Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Does your life tend to get away from you sometimes? I know ours does. Between parents and grandchildren... Last night Dick and I decided to have a little time for us and we had a great time. We did go pick up some things for the shop and then we went to the new restaurant in Auburn Hills, MI to Toby Keith's I Love This Bar & Grill. There weren't many people in there on a Monday night, but we will definitely go back. It's huge! They even have bull riding - which I won't be doing any time soon! I would love to take daughter Ashley there for her to do kareoke. She has the most amazing voice - and loves country music. The food was great and it was just fun to spend some time together.
Today is sewing day again - these Tuesdays sure come around fast! I want to get a lot done for the shop, orders and now I've decided to do a show with my friend Debbie in Quincy, MI on September 25th at the Old Grainery. They are having a "gathering on the lawn". Should be so much fun - but lots of work too.
The temps here have been terrible for a few days - again. Up into the 90's! Even so, you can still feel a little fall in the air. I will be sad for winter to get here, but I'm sure ready for fall. There is nothing like the colors, the decorating, the swetshirts, carving pumpkins and the list goes on and on. The only thing I'll miss is the sunlight in the evenings. Our time change will come quickly and then it will be dark so darn early. It's already starting to get dark just after 8, but what can we do?
Well girls, hope you have a great day and come back to visit again soon.
Until next time...

Monday, August 30, 2010


Welcome to daughter Ashley's family home. We celebrated Abbey's 8th birthday yesterday (still can't believe it) and had such a nice afternoon. Ashley works so hard to make her home cozy and welcoming - and it works!
Abbey is a lucky little girl. Her mom has the company "Surre Cakes" and what little horse girl wouldn't just love this cake???!!! It was beyond adorable! I'm so proud of Ashley and the creative cakes that she does - plus they are delicious.
I wanted to get a picture of Ashley and one of her creations! If you're near and ever want to order one of her cakes (she also does creative cupcakes), just go on Facebook to Surre Cakes.
Aunt Kim and Papa were relaxing on the porch. They braved the 90+ temps to have a visit.
Happy Birthday Abbey. What little kid can't wait to tear into their packages?? She is waiting to "redo" her bedroom and got new comforter, sheets and accessories (all dog related).
Little sis Lucy wanted to help too. New school clothes never hurt either!
Uncle Chad and Aunt Kim have a very special relationship with Abbey. That lucky little girl got new purple Ugg boots and the coolest flip-flops (the soles are made from yoga mats). They are my adventure kids (ski instructors, mountain bikers, road bikers, trail runners - you name it), and now Abbey is following right in their footsteps. They started her skiing at two and last Christmas got her a new mountain bike and have already hit the trails.
Their latest fun hobby is using the paddle boards on the water. You stand on them and paddle - and really move it!
I'm so sorry we never got a picture of Abbey's whole family together - just seems that everyone was in opposite directions when I had the camera out. It was a nice family day with delicious food and togetherness. Let's see, who has the next birthday??
Hope you had a great weekend and your week is starting out with a bang!
Until next time...

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Well, today was unload and "put out" day at the shop. We got some really great goodies at the show and I had a car load to unload when I got there. I was so excited! Jim and Sharon came around the corner with their new puppy - Susie Q. They had lost their old St. Bernard (Cricket) a few weeks ago and when I was in Ohio, I found a lady that had a litter of 10 week old puppies. She was kind enough to meet them part way and guess what they came home with? Yup, an adorable 20 lb., 10 week old sweetie pie.
Maybe she'll be our new resident mascot! Can you tell that Sharon is already smitten?
Now on with the new fall offerings. I love this line of candles by Black Crow Candle Co. They look so prim and smell SOOOOO good. Got room sprays too.
How about a little "Witch's Brew" potpourri?
Or a little spiced orange?
This small hooked rug is perfect for your table or wall for fall. The others flew out before I could get pictures.
This large hooked rug is beautiful.
These little hanging lights with the Halloween bulbs are so sweet. I love the pumpkin bulb!
This black lit house is so much fun. Also the little wax pumpkins on the porch. Friend Debbie brought in the orange tea cart - isn't it perfect for fall?
Lots of new lamps - bobbins, jars and candles.
Have you ever seen a sweeter ghost?
These wax pumpkins are so great. The round ones have a lid that comes off with a battery tea light and potpourri inside.
This mallot candle holder is awesome.
Love, love, love the cornstalks with the crows!
This little black bike with the mustard star is as sweet as it can be. The basket is filled with autumn drieds and would be perfect on your porch.
Now onto the handmades that I've been working on since we got back. This orange pumpkin has four crows lined up on the top.
Large black dolls holding a pumpkin, crow and sunflower. She has curly wire hair and big black boots.
The pictures do not do these cats justice - they are my favorite.
One has a crow on her tail.
They are weighted with wire whiskers.
The other one has a mouse on her tail.
This big white pumpkin has two bats flying around the stem, a crow is sitting on top of the stem, and a witch hat on the side.
This big old pumpkin guy is sitting on a bobbin. He has a witch hat on the side, and two sticks with crows.
Have you ever seen a friendlier ghost?
This witch is adorable. She has a Sweet Annie broom, her big old crow, string hair and a cheesecloth skirt.
This little pumpkin witch couldn't be cuter. She has twig arms and is holding a pumpkin.
The mouse must have been hiding in the pumpkin, because he stuck his head out for a peek!
More and more fall and Halloween are pouring into the shop on a regular basis. Hope you can get in soon to see it. People were buying out of the boxes this morning before I could even get it out! (HOORAY!) Isn't this just the most fun time of year?????
Until next time...

Sunday, August 22, 2010


We made it to Ohio! Connie came from Tennessee and I came from Michigan and we met within 5 minutes of each other near Waynesville, Ohio. Not bad for coming half way across the country! What a great weekend, there's nothing like spending time with your bestest friend. We hurried up and checked into our room and away we went!
On Thursday we explored Waynesville, which is always a treat. We met some really nice gals and they bought some of my dolls right out of the trunk!
From there we went to North Shore Primitives in Washington Courthouse. What a beautiful shop! What a great way to get inspiration to come home to my own shop. When things seem to be a little stale, it's always great to go check out other prim stores to get you going again. After doing some shopping, we came back to our room and started sewing - we got 6 things a piece done for each of us!
Friday morning we left bright and early for Columbus to the Heritage show. We also went to some other places and came back with a good haul. This is the start of Connie's shopping trip, and it has to go from here...
...to here! And, believe me, we weren't done yet!

We had so much fun sorting everything out and gabbing the whole time.
Can't wait to get this all back to the shop and put it out. (We left the big items in the car!) We sewed again in the evening and got another 6 items a piece finished up.
Saturday morning we were up and at 'em early again and headed to Springfield to the prim show! Along the way we stopped at a yard sale and picked up a few bargains. There were even St. Bernard puppies at the sale - and our Sharon might even go back down to get one! When we got to the show, it was so great to meet Barbara and Giles from Cabin Creek Primitives! Their booth was wonderful, just wish we had gotten there sooner.
After we left the show, we went to a couple other little towns looking for more prims. We came upon a little shop out in the country that was adorable. The upstairs of their barn was unbelievable! I can't even begin to guess how many windows, doors, shutters and more were up there! Can't wait to go back with a truck.
These pictures don't even begin to show you how many there were!
Shutters anyone? And then it was back to the room to sew more and more! Two heads are sure better than one. The ideas were just flowing and we each went away with about 17 new handmades to finish up when we got home. (Guess what I'm doing tomorrow?)
Then it was time to pack up and head back to Michigan. The cars were loaded with new prim goodies to take back to the shop - even the front seat!
Our little motel will be missed until the next time.
It was hard to say "good-bye", but we both decided it was good for the soul to spend a few days with your best friend. I hope we can see each other again soon! Thank you my friend for the best weekend ever!
The drive home was murder after staying up so late sewing, but it was good to get here. There's really no place like home!
I'll be finishing up our handmades and putting everything out at the shop, so be sure to come see some great new fall goodies at the end of the week.
Until next time...