Thursday, April 26, 2012


Good evening Prim Pals! Just wanted to let you know that THREE boxes arrived at the shop today from The Funky Tennessee Artist and she totally outdid herself this time! I could have taken everything home. Dolls, bottle dolls, make-do's, pillows and more. Pop on over to our selling blog and take a peek. More will follow tomorrow night. Until next time...


Good morning Prim Pals! Do any of you ever just sit back and take stock of your surroundings and really think about the whole thing? Sometimes when I get missing our old house, I have to pinch myself and be grateful to be where I am. Yes, we still own the old homestead and maybe someday it will be Holly Hills Primitives, but for now I'm thankful that we can be here to make mom's life a little easier and enjoy our time together. Every morning when I walk in the backyard I'm thankful for the symphony of the birds and being able to watch the wildlife in the canal. Yesterday was the first day that we spotted "The Old Man" this year (a Blue Heron that has returned for many years). What a thrill!
This old canal entertained my son (now 43) for his childhood. There were always buckets of frogs, fish, turtles...
The rhubard is almost ready to pick and get ready for the freezer. What a treat in the middle of the winter to have a tasty rhubarb pie!
Now the torch has been passed to our Gannon. There isn't anything he likes much better than fishing in the backyard. This old canal has provided many, many hours and years of entertainment. Fishing, frog hunting, ice skating... I'm just glad to be here and enjoy it once again. Gannon has been staying with us all week and he has been a total joy. Tonight he is going to watch cousin Abbey for her last night of basketball. I don't know what I'd do with these grandchildren! We had a ball last night! Peggy (Wren In The Willow) and husband Bob came over for dinner and we had so much fun. We had lasagna, salad, and strawberry shortcake. Yum! We are having such a good time planning for her home show in September. Can't wait to do this show with her, it will be awesome! Be watching for more information and dates. Now I get to go into the shop and hopefully those boxes from Tennessee will come in the mail today. I can't wait to see what's in them! If they aren't here today, they will be here for sure by tomorrow. Come on in and get first pick of these wonderful prim wares! Have a wonderful day and we'll talk again soon. Until next time...

Sunday, April 22, 2012


Good Sunday evening Prim Pals! Dick and I worked at the shop today and it was SOOO chilly. What the heck happened to spring? All of our tulips out front finally opened and they look so pretty. Won't be long until there will be REAL flowers in our window box.
Check out our tulips! I'm thinking of planting lots of sunflowers in this little garden for the summer.
I never get tired of looking at the back wall of our shop. It's my favorite part, feels so cozy back there. Some days I could just curl up with a good country magazine or do some stitching by the "fireplace".
As most of you know, Zanie Janie's Simply Coffee is next door to us, but the great thing is - we have French doors inside that connect our two shops - without going outside! I'm so spoiled having that fresh roasted coffee just a few steps away.
Dick and I decided it would be fun to feature some of our other downtown "neighbors" on a regular basis. Holly is such a delightful village and there is so much to offer. One of the newer shops in town is A Simpler Time Antiques run by John Shoemaker.
John is a great addition to our village. He's always ready to step up and get involved in anything he can to help promote other businesses. He has even started a "group out" for any groups that come to town.
His shop features a great eclectic selection of antiques, jewelry, old "coke" items, candy, fudge, old time sodas and more, more, more. It's a fun shop to browse through and find something from your childhood - no matter how old you are! We're so glad he's here, be sure to stop in and say "hi" when you come to town. Well, tomorrow and Tuesday are going to be stay-at-home work days. Lots more goodies coming to the shop. Also, we hope to have another shipment from The Funky Tennessee Artist by Thursday or Friday. I can't wait! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Until next time...

Friday, April 20, 2012


Oh yes! It is finally Friday! I always look forward to the weekends, even though they are spent at the shop. We are getting so many new things in right now that it's a blast! Last night we went to see our Abbey's "Michigan Musical" that the 4th grade put on. She is so much fun to watch. Her mom was in drama all through high school and I think Abbey is going to follow in her footsteps. She played a "Dutch Settler" in this play/musical about Michigan's history.
Abbey and a friend are getting ready to do their parts. I am so proud of her, she is truly a delight.
I am crazy about this old WWII sailor hat.
The whole sailor suit is available in the shop. Wouldn't this be great in a foyer for the summer holidays?
This little red child's school desk is adorable. It would even make a cute coffee table.
I'm so sorry this picture didn't turn out. We got in an old cupboard today that has a new PRIM finish. It is black over red, has double doors and lots of shelves. Just beautiful!
I just had to share this "soap box derby" car with the tin can headlight. I could see this as a headboard in a little boy's room, in a man-cave, on a porch... Tonight Dick is working on another great shelf and our Gannon is here spending the night. I was so happy to see him right here at home with us. Looks like it's going to be a cozy, t.v. night. By the way, don't forget that Earlene (Primitive Passion Decorating) is having a great prim yard sale this weekend - be sure to check out her blog. Have a great evening my friends! Until next time...

Thursday, April 19, 2012


Hi Prim Pals! Seems like it's been forever since I've posted, but I've been keeping up with as many of you as I can. We've been adding lots of new wares to the shop, and our Americana and garden sections are growing every day. Come on over to our selling blog and check out some of our new items.
This has been a crazy week! Last night our Lucy spent the night and we had a ball! She is just a little firecracker and so much darn fun. Tonight we are going to see our Abbey in the Michigan Musical at her school. The best news of all is that our Gannon came home from the hospital today. HOORAY!
Our rug hooking class is so much fun. If any of you are interested in joining in, it's never too late. Just give me a call at the shop and we'll get you signed up! We have a great group of gals.

My neighbor, Zanie Janie, is happy as a clam! Her hubby helped her all weekend to reconfigure her counter and kitchen area in the coffee shop. She has been all smiles this week!

If you're in town, come on in for some of the best coffee around! It is roasted right in her shop!

What a great job they did on this area and it makes it much for convenient for Janie and her customers.
Okay, it's official! Mark your calendars for the Downtown Holly Antique Show scheduled for June 9th. The Funky Tennessee Artist will be at Holly Hills Primitives for you to meet in person. A new shipment of great folk art will be arriving at the shop next week from her and she will be bringing lots of surprises with her.
Well friends, it's time to get ready to see Abbey. Have a great evening!
Until next time...

Thursday, April 12, 2012


Hi Prim Pals! Summer is sneaking into Holly Hills Primitives with garden angels, geraniums, signs and more. Doesn't this time of year just make your heart sing?
Today was a great day. My friend Peggy (Wren In The Willow) came over to spend the day with me and we just talked and talked and talked! We're cooking up some fun things for later in the year, so be watching for more information.
I just added a few new items to our selling blog Come on over and see what's there! Just give me a call at the shop or shoot me an e-mail if you are interested in anything you see.
Okay, it's official! The Funky Tennessee Artist will be at Holly Hills Primitives on June 9th (The Downtown Holly Antique Show). She will be shipping and bringing lots of fantastic new prim items! Mark your calendars so you don't miss out on meeting this great gal. I feel so blessed to have her at our shop.
I will be posting a list of shows that we will be doing this year. The first one will be at Old Mother Hubbard's in Munith, MI on May 19th. This is a wonderful primitive show that is well worth attending.
Well friends, I've got to get in there to see who gets the boot on Idol. I'm cheering for Joshua to make it all the way!
Until next time...

Sunday, April 8, 2012


Good beautiful afternoon my friends. We started right out this morning cooking and getting things ready for an early dinner. Chad, Kim, Ashley, Tony, Abbey and Lucy all came over and we were so lucky to get a four generation picture with my mom.

Then Abbey and Lucy were ready for the Easter egg hunt in the back yard. We were so lucky that rain escaped us. We had beautiful sunshine, but it was a little windy and chilly.

Each little girl had a bucket and away went Abbey.

She's an old pro at this by now!

Lucy was so excited that she could hardly breath.

She went from spot to spot picking up those eggs as fast as she could!

Finally her bucket was full too. She had to stop every time she found an egg to see what was inside.

We had a yummy dinner of ham, cheesy potatoes, green bean casserole and baked beans. Ashley made the most delicious dessert! I was so thrilled that Chad picked up Dad's old guitar and played some music - it's been a long time. I'm trying to talk him into playing at one of shop functions.

Then it was back outside to blow bubbles. Who doesn't get bubbles in their Easter baskets? Lucy had to pick out the blue bubbles.

It was so windy, that it was hard to get very big bubbles, but Abbey kept trying.

Even Kim got in on the action!
Soon it was over. Chad and Kim took Mom to Kim's parents (our Sharon from the shop), Tony and Ashley took Lucy home for a nap, and we kept Abbey to spend some time with her. Papa and Abbey are out fishing and they've already caught 4 fish. Sure would like a good fish fry!
Hope you all had a wonderful Easter Sunday!
Until next time...

Friday, April 6, 2012


What a fun evening! Earlene (Primitive Passion Decorating blog) and hubby Norm came over for pizza and Greek salad and they brought the most delicious Dutch apple pie! For those of you that have not met Earlene, you don't know what you're missing! What a great gal! (And Norm isn't bad either!) We just gabbed the evening away. Dick took our picture sitting on the couch that used to belong to Earlene!

I figured that since he took our picture, I better get one of him and Norm! Isn't it fun when you meet another couple that you both enjoy? We're really looking forward to having them come up to the Little House when the weather gets a little warmer. Here's to new friends!

I also wanted to show you the treasure I bought last weekend at Morning Glory Mercantile in Houghton Lake. Not sure who made this, but I just love the colors (which aren't as bright in person) and the old frame that it's done in.
Well prim pals, it's time to hit the sack. Opening time at the shop will come early tomorrow! Have a great weekend.
Until next time...

Thursday, April 5, 2012


Good evening Prim Pals! Another awesome old cupboard snuck into the shop today and I just had to share with you. It is beadboard with the original old green paint and covered with a sealer. It is 41" tall, 26" wide and 12" deep.

I love the shelves inside, some of the boards are old packing crates.

As you can see, the back is also beadboard. Just the perfect size!
Just wanted to let you know, we are having a cupboard sale Fri., Sat., Mon., Tues., and Wed. and we will be closed for Easter Sunday. All cupboards will be on sale, varying prices but UP TO 25% off. Come on in and save!
Head on over to our selling blog ( and check out some of the beauties we have in stock.
Also, all Easter goodies are on sale for at least 30% off and some more while they last.
For all of you wonderful friends that have followed our Gannon on his journey, please say a prayer for him this week. Thank you.
Dick and I are so excited. Our friend (and fellow blogger) Earlene and her hubby are coming for dinner tomorrow evening. We are so looking forward to spending some time with them. Nothing like friendships!
Hope you all have a cozy evening and that we see you soon!
Until next time...

Tuesday, April 3, 2012


WHAT A GREAT WEEKEND! Dick, Gannon and I took off Saturday morning and headed to the Breckenridge Promise Of Spring show. I was so excited to get there! Gan was still pretty tired, so he snuggled up with Rosie in the back seat and they both had a little snooze. The show was great, filled to the brim with prims! We picked up a few little goodies and inquired about getting into the show. I'm so keeping my fingers crossed!

We saw the most amazing sight! For miles and miles there were these HUGE windmills. Absolutely spectacular! We couldn't believe how far they went.
After leaving Breckenridge, we drove up to visit Sandy at Morning Glory Mercantile in Houghton Lake. I never leave there without quite a few cute things. I'll have to take a picture of my favorite later and share with you.
From Houghton Lake, we drove over to our Little House and spent the next two nights. Gan and Dick did some fishing (no luck) and I putzed and cooked. It was so nice to sweep off the deck, be able to set outside some, and just spend some quality time at our favorite place.
We came home yesterday afternoon and went to dinner to celebrate Chad and Kim's birthdays. We have had a tradition for YEARS to go with Kim's parents (Jim and Sharon) and Mom joined us too. Good food was had by all!
It's almost a wrap that our Funky Tennessee Artist will be at the shop June 9 for our downtown Holly antique show. I'll let you know for sure once all the plans are in place. I LOVE her handmades and I'm sure you will too.
Now it's time to get creative and get moving. Easter is about over with and it will be time to change things up a bit next week. Hope you all have a wonderful afternoon.
Until next time...