make it to our Witch's Nite Out on Friday from 5-9. We will be having BIG discounts on fall (if you wear your witchy finery), good treats, and maybe some music. Did any of you see the party from The Spice Cupboard at the Cinnamon Stick in Pennsylvania? Now that really looked like a Witch's Nite Out!
Hope you all enjoy your day and stay warm!
Until next time...

Sunday, October 4, 2009


What a whirlwind weekend!!!! Our Gannon called me Friday afternoon and wanted to come spend the night, so we all met at our house (including Ashley's family) and watched the homecoming parade - always so nostolgic! Then Saturday morning we had to hurry up and get the shop opened up - it was our fall antique show in town. The weather sure didn't cooperate, but we had lots of fun. It was cold and drizzly and a lot of the vendors didn't show up. We had lots of customers and sold so many Halloween goodies, it was fun to see old and new friends! A bluegrass band was set up across the street, so we got the benefit of all the music! They even played the washboard!!! I talked to one of the band members, and we're hoping to have them play in the shop for one of our upcoming events.
Gannon was with me most of the day and helped some of the ladies carry their packages to their cars - he even got a tip!

This is a mask my son Chad made in the sixth grade - a long time ago. Gannon decided he wants to wear it for Halloween and little sister Ellie LOVED it! It was almost as big as she was!
As soon as the show was over, I had to fly home and get ready for our FORTY YEAR class reunion! Oh my gosh, does time fly! 1969 was a long time ago. It was held at a nearby golf club and we had the best time! (Although I asked my hubby who all the old people were when we walked in - just kidding.) We haven't danced and had such a great time in quite awhile.

Haven't seen some of these old classmates in years! Left to right - Denise (my old neighbor), Mike (the class clown), Dawn (one of my old bestest friends - haven't seen her in over 30 years) and Bob (went from K-12 with him).
The highlight of the night was spending time with Theda (on right) and making plans to get together again very soon - she lives near our cottage! Our Hope (homecoming queen) arrived with a grand entrance - tiera and all! What a hoot! Can't believe that the next one will be 50 years!
Today Dick and I went to buy paint for our new home and tomorrow morning we will start painting. Can't wait! The contractors are done and now it will start coming to life. I can't wait to cook a big old pot of homemade soup and get that wood stove going, it will be so cozy.
Well gals, there are SOOOO many new antiques arriving at the shop this week - it will sure be busy! Don't forget that several shops - especially us - will be having Witch's Nite Out this Friday night from 5-9. Hope you can join us! I'll be adding pictures all week of the new goodies. Enjoy your week and keep warm!
Until next time...