Thursday, March 31, 2011


Is there anything that says spring more than tulips? Our Carol brought these tulips into the shop for our open house - along with other live flowers - and they added so much color and fragrance. As I've said before, we just keep getting more new goodies - almost daily - so I thought I would share the latest.
Is this little old wheelboro just the cutest? Wouldn't it be adorable as a centerpiece on a big old farm table or front porch?
Big old Hester hopped in yesterday carrying her bag with a baby chick.
She is holding her so carefully.
This little Easter chick came in too, he would be so cute in a big old wooden bowl and grass.
This sign is another favorite sign - just in time for growing season.
This funky rooster would be perfect for your kitchen door - especially you rooster collectors!

Isn't this the most unique garden angel you've seen in awhile? Love her wire hair and burlap dress.
Oh boy, hope I can keep from bringing this lantern home.
BIG old tin sign for your garden. Of course, I love crows.
Our Bonnie brought in these adorable handmade gift tags. SO UNUSUAL! Some are tulips, spring boots, bonnets, mason jars, rolling pins and more. What a special touch to a sweet gift.
Beautiful Easter wreath - especially for you "shabby" gals. Could also be used for the Christmas holidays - double duty!

This has been another crazy week around the homestead. Our Gannon was with us Saturday night thru Wednesday morning, then Jack came to spend the night last night. He is going to the shop with me today for a couple hours and he's so excited to "help" Grandma. Tonight I am taking Abbey to pick out a special stuffed animal - she has to have her tonsils out tomorrow morning. What the heck would we do without grandchildren??? (Maybe sleep??) Love 'em all and wouldn't know what to do without them.

Well friends, time to get ready for work and another fun day at Holly Hills Primitives. Hope you enjoy your day too!

Until next time...

Monday, March 28, 2011


Hi friends! We had such a great time on Saturday for our Spring Hoe Down Open House. Lots of old and new customers came in and it was so much fun to see everyone. The music was just wonderful! Everyone stuck around, had some lunch (which was fantastic) and listened to Dan sing for a long time. If you ever need a singer for an event, this is the guy! He has a beautiful voice and did all kinds of music - a little country, James Taylor, Elvis and some very inspiration Christian music. You can contact Dan at for more information.
Zanie Janie's was decorated for our Hoe Down with cowboy hats, boots, bandanas and all. It was adorable! Our cake was baked by Surre Cakes and we ran out of her business cards - so I'd say it went over quite well (it was delicious)!

I couldn't have pulled this off without our Carol and Sharon! They helped so much and we had lots of fun while we worked. The quilt show was at the Hadley House Museum and they sent us lots of new customers too.

I've added more new goodies since the open house, so be sure to come in and find your prim Easter goodies before they are gone. We are going to start opening on Sundays from noon until 4 p.m. now that the weather is leaning towards spring.

As much fun as it was, last week was so crazy! I was exhausted by yesterday. After Dick and I went up to visit my Dad, I slept on the couch from 8 last night to 8 this morning. I think I just totally passed out!

Well, time to keep sewing and finish up some things that were really meant for the open house.

Hope to see you all soon!!!

Until next time...

Friday, March 25, 2011


WOW!!! Am I ever tired, but we're ready for our customers and friends to come first thing tomorrow morning. Old man Tobias rabbit is ready and waiting at the front door to greet you.
There are so many prim goodies for you to choose from!
This guy is carrying his berry basket full of carrots.

This make-do bunny has his hat filled with eggs and carrots.
I'm crazy about this antique wheelboro - it would be great for any season!
Need some prim Easter grass?
This potting bench is adorable and would look great in the middle of your garden.
More garden goodies!

And garden signs.

This crow peg rack is my very favorite - I'm having a hard time leaving it at the shop!
Do you do an Easter tree? Cute, cute, cute ornies!
We even have lots of things for you gals that aren't so into prims.

This box is so sweet, the nest is attached to the lid.
These light bulbs are a hoot - especially the chicks.
This sign is just beautiful!
Our table is all painted and waiting to go home with someone. Got the idea from a blog, but forgot which one. (Sorry!) I'll add that when I figure out where I found it.
Great old shelf to go with the table.
This old race car is so unique! Wouldn't it be great in a little boy's room?

The old sleigh is full of sunflowers, crows and birdhouses.

And there's lots!

From every direction!
We have antique parasols everywhere - you know April showers are coming.
Sweet little old hat and glove sets too - Sunday Best!
This rug is just stunning!
Of course this one is too.
Our Sharon painted some great pieces with sunflowers - everyone's favorite.
More sho-flies are in too.
And this window is precious - another piece by Sharon.
So, if you're in the area tomorrow, stop in and have some fun at our Hoe Down Open House. We will have all kinds of "chuckwagon" food and music in Zanie Janie's and you don't want to miss her fabulous coffee. We will open at 10 a.m. and be there until 4 p.m. - or until everyone decides to go home! See you then!
Now I'm ready for a little down time with my hubby.
Until next time...

Sunday, March 20, 2011


Oh Prim Friends, wait until you see what we found at the markets!!! It will be in the shop on Saturday, March 26th for our Spring Hoe Down. Carol and I had such a blast!!! We left for Ohio on Thursday morning and did a quick trip through Waynesville and then over to Washington Courthouse to North Shore Primitives - the most beautiful shop I've ever seen! Then on to Columbus to one of the warehouses to buy some textiles. Finally we got to our room and ate our dinner and brainstormed until midnight.
Friday we went to one of the shows and it was great this year. We found so many wonderful handmade items and unusual goodies for the shop, including a really great potting bench. Back to North Shore Primitives to see all of their handmades that were out for the open house. SO MUCH FUN!!! When we got back to our room, we hauled everything in and had to check out our purchases. Another late night of brainstorming - this time until 1:30 a.m.

Saturday morning we were up and at 'em again and off to another show. We shopped straight for 6 hours - then it was time to load again. As you can see, there wasn't much room left.

Good thing Carol brought this little helper for our room at night. What a great way to unwind from the day, a nice glass of wine (in hotel plastic cups) and piles of prim goodies.

Okay, we were a little worried that our cart wouldn't fit back in...

but, tada, she did it!!!

Just one little sample of what's in store for you on Saturday. We drove back to Michigan and talked so much that we hardly took a breath. Had to get back to the shop and get everything unloaded so Carol could get the goodies she bought for herself to take home. I know she's having a ball today playing in prim Easter goodies. The shop looks like a bomb went off, there are piles everywhere!!!
This is going to be one CRAZY week!!! I have pricing to do, lots of sewing, the shop "redo" and then Friday night we'll put out everything and ready ourselves for the open house. Hope you can make it - I know you won't be able to leave without some great prim ware.
Our Sharon was so great to fill in while we were gone. She brought in some fantastic painted items too, which will also be out for the Hoe Down.
I think I'm going to take one afternoon to just crash (after I go see Dad). Whew, what a whirlwind weekend - but SO MUCH FUN!!
Until next time...

Monday, March 14, 2011


HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHAD AND KIM! My son Chad and his wife Kim are only 12 days apart in age and so every year we pick a different place to go have dinner to celebrate their birthdays. Yesterday we went to brunch at Fox Hills Country Club and it was wonderful. We always go with Kim's parents (Jim and Sharon) and this tradition has been going on for about 26 years!

This year my mom and our grandson Gannon went with us and fun was had by all! Chad, Kim and Grandma having some laughs.

Jim and Sharon - I know lots of you recognize Sharon from the shop. She helps me SOOO much, plus she paints the most incredible pieces for the store. (Wait until you see what she's working on now!)

Gannon loved the brunch. He couldn't believe you could just try so many different things and keep going back to try something more - especially the hot fudge sunday! All in all, it was a fun day and, needless to say, we were so full that I didn't even have to cook dinner last night.
Our waitress was nice enough to take a picture of the whole table.
Today will be spent sewing and painting to get things ready for our open house. So much to do and so little time! At least the temps are going to rise a little this week and we might even be lucky enough to get a little sunshine.
Until next time...