Friday, February 25, 2011


Whew! Friday night and a little rest. I was busy playing at the shop all day today getting ready for our p.j. party tomorrow morning. Can't believe I scheduled it to start at 8 a.m.! Oh well, no rest for the wicked. I couldn't wait to show you our new little girl's spring dresses and shoes, they are so adorable.
This little slip has "A tisket, a tasket" stitched at the bottom with green embellishments.

We have baby shoes with blue, green and pink eggs inside and ribbons.

This little pink "vest" is sweet as it can be.
This one has to be my favorite with the little verse stitched on the front.

I finally got a better picture of those little zippered boots. Aren't they just the cutest things???

There is nothing like the graphics of old story book pictures. This one is Wee Willie Winkie.

Is this beautiful or what? Can you believe that Bonnie made this from a gourd? What a fantastic art piece this is.
Just put this desk piece out today. It is supposed to hang on the wall, and when the desk top is shut, it is louvered like shutters. Need an organizer for your kitchen?
Who doesn't love old ticking - the real thing? These might have to make the journey to the Little House if they don't sell soon. I keep eyeing them!
This is one big old stitchery done in an old frame without the glass. Prim as can be.
There are two big blanket cranes left and that's another thing I've been eyeing. They can be used to display so many different things. Let's see, do I want one for at home or the Little House? Or maybe both???
The old sleigh is covered in old red work and blue work. One is an oversize baby quilt and the other is a pillow layover.
I could just see the old potatoe planter on a porch with some spring posies inside.
And last, but certainly not least, is a beautiful blue chenille bedspread. Nothing is cozier than chenille to crawl under at night. Case in point, my old chenille robe should have gone years ago, but I just can't get rid of the old girl!
That's the line-up for today friends. Can't wait to see some of the p.j.'s that show up at the shop tomorrow morning. By the way, we're giving a prize for the best p.j. costume and so is Wren In The Willow. Don't forget, come in and have a continental breakfast with us and have some good old-fashioned fun! Hope to see you there.
Until next time...

Thursday, February 24, 2011


Oh hooray! I just love getting new goodies in the shop! Isn't this little verse just the truth? Friend Bonnie stitched it on a beautiful wool picture. We are working feverishly to get everything in order for our P.J. Party/Shop Hop on Saturday and I'm loving some of the new wares.
Sweet Sharon painted this old birdhouse and it is adorable. Wouldn't it look great in a garden? Don't know what I'd do without her. Tomorrow she is delivering two big boxes of goodies to the booth at the Livingston Antique Outlet for us.

Couldn't resist these little chicks!

This picture is so darn dark, but it is a wonderful old butter press.

This blue rolling pin is so unusual, I've never seen a blue one before.
Transferware is always a big hit. This creamer and sugar bowl are so pretty with the unusual shade of blue.
This sweet little bunny came from Carol and would be perfect for some spring flowers or a little pitcher on your breakfast table.
Another dark picture - darn it! Wish you could see these little zippered shoes. They are dark blue with black patent around the tops. Just too cute!
Our Sharon is so talented. She painted fireflys on this old oil lamp that is now electrified. Perfect for an enclosed porch in the summertime.
I tried to get the details of the painting, but - again - dark!
Hope you are all having a wonderful day. This is hubby's late night at work, so I plan to sew, sew, sew! I have a million ideas swirling around my head and can't wait to get started. SO... Off to the work table and sewing machine.
Until next time...

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Good evenings my friends. What a long day! Went into work for a few hours today, then friend Sharon came to relieve me so I could go babysit for Amanda's family. I'm sure not as young as I used to be!!!
I had fun putting out some new goodies in the shop. I love these black and white carrots and there will be more to come.
It is so much fun to play and put out new spring items.
Aren't these grubby eggs adorable with the ribbon and flowers wrapped around them?

I sure have had a thing for stenciled burlap lately, especially the pillows.
A big old tulip on a stick sprouted recently, hope more follow.
The sun was shining bright on this quilted flower on a spindle.
I sold a trunk on Saturday and Carol brought this LONG, black foyer table in. It would be so breathtaking in a big entry.
As you can see, it holds quite a bit.
These rolling pins would be just the right touch for your noodle board.
Carol also brought in these cute sunbonnet children. What a great accessory for a nursery.
These men's and women's spats are amazing. The women's have velvet piping and little buttons. Aren't they the best?
We have also put out lots of new colored handled utinsels, vintage towels and more.
More old cans too - my favorite is the Colman's Mustard!
My visit with Dad yesterday was a good one. He was in good spirits and his aides were all gathered around joking with him. He got a little chilly and was glad for a nice warm lap robe. Mom was there for quite awhile and then I stayed until dinner with him. It was my parent's 65th wedding anniversary yesterday - that's quite an accomplishment. Happy Anniversary from the luckiest daughter in the world.
I'm getting so excited for our Wake Up Call P.J. Party/Shop Hop on Saturday morning with Wren In The Willow. Peggy (the owner of Wren) is the sweetest gal and she has such a nice shop. If you're in the area, both shops are going to offer continental breakfast and if you wear your p.j.'s, you will get a great discount. Come on in, we'll both be open at 8 a.m.!
Time to get a little shut-eye and get back at it all tomorrow!
Until next time...

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Spring is finally in the air in Michigan! The temps have hit 50 two days in a row - what a blessing. Some little spring flowers are sprouting in the shop too, along with lots of new wares for your shopping pleasure. I LOVE this little buckboard. I picked it up at an antique shop and Sharon took it home to use her magic paint brush. It is just adorable.
The Christmas tree is turning into our spring tree. It is filled with forsythia and pussy willows and will be covered with vintage gardening tools.

Cute little bunnies are just looking for a new home.

Shutter pocket with a stitchery on the front is perfect for any front door. You can change out the contents for each season.
Old vintage flower basket filled with "Fresh Eggs".
Another one filled with handmade tulips.
These table squares are so much fun! Lots more will be coming soon.
Little footstool - the verse says it all.
This old black table was a Carol find. We painted it black and covered the top and the bottom shelf with stitcheries. Sometimes things are just worth saving!

Old make-do rocking chair with prim pillows.

Stenciled burlap pillows seem to fly out of the shop. This one is sitting on our "gossip" bench.

Have you ever seen a "pillow fluffer" before? Carol finds the best stuff! Someone thought it was for roasting hot dogs!
These old hoosier canisters are just great for anything you might want to put inside.
Yup, Carol again. These are for putting your bills on - do you have any you want to save???
This wee little chair is an oldy but a goodie. Perfect for a lamp or a doll.
I've got to say that these days are getting more and more fun!!! New goodies are coming every day and there's LOTS more on the way. Be sure to stop by and see what you can find!
Until next time...