Wednesday, September 29, 2010


OH MY GOSH!!! I stopped at daughter Ashley's yesterday to see the cake she had done for one of my customers and friend and I couldn't believe my eyes! Her son loves the outdoors and she wanted something special for his birthday. I think she got it!!! The middle cake was camo and the moose cupcakes surrounded the whole thing.
Aren't these moose something else??? All of her cakes are so unique and creative. Nothing you could ever buy in a store. I am so proud of Ashley. Don't forget, her Surre Cakes will be for sale in the shop this Friday night for our Witch's Nite Out. Wait until you see what she has in store for that!
Little Lucy loves her mommy's cupcakes! (Wouldn't you?)
This is a crazy, busy week! So much to do... Tonight will be shopping for all the food and supplies and tomorrow night will be stirring the cauldron and getting everything cooked and baked. I went to visit Witch Peggy at Wren In The Willow yesterday and she is getting her shop all decked out and ready too. I hope you have your brooms ready to fly in to our two shops and have some great fun, food and specials!
Until next time...

Monday, September 27, 2010


What a fun weekend! Friday afternoon Debbie and I headed for Coldwater, Michigan to get a room for the night and some rest before our first show at The Old Granary in Quincy. We hit a few shops along the way and stopped in to see where our booth was going to be. We got checked into our hotel and then went out for a great dinner. We even snuck in a mud slide before dinner and it was YUMMY!
Saturday morning we got up early and headed to the show. It was so chilly and WINDY! Had to get things set up and ready before 10 a.m. There were a lot of people doing some early shopping and it was so much fun to meet new people. The wind was a battle all day long, I don't know how many times we picked things up from blowing over!
The show was loaded with some of the greatest prims! It was hard to stay in our own booth!
The scarecrows were a big hit!
The bin is gone too!
Poor cold Debbie was surveying our wares.
The show was lots of fun, we learned tons (especially to remember to bring chairs!), and look forward to the next time.
The grounds were so festive and people came like crazy!
The tents wrapped all the way around the shop and it was so much fun to see what everybody else brought!
If you're ever in the area, don't miss this shop. Joann was the greatest hostess and her the gals helping her were just the best and most helpful.
The back side of the shop had Sweet Annie and sunflowers growing like crazy!
Isn't this adorable? Just love the whole shop and grounds!
This is the front of the shop. The porches were so inviting and what barn is complete without an old tin roof???
When you step inside, you are greeted with genuine warmth.
Great prims are everywhere you look!
How about this fireplace wall???
There were candles burning (yummy scents), pretty lights and you could just feel fall!
The fence on the mantle was just the best! It would be cute all year long!
Joann even has great homespuns for sale! Be sure to stop and see her when you can and tell her Dawn sent you!
Sunday was my birthday and Dick, Mom and Abbey took me out for a wonderful dinner (after I unloaded, put things back in the shop, and worked for the afternoon)! We also stopped in to see Dad and celebrate with him for awhile. Zanie Janie surprised me with the most wonderful LONG white shirt, great jam and some of her fantastic coffee. Can't wait to wear my new shirt! While we were in Coldwater, Debbie brought me an antique round, tin lunchpail with the greatest big battery candle inside. It smells wonderful and I'm going to have to find the perfect spot for it!
This is going to be another BUSY week! We have our Witch's Nite Out on Friday evening and then the downtown antique show is Saturday. I'll post more on those events a little later in the week, but mark your calendars!
Have a great day and we'll talk again soon.
Until next time...

Thursday, September 23, 2010


Welcome to FALL at Holly Hills Primitives! The shop is decorated inside and out and there are so many things for your fall decorating needs.
There are scarecrows,
and more scarecrows,
and more scarecrows!
There's also a supply of pumpkins and
black cats.
My favorites are the shutter pockets. Nothing is glued inside, so they are great to change out for the seasons. Both in green and
blue. Couldn't you just see these with your Christmas greens tucked inside?
Black Jack is mounted on an old rusty orange thermos.
This guy is on an antique bobbin.
Is he a scarecrow or a pumpkin? Only the cornfield knows.
The headless rider is another favorite - I'm even having a hard time selling him!
Cool chalkboard with burlap coffee bag and screen at the bottom.
More wreaths and CROWS galore.
This prim bowl filler is scented field corn. You can buy it by the cup or the bag and it comes in three scents.
Tomorrow will be a very busy day and, unfortunately, I'm going to have to take a lot of things from the shop. I am finally trying my hand at a show on Saturday. If you're in the area, come on down to the Old Granary in Quincy, Michigan. It should be lots of fun. The shop is wonderful and the show is a "Gathering On The Lawn" where wonderful vendors will be set up. Then I will spend my birthday (Sunday) putting things back together at the shop and getting ready for our Witch's Nite Out the following Friday night. Whew! I never knew having a shop could be so much darn work - but so well worth it!
Hope to see you soon and that you all enjoy the first weekend of fall!
Until next time...

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Our sweet Ellie started pre-school yesterday and wanted us to come watch her get on the bus. Her two older brothers are in school and now it was her turn. She was so darned excited!
Little Caroline wanted to get in on most of the pictures too. She kept saying, "Me too!"
She is going to miss Ellie so much!
Proud Mom and Dad!
Grandpa and Ellie.
"Grandma Peanut" and Ellie.
And off they go!
Big sister watching out for Caroline.
We made it to the bus stop.
Ellie was proud of her name she put on her backpack.
Here comes the bus.
Yup, she made it on with no tears.
And away she goes for the first day of many long years!
We came home and got going on more handmades for the "Gathering On The Lawn" show this Saturday at the Old Granary in Quincy. I'm getting so excited for the show. It will be fun to try something a little different and meet some new people. Our sitting area is covered with pumpkin heads, black cats, scarecrows and crows! Better get busy and get them finished up.
Have a great day!
Until next time...

Saturday, September 18, 2010


These cooler temps sure get us ready to putz around our house and get things in order for fall - the best time of the year! Thursday night I started getting some things out for fall and will share pictures in a few days. But then I went to the shop on Friday...
and did we have fun! Had to get things in order for Witch's Nite Out (Oct. 1 from 5-9)! My friend and customer Fay came down to help and we worked all day. We put on the Halloween music (great cd by Manheim Steamroller) and went at it. My old houses on the side of the shop needed something a little spooky, so we put up black webbing, cheesecloth curtains, purple lights and more. Don't you love the old witch in the door?!
Thanks Fay - I couldn't have done it all without you!
The old witch scarecrow looks great with the cornstalks.
I love all the lights (especially when the overheads are turned off!)
"Someone" left this old suitcase in one of the "houses" and the crows and spiders have had a field day!
This ghost is watching me behind my desk!
See the old suitcase??
This is a view of the shop in the daylight...
...and here it is at night.
The old witch is waiting for you to come in and join us.
She has prepared her own witch's brew and has the table all set.
Her pet owl is standing guard.
And the crows have all gathered too.
Zanie Janie and I also did her windows to continue to "spirit" down the street. Our little corner looks so awesome after dark!
And then you walk around the corner and see her other window.
What a great day!
Mark your calendars for October 1st and come in to have some eerie fun, food, music and prizes. Don't forget to wear your best witch finery to get in on the specials. Then you can hop on your broom and fly over to Wren In The Willow for lots more fun. Information on our event will follow shortly.
Have a great weekend and hope you all are putzing with your own house!
Until next time...