Thursday, April 30, 2009


Hi Prim Pals! Another rainy day in Michigan! I'm starting to wonder if it is ever going to quit! Oh well, we should have beautiful flowers if the sun ever decides to peek out again.
I've been talking about Sally's cards that we now offer, but words do not do them justice. They are SO beautiful and truly frameable. I wanted to be able to share them with you and I'm happy that the pictures came out pretty good. They are so special and I go ga-ga every time she brings another one in. Some cards in the regular stores are $5 or $6, so $9.95 for these beauties is a bargain! Hope you enjoy! I love the old pictures and OLD verses that she uses.
Wouldn't this be adorable for a new baby?
What special friend wouldn't love this?
Isn't this photo something?
Look at the beautiful cutwork on this one!
What a dear Mother's Day card!
Another wonderful Mother's Day card!
What a beautiful little girl!
Hope you enjoyed these as much as I do!
Now, on to our town. I was a little bored today, so I thought I would take a few "downtown" pictures of Holly. It's such a quaint little village and such a fun place to have a shop.
This was originally our firehall, but is now the township office building with Main Street Antiques next door.
Looking down the street from my shop.
The other way from my shop.
Across the street is the original bank building, now village offices.

This is our "Battle Alley" where Carrie Nation once stormed through. Lots of festivities go on here throughout the year. If you look WAY down the street, you will see a red canopy. That is Battle Alley Arcade, which is another great antique mall.
And last, but not least, is Holly Hills Primitives! Hope you enjoyed the little tour. I love our little town and am proud to be a part of it all. Our family has been here FOREVER! My granddaughter is the 6th generation of women to go to Holly schools, which makes me pretty proud.
This is a busy week. Ashley's baby shower is Sunday, so I've been appointed to take care of the game department and some of the food. It should be lots of fun to see all those little clothes and baby goodies. Tonight I'm going to her house to make the bed skirt for the crib - then we should be able to take all the nursery photos to share. It is really incredible! Lucy is going to be a lucky little girl. Dick is going to have to watch the shop for me. He isn't too upset about it, it should be an entertaining day. There is the "Rally on Battle Alley" on Sunday! They close the streets, have a d.j. and there are many, many motorcycles in town.
Well girls, on to Ashley's house toting the sewing machine! Have a great evening and get out and do a SUN dance!
Until tomorrow...

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Happy Tuesday everyone! We woke up to RAIN this morning, but the sun finally came out this afternoon. I'm getting so excited for the weather to get to the point that I can actually plant some flowers! There is nothing quite like going to load up your car with hanging baskets and red geraniums! I love to go to the Farmer's Market, there is such a variety there. Oh well, it won't be TOO long now. I wanted to share another piece of that OLD quilt with you, this is my favorite! What a wonderful wall hanging this would be. I hung it inside one of our "houses" in the shop. $69.95
Got a couple more signs in the shop. This one is hanging on the old log cabin. I love these "2 piece" kind, all wired together! $24.95

This is the other one. What great old boards these are on! $29.95
Business was SLOW today. I talked to two other shopowners from our area and they were really slow too. Sure hope business picks up again soon, but this whole GM thing is pretty scarry for Michigan. On the bright side, I'm just sure that it will and we will all be just fine!
Ladies Night Out is a week from Friday (May 8) and that should be so much fun! I'm trying to get more and more goodies in the shop, with a good bit to choose from.
Holly also is about to start the summer Car Cruise nights, every Wednesday evening. I'm going to start staying open until 7 p.m. on Wednesdays and give all the gals a place to shop and look while their hubbies are looking at engines! It is lots of fun, there is always music, raffles and a very festive air in the streets. The main stage is right across the street from my shop, so it's fun to leave the door open and listen to the music!
Well gals, my Abbey is coming to spend the night and help make dinner. I got a huge container of strawberries at the grocery store and I think strawberry shortcake is in order!
Have a great evening and we'll talk tomorrow...

Monday, April 27, 2009


Okay prim gals, if I could have a dream come true, this would probably be it! (Believe it or not.) This OLD Greek Revival house is one of the many foreclosures in our area and will be going for sale soon. I would LOVE to buy it and bring it back to all it's glory. It sets just out of town and has the prettiest yard. A couple owners ago, the gardens were just glorious. Couldn't you just see this painted a deep red with white trim?
This is part of the front yard. What a great place for my Rosie dog to play!
The whole end wing is a BIG country kitchen. My hoosier would sure fit in there! I have a galley kitchen now and have always yearned for a kitchen that could be a gathering place for family.

This is a little side entrance that could be cute as the dickens. LOTS of trimming, weeding and TLC.
Entrance into the kitchen wing. I love all of the old picket!
Behind the garage was this little pond and picnic area. I love the old lamp post. When we were there walking around, a huge woodchuck came running out of the bushes! Now for the best part...

This would be the new Holly Hills Primitives! It sure needs work, but I could just see the best primitive shop in this old barn! It has a basement, a main floor and a loft. I could be at home every day and just run out when someone drove in.

Back side of the "barn". It would be so great to have lots of gardeny stuff for sale outside too! I can just close my eyes and imagine how it COULD look.

How about this little garden shed? So much darn fun!
And there is this big 3-car garage. Dick would have to let me use one end to store antiques!
It doesn't hurt to dream and it would be so great to bring this old beauty back to what it should look like! I've thought about it all day long and can just see that little old barn all jazzed up with old signs, grapevine wreaths, and flowers! Thanks for indulging my dreams, what would life be without them?
Sweet dreams...


Welcome to our porch - finally! The weather turned out to be beautiful yesterday and we got lots done. Dick raked out the front and side flower beds and I scrubbed the porches and porch furniture. AND IT FELT GREAT! I ran down to the shop to pick up my big mop and Abbey decided she would rather come home and "help" us than mind the shop with her mom. She had a ball running around barefoot and mopping. The flowers are just starting to peek through the soil, but it won't be long now. Come on up on our porch and relax with me. My poor old bike needs another coat of paint this year, but I still love it. It has 2 baskets on the back and one big basket on the front. I got it a few years ago at a garage sale for $7.50! It's fun to change out the baskets for the different seasons.
Just walk on up the sidewalk and come have a cold glass of iced tea with me. This is the front of our old homestead, but it sure looks bare right now. There are ferns all along the front of the porch and they are just starting to pop through the soil. We do a lot of "porch sitting" in the summer and watch the world go by. It's amazing the people you talk to when you sit on a porch! I think Abbey knows every dog's name that walks by! Can't wait for hanging baskets of flowers and geraniums!

This is one end of the porch (where we generally sit). I'd like to come up with something besides wicker, but I also want something comfortable. (I'd like it to be old - any ideas?)
The other end of the porch - before flowers. All of the Holly parades go in front of our house, so it is so much fun to sit out here and watch. We generally have a good crowd, coffee and donuts! The next one will be Memorial Day. The grandkids LOVE the parades and it is so much fun to watch them get so excited. They all have a great time picking up the candy that the floats throw.
This is the home directly across the street. Isn't it beautiful!? The previous owners had the most glorious gardens in the back yard. I have a thing for old houses and I feel so fortunate to live in the historic district and to be surrounded by these old beauties.
This one is also across the street, but not quite as old. (Built in the 1920's) That big screened in porch is wonderful.
These homes are down the other direction. One is sure a "painted Victorian lady" and the other is stone. They both have turrets and big wrap-around porches. One of these days I'll drive around town and take some pictures of my favorites to share.
We are supposed to have good weather again for part of the day, so we will be off to the back yard! My daffodils are open and everything else is starting to bud. Next month we will have hundreds of Lily Of The Valley. That smell is so intoxicating, one little bouquet can do wonders in the house. I have SO many plans for our backyard this year! I want to do an area just for little enclosed campfires, put in another flower garden, and add a small veggie garden. There is nothing like being able to be outside and it's so limited in Michigan!
Well girls, thanks for stopping by and visiting our porch. Maybe later we'll go sit on the back porch! Have a wonderful sunny day - at least before the rain gets here later - and we'll talk again soon...

Sunday, April 26, 2009


What a beautiful Saturday morning in Michigan! It was so great to have the door open to the shop and the fresh air blowing in, but then... The sky turned DARK and it was like someone pulled the plug! It poured rain SO hard and the thunder and lightning was like a light show. A lot of homes lost power south of town and, after I got home, the siren went off for a tornado warning. Ashley and Abbey came for dinner and poor little Abbey was so afraid when that siren started. She kept telling us that the thunder was the pups playing in Heaven! They are both keeping the shop this afternoon for me, but I think all plans of working in my flower beds are off (at least for today). Oh well, might be a great day to watch a good movie and stitch!
Terri's husband, Jack, stopped by the shop yesterday with another box of cuties! Wouldn't these little mice look sweet on someone's cupboard or in a spice rack? She is trying to get some things made for sweet little Mother's Day gifts. $12.95
Oh-oh! This old mouse is about to be caught! AND he is sitting right next to a black cat... $17.95
Oh, these little mice are adorable! Sorry about the picture though. They each have a tag that reads, "Happy Mother's Day". Each mouse is bringing his mommy a little flower. $9.95
This little Uncle Sam is so cute! He would look great on a prim shelf or in a small cupboard. $29.95
Wow, what a different star! This "old man" is on a spindle, has a real wool beard, and his face is drawn on. SO COOL! $19.95

A little ladybug flew into our greenhouse to be with her crow friend. She is sitting on a spindle in a little watering can. Wouldn't she be sweet next to your flowers on the front porch? $12.95
Last, but not least, is our little red school desk. It has a lift-up desk top, a swivel chair and is just waiting for some little child to claim it. $29.95
Yup, 2 days off in a row! I'm so excited! I'm thinking Dick and I need to go on some kind of little adventure for one of the days. We haven't done that together in a long time. I love to just ride in the car together, listen to music, and be able to talk to each other. But first, a lazy Sunday morning with the newspaper, a cup of coffee and each other.
Hope all of you have a restful Sunday afternoon and the sun comes back out in your neck of the woods...

Friday, April 24, 2009


What a beautiful day in Michigan, it was 81 degrees!!! It's supposed to be even nicer tomorrow. It was so nice to see people out and about today, no heavy coats and some were in shorts and sandles. Got a few REALLY PRIM things in at the shop too. This is "Joe". His poor ticking pants are so grubby from working so hard in the hot sun. He has "Joe" embroidered on his chest, his teeth are white pins and wool for hair. He is holding a "blossom" of cotton. $39.95
This big black crow flew into our greenhouse. He is standing on an antique bobbin, there is some Sweet Annie tucked under his wing and moss around the bottom of him. He has a ripped strip and a rusty bell around his neck. $29.95

Another black crow flew in with him. He is so cool. He is sitting on an old outside faucet handle with moss under him. He also has some Sweet Annie tucked under his wing (they both must have found a good patch of it) and cheesecloth is holding on the flag. $29.95
Our Sally brought in more of her beautiful cards. What works of art! You should see the ones she did for Mother's Day, so very special. They would be so wonderful in a frame when the holiday is over. $9.95 each
By next week I should have more handmade dolls, stitcheries, antiques, and another load from Terri. I want the store to have lots to choose from for our Ladies Night Out!
Business picked up some today, but I think there are still a lot of people out working in their yards. I hope I get a chance to do some of that this weekend too. I've been waiting all winter to play in the dirt!
Dick had to work later tonight, so Ashley, Abbey and I went to DQ for a bite to eat because Abbey wanted to go someplace to sit outside. It was fun to spend a little time with my girls. Ashley's husband is gone for opening of trout season, so maybe we'll get a chance to spend more time together this weekend. She is getting SO uncomfortable with her pregnancy. Boy, do I ever remember those days! Next weekend is her shower and it will be such a great time. Can't wait to see all those little baby things. I just want to be able to rock that little Lucy and kiss her little face. Only a couple more months!
Well girls, enjoy this beautiful weather. I hope there is sunshine wherever you are...

Thursday, April 23, 2009


Happy SUNNY Thursday prim pals! Hooray, the rain is gone for a few days!
Quiet day at the shop, people are still out working in their yards - and I don't blame them - wish I was one of them! I promised I would share pictures of the next load of goodies from Terri and they are some good ones! Mr. Big Old Black Cat is on the watch for the mice around the shop. Can you see the little mouse sitting on his tail? He is really prim, painted and wrapped in painted cheesecloth. Don't think he'd hurt the mice, look at his big old heart! $39.95
These are my favorites of the mice. They are sitting in the top of kerosene lamp bottoms. We got 5 different styles and they are just SO cute! $19.95

This little fellow is trying to hide from Mr. Cat in the spout of the tea kettle. Hope he can fit! $24.95
Another little guy has come for tea. Wouldn't somebody's mother love to share her tea with him? $17.95
Oh boy, this guy has gotten into the tobacco tin! He's pretty patriotic though, waving his little flag. $19.95
Still adding to the Ameriana section. Love this grubby star on the old spring! $19.95
These cloth covered firecrackers are adorable. Set of 3 with patriotic tag. $14.95
These ticking stars are mounted on old spindles. One has Sweet Annie and the other has a rusty bell. $19.95
Grubby flag with handmade tag says U.S.A. all the way. The tag is so prim and cute. Mounted on a block of wood with a little pocket of Sweet Annie. $19.95
These tiny little prairie dolls are as sweet as can be to tuck into any little spot or on a cupboard. $9.95
Talk about country! These pinkeeps are made from old feedsack material and nestled in old zinc jar lids. $9.95
Darling prim lamp and shade. The shade has painting of needle and thread, old buttons and rusty pins. The lamp base is filled with spools of thread. $24.95
Tiny heart shelf sitter on an old spindle clothespin. $9.95
These little prim crows are as cute as can be! They are also mounted on an old spindle clothespin. $12.95
Ta-da, and my favorite is - These hearts are just the BEST! It's hard to see them with the light shining on them so bright. They are painted, wrapped in old twin with Sweet Annie and each has a special verse on the front. They are each mounted on an old spindle. I just know I'm going to have to have one of these! $19.95
Well girls, that's the rundown for today AND she is bringing more tomorrow! It's always like Christmas when I see Terri walk in the door, she just brings the most fun prims!
Tonight is "doll" night at my house. I've got about 6 dolls sewn, turned and stuffed and ready to take on their own personalities. I've been itching to get at them all day, so there's no time like the present...