Friday, December 28, 2012


Merry after Christmas friends. Seems like things got so darn busy that I didn't have time to post anything for a few days - although I did sneak on the computer to catch up on what you've been doing. We are closing the shop until next Wednesday (January 2) and heading up to the Little House for a few days. I think this is the 12th year that we have celebrated New Years up north. We're so excited that Earlene and Norm are coming up to join us for a night!
My VERY best Christmas present this year was our little Dickens. He has filled a huge void and I have instantly fallen in love. He's still a little loud at night when he goes in his crate, but Dick brings him to bed every morning at about 5 a.m. for some snuggle time.
I can't remember the last time I saw my mom so excited. She couldn't wait to get her hands on him when we brought him home. She loves to set and rock him in her big chair.
We had so much fun on the 22nd! Dan Hayes played in Zanie Janie's and actually sang "Dickens the Brown Nosed Boxer" to our sweet puppy. As you can tell, he is fast becoming the "townie" dog.
Our family time began on Christmas Eve afternoon at daughter Amanda's home. This year we made the rounds and had a ball. Just look how our Gannon has grown this year! Almost 6'2"!!!
It was so nice to spend time with Amanda, Greg, Gannon, Jack, Ellie and Caroline.
Caroline just loved snuggling with Dickens. I don't know if she'd ever seen a puppy so small.
Jack loved his gifts and we can't wait to have a "Battleship" tournament!
And, of course, our Ellie is always a joy.
On Christmas morning we got up and drove to son Rich's new home. Val made beautiful cinnamon rolls and Rich made some famous biscuits and gravy.
Little Peyton (our youngest grandchild) absolutely had a ball! I'm loving his new construction hat!
Sydney, our princess (she really does think she is a princess), was crazy about her castle. We spent quite a bit of time coloring the outside of it.
I was so glad that Mom was able to get around to everyone's house with us this year and enjoy the great-grandchildren.
I personally had a ball with all of them!
Then at 4 p.m., Ashley, Tony, Abbey and Lucy got here followed by Chad and Kim. I'm so sorry my pictures didn't turn out very well at our house. It was beyond fun to watch them open their gifts.
I had a feeling that Chad would be crazy about little Dickens - and I was right! It was truly two days worth of countless blessings and I'm so sorry to have it end so quickly. By the way, I'll have to show you the BEAUTIFUL prim cupboard Dick built for me in my next post. What a surprise! Happy New Year to you all and we'll talk again next week. Until next time...

Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Oh dear friends, can you believe this is actually the last week before Christmas? I finally got our tree up and a little decorating done. Today I'm off to do the holiday shopping and then, hopefully, coming home to some Christmas music, candlelight and wrapping. This time of year gets so darn crazy! Tomorrow night is Abbey's Christmas program at school, Thursday night we pick up our puppy, and Friday night is an open house at Scrooge's house.
Hope all of you are having a wonderful holiday season! Talk soon. Until next time...

Saturday, December 15, 2012


I'd like to announce the winner of the puppy contest! We are getting the little boy puppy and his name is "Dickens". I can't wait to pick him up at the end of next week! Dick and I went shopping last night and came home with a cozy little bed, a red and white Christmas sweater for him and two toys to get him going. I have a feeling that he is going to be spoiled to no end. Dickens will come to the shop with me every day, so be sure and stop in to meet him.
How could anyone not love this face? He has the same markings that our Rosie had, except he is dark fawn.
It's going to be so much fun to snuggle this little guy. I think I'm in love!
We got this beautiful PRIM computer desk in the shop last night and it is AWESOME! The back is full of cubbies and it has a lift up side for storage - a lap top would even fit in there when not in use.
See the lift-up??
Just think what you could do with those cubbies for every season! It is a 5-step cobblestone paint process. The cost is $495.00 (local pick-up only) if any of you are interested. A matching make-do chair is coming next! Now it's time to get to my decorating. Can't wait!!!!!! Until next time...

Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Not sure if you remember, but we lost our Rosie Boxer awhile ago and my heart has ached each day since. Every day when we walk in the door, it's a disappointment that she isn't here to greet us. Every night I miss her snuggling with me while I stitch or watch t.v. SO... Dick and I went puppy shopping yesterday. We have narrowed it down to two puppies. We were determined to get a little girl, but there's also a little boy that has stolen my heart. Which one would you get?
Just look at this sweet, wrinkly face! This is the little girl and she is so sweet.
The puppies are only 5 weeks old, so we have to wait until December 20th to pick one up. I just can't decide!!! I am a little partial to females, they seem a little easier to train.
BUT, look at this face! This is the little boy. I love all of the white on him, it reminds me of Rosie.
The name we have picked out is "Dickens" - for either a boy or girl. Oh dear, which one will it be??? Which one would YOU pick???
We had a great day at the shop today. Our rug hooking group went down the street to Blackthorn's Pub for our Christmas lunch and had a ball. Each person had to bring a handmade gift and we drew names to see who got to choose first. There were beautiful gifts and we all took home something very special! Hope you are all having a festive holiday season! Until next time...

Monday, December 10, 2012


Whew! Our Dickens Festival wrapped up last night with a bang! When it was over our "Dickens Family" got together and had some fun "down time".
Abbey finally talked Lucy into going sledding with her!
There were a lot of screams as they came down the hill!
Gannon helped Aunt Ashley with the turkey bowling again on Sunday and had a ball!
It is so beautiful when the choirs come into the shop to entertain our customers.
Abbey got to be the queen for the children's parade yesterday and slowed down for a few minutes for a photo op with Papa.
The ghost of the Holly Hotel strolled through our shop for a moment.
After I got brave enough to try the sledding hill - which was just a blast - even though I still had my costume dress on - we took our Dickens Family for pizza and great conversation. This has been an experience of a lifetime.
Jessie - our former township supervisor - is quite the dapper young man.
Andrew, Josh, Melissa, Kelly and Jon have all been adopted by Holly this year after they did such an excellent job with the sledding hill. Parx and JZ Landscaping can also bring your town to life!
Then it was on to the pub for a special surprise from Josh and Jon. They made a "shot ski" that will stay in Holly for years to come.
Get ready, get set...
Then it was Dick and Jessie's turn. Thanks Josh and Jon for making something special to end three weekends of friendships, hard work, festivities and a very special experience. Until Holly Dickens Festival 2013...

Saturday, December 8, 2012


Oh my goodness! What a great day we had today. Tomorrow is the last day of our annual Holly Dickens Festival and it will be hard to top today.
We went into town early this morning to watch the "Run Like The Dickens" and the runners and walkers were right in the spirit of things - all 1300 of them!
Some of them even ran in costume!
Zanie Janie stood in her doorway cheering them on!
Our handsome grandson, Gannon, came to help in whatever way he could.
WNIC radio station was there to "M.C." the parade.
Acting Police Chief Mike Storey was at the intersection awaiting the parade.
The Holly High School Band always puts everyone in the mood for a parade.
Oh boy, here comes the festival volunteers and characters.
It wouldn't be a festival without them!
Our family of the year went to Bill and Robin Walters!
Daughter Ashley's 4-H group - Blue Ribbon Rabbit and Cavy Club - had a great float!
Granddaughter Abbey is at the top - the reigning Oakland County Rabbit Princess.
Son-in-law Tony drove the float with some help from granddaughter Lucy.
We had a live reindeer for the children to pet after the parade. Abbey and Lucy spent the night last night and we watched the movie "Prancer". Lucy thought Prancer really came to town!
And Santa came along with him!
The First Baptist Church had a live nativity and handed out free chili and "birthday" cake.
Gannon helped Katie run the turkey bowling all afternoon.
The Sweet Adelines shared their beautiful voices.
And Dan Hayes was as fantastic as ever, singing in Zanie Janie's! It was so much fun and we still have one more day. Thanks to friend Debbie for working in the shop today and sharing in the festivities. Time to get some "shut eye" before our last day of the season. Until next time...