Wednesday, March 9, 2011


I am so darned excited! The shop is finally filling up after a long, long winter. We got a new supply of dolls in this week that are just adorable. The one above is one of my favorites.
Don't you just love her rooster?
This little gal is as prim as can be,
she is holding a crow and his watermelon.
This girl is a bigger doll and she can't go anyplace without her kitty.
This little sweetie just came out of the garden and picked herself a pumpkin.
I love the tiny little braids on this cute girl.
This gal is all dressed up with her lace collar and ready to go to Sunday-go-to-meetin'.
Cute little cupboard tuck with her little bloomers and apron.
Easter is edging it's way in too. How about this chick with her egg? Check out those big feet!
This little wreath has the sweetest prim chick!
What a great door hanger! This bunny is mounted on an old shutter and ready to hang on your front (or back) door.
AND THEN - Carol came and brought this wonderful old buggy seat with the original green paint. I'm definately in love!
And low and behold, she also brought me this big, prim sawbuck table. What wonderful additions to the shop!
As if that wasn't enough, the UPS man showed up with more Black Crow candles. I am crazy about these candles. They burn so great and all of the scents are delicious!
Oh spring, it is really the beginning of wonderment. The flowers will be peeking out soon, the birds will return, and the fun is just starting at Holly Hills Primitives!
Until next time...


  1. great new prims, Dawn. I love everything.

  2. Love all the new dolls. The rooster is precious. On a cloudy, windy, rainy day like we have had today, I would enjoy nothing more than to visit your shop IN PERSON, and shop. Was a perfect day to go Prim shopping,,,,, and I have nowhere here to go. I am so jealous... Maybe one day, but until then I will dream and visit your blog. Blessings this evening.

  3. Dawn, oh my goodness what wonderful goods! It would be very difficult for me to choose a favorite doll however, you just have to know the primitive chicken doll would be my pick! No signs of spring in my area, how about yours?