Saturday, April 30, 2011


Good Saturday evenin' my friends. What a relief to have had two days without rain!!! We were hoping to hit 70 degrees today, but it didn't even come close. Oh well, I'll take a dry day anyway. Some of you have been asking for a little tour of the shop, so I took LOTS of pictures yesterday to share with you. Grab your cup of coffee and come with me!

Carol came to help me on Thursday and we worked like crazy! We changed around the whole shop! (Thank you Carol!!!) When you walk in the front door, we have lots of new garden goodies to greet you. My favorite has to be the potting bench!

Need a sign for your garden or potting shed? We've got 'em and more coming!

There are garden stakes, tools, herb markers, painted tubs, bird baths...

To the right is a large assortment of red kitchey goodies for your summertime tables.

And next to that is an assortment of sweet little embroidered baby dresses and some things with a "lighter" touch.

The counter area is straight ahead and next to that is a "make-do" hall tree.

In front of the counter is becoming our patriotic area for the summer.

I'm crazy about the Black Crow candles and our new organic room fresheners, body scrubs and lotions.

Are you ready to put out some red, white and blue??? It's arriving like crazy. Did you see the tree??!!

We have a good supply of old watering cans, wooden boxes and handmades on hand.

Carol brought in the cutest little checkerboard table and folding chairs. They are so sweet and would look so cute on a porch. (The chair is coming home with me!!!)

This little burgandy step-back cupboard made a return trip from our booth and is sweet as can be. (By the way, the couch is coming home with me too!!!)

This mustard table is so much fun! Can you see the "dry goods" shelf to match?

This dear little Victorian, hired-hand's bed would be the best "day bed" or maybe a little bed for grandchildren. The dresser is grain-painted and in perfect condition. The little side table is a "butterfly table". You open up the leaves and turn the top for the leaves to stay up. I keep eyeing that one for "The Little House".

Oh my aching back!! Carol and I pushed and shoved until we got the old stove moved across the shop. I like it so much better here and it will be a great place to serve our treats on Ladie's Nite.

This little alcove is filled with lots of "pretties". As much as my heart is totally with dark prims, some customers still love the lighter and prettier things.

The old nesting box is FILLED with all kinds of kitchey gadgets, utinsels, wood shoe forms and more. A fun place to dig to see what you might find!

The fireplace found a new spot too. Wish I had room for this old black, make-do rocking chair. The back and seat are covered with an old feedsack.

There are still lots of stitcheries to choose from, reproduction candle molds and battery candles too.

My favorite of our garden signs is this big old tin lid. Couldn't you just see it on a garden fence?

The old sleigh is full of all things black and crow. Things get added on a regular basis.

I also wanted to share a couple cute dolls and their kitties.

Isn't this one just a hoot?

This little apron is so unusual that I had to take a picture. It was hand-painted in about 1952 on the front of the apron.

And don't forget that Mother's Day is a week from tomorrow. Don't these towels just say it all?

Well friends, I hope you hung in there with me and didn't get too bored. More treasures come into the shop on a really regular basis and I've love for you to come see for yourself! A lot of old familiar faces have been in this weekend and it's so much fun to see everyone after such a long, hard winter.

I hope you are all safe in your lovely homes, that you have a peaceful Sunday and stop to smell the roses - or whatever else is bloomin' in your neck of the woods.

Until next time...

Monday, April 25, 2011


Good morning! What a fun, busy weekend we've had. Yesterday we went to daughter Ashley's in the afternoon for a wonderful, delicious Easter dinner. When we were finished, of course we had to have a little egg hunt. This was Lucy's first year to be able to participate and she loved it! She ran from egg to egg as fast as she could find them.

The basket was about as big as she was!

Abbey had had enough of pretty dresses (she's a little bit of a tomboy), so she decided to get comfy before we went outside.

Lucy looked everywhere and they both ended up finding 10 eggs.

Abbey got this t-shirt from her other grandma, and the chamilion turns colors when you go outside.

Ashley and Tony were being silly, but it makes my heart sing when I see my children so happy.

Saturday, they didn't get a chance to color eggs (they went to a rabbit show), so we couldn't go home without helping color a few eggs. You can see that Papa was right into it too!

Great-grandma has done eggs with Abbey every year since she was born - this year is no exception. Thank you Tony and Ashley for a wonderful afternoon.

Earlier in the day, we went to visit Dad at the nursing home and son Chad and his Kim came to meet us there. My sweet Dad is really failing, I so wish I could wave a magic wand. I took him a big chocolate bunny, but he didn't feel like doing any tasting yesterday. Oh well, maybe today.

SO, today I need to get myself back into creative mode and get to work. My mind is swirling with new goodies for the shop and I need to give myself a little push to start sewing. Lots of stitcheries are done and ready to be grubbed up though. Just glad to have a day at home! The coffee is on and I'm going to turn on some music - and then...

Hope you all had a wonderful day with family and friends and we'll talk again soon.

Until next time...

Thursday, April 21, 2011


Good morning. Are you all ready for your Easter dinner? We have a treat this year, daughter Ashley and her hubby Tony are hosting the dinner and I just have to make a couple of dishes to pass. We're hoping for NO RAIN, so the little girls can have an egg hunt. We generally have all of the holidays, but I understand when grown daughters want to start the tradition in their own homes.
I wanted to let you all know that Holly Hills Primitives will be closed on Sunday this week so we can all enjoy our families, I will be back open first thing Wednesday morning. By the way, all Easter is on sale for the rest of the week at 30% off! There are still some great items to be had!
Oh boy, wait until you see the new goodies that are coming into the shop. As soon as Easter is over, it's time to start another redo of the shop. We have two weeks to get ready for our Ladies Nite Out! So many things to do and so little time!
Hope you all have a wonderful day and enjoy your preparations for a peaceful weekend.
Until next time...

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Good morning friends. I was SOOO excited last night. Dick finally hung my new shelf over the sink. I bought this shelf in Columbus at the markets in March and I've been patiently waiting (and waiting), but now it's up!!! I just love it and it matched the cupboard perfectly. I have another shelf to hang over our desk and he PROMISED to get it up for me this week too. HOORAY!!

As many of you know, after Dad had his stroke two years ago, we rented out our historic home and totally revamped my Mom's "walk-out" so we could be here to watch over her. This is our little kithen, but I love it. There is a chalkboard on the back of our island and Ellie did some beautiful artwork when she was here the last time. We used mostly antique cupboards, except for the wall where the sink is.

Had to share my favorite bunny - it is a Too Far Gone original that I've had for a few years.

Tulips are also blooming, another favorite I've had for a few years.

A couple weeks ago, Sharon and I went to visit Earlene and see her beautiful home. While we were there, she took us to visit Old Mother Hubbard's shop. Talk about prim!!! I was in heaven. I purchased this bunch of sunflowers that just stole my heart.

I'm working on some changes to our little home and will be sharing them soon.

Oh my word, is spring ever going to come to Michigan??? We had SNOW yesterday - again - but at least it didn't stick around. I have some friends that are going to help me do some new gardens and I'm so anxious to get my hands in the dirt!

Guess it's time to get a few more things done before I have to go babysit for Caroline. I'm taking my stitching with me to work on while she is napping. Got lots to get ready for our Ladies Nite Out!

Until next time...

Monday, April 18, 2011


HOORAY! Our little Peyton is now home, so, of course, we had to run over and take our turns holding him. It's amazing how you forget how tiny these little guys are! Proud Grandpa couldn't wait to get his turn!
Can you believe all of this hair??? I'm just in love with those little hands and feet, and the smell of a new baby... I could have rocked all day!
Or course big sister Sydney had to have a ltitle play time too. She is 3 and into tu-tus and jewelry! I even got to wear one of her necklaces!
We had to go in her room, have a "baby parade" and cover up with her blankets. It was so cute, she had to keep the door shut so I wouldn't leave or anybody else would come in! I would never have guessed that we would end up with EIGHT grandchildren, but each one is so very special in their own little way.

We went to visit Dad for awhile, then stopped at Abbey's house to see her new bunny and then came home and cooked on the grill - it was delish! This morning we woke up to SNOW!!! It is coming down like crazy right now - will it ever end???

I'm off to clean house and start a new project. Hope you all have a fun week planned.

Until next time...

Friday, April 15, 2011


The innocence of a child is the most beautiful thing. Our Ellie (5 years old) spent the night last night and couldn't wait to go "work" at the shop with me today. On the way to work we stopped at daughter Ashley's so she could see the new bunnies (Holland Lops). Can you tell she loved this one?
The highlight was seeing the two new babies that are about a week old. They don't have their eyes open yet, but their fur is starting to come in. Our Abbey is showing rabbits now and has joined 4-H.
We had to stop at the donut shop on the way to Ashley's and Lucy sure loved that longjohn!
Every time one of the grandchildren come to work with me, they can't wait to go visit Zanie Janie (next door) and have some of her hot chocolate. Mr. Joe was there today and they all love him too, especially when he plays games with them. We all had fun today, we ordered KFC for lunch and made a party out of the whole day. Ellie worked really hard for me turning on lights and watering flowers out front. She was so excited with her $2.00 paycheck!

Tonight our Abbey is spending the night and I think tomorrow night Gannon is coming. Now that we have 8 grandchildren, there won't be enough nights a week!!!

The weatherman says that we might get rain/snow tomorrow - YUK! Hope it doesn't put a damper on the Easter Bunny that is coming to town and the egg hunt. Janie and I both have our candy ready to pass out to the kids when they come to town.

I'm ready for a couple of days off to "play" around the house. I have a couple new shelves that need to be hung and do some rearranging. Then, of course, there is always sewing waiting to be done.

Don't forget, I have a sale going through the weekend. I need to make room for all of the new goodies that we are getting ready to put out.

Hope you all have a great weekend and we'll talk again soon.

Until next time...

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


I'm lovin' these sunny spring days. Friend Carol came down to the shop today and planted beautiful pansies in our window box. What a wonderful addition.
It was warm enough to set out some goodies for sale and attract some customers.
Big old Mr. Bunny is standing and waiting to greet you when you arrive.
The village flower bed is starting to bloom and we are going to add sunflowers and more for the summer. Garden stakes will be out and about before our Ladies Nite Out.
What a great new piece arrived last night! This is a HEAVY child's stepback cupboard, but I could see it in a kitchen for a mommy instead. It is so adorable. Four doors and a drawer for storing some of your kitchen smalls.
Old parasols are popping up around the shop to ward off those April showers. Some are fancy with ivory handles,
some are a little worn and loved,
some are BIG and black,
some are old oriental,
some are wonderful old lace,
and some are HUGE, black and tan check and made out of paper. (My favorite.)

These old canvas boots are perfect for your garden decor, so different.
Who doesn't love an old, red wheelboro, especially filled with watering cans, geraniums and spring pillows.

I'd like to thank everyone for the comments about our new grandson, he is sure a cutie! Can't wait until he gets home and we can get more acquainted.

Well friends, enjoy the sunshine if you're getting some in your neck of the woods. We'll talk again real soon!

Until next time...