Saturday, June 23, 2012


Good Saturday morning friends! First of all I'd like to thank everyone for the support you have shown for Dick. We are done with round two and have to wait 5-7 days to see if he has to go back again. We are being positive though and hopefully yesterday was the last day of surgery until the plastic surgeon gets involved. Your beautiful comments have meant the world to both of us! Last night we had such a great time! We took my mom and her friend to our granddaughter's (Sydney - age 4) dance recital. We just stayed for the first half, so we could get Dick home after such a long day. Son Rich and his wife Val have done such a great job with their children. Sydney is just a little "princess" and it was so much fun to watch her. Aren't the little ones just a hoot? Our little ballerina is the last one on the left. Sydney decided to kind of "do her own thing" during her tap dance. I just couldn't get enough! I was so glad "great-grandma" got to come too. She loves her family so much and the little ones just make her day. I was so glad that Val brought her out so we could see her at intermission before we had to leave to come home. It was a wonderful night and we were so proud of our little dolly. Good job Sydney! It was great to get home too, such a long day! We had to be in Ann Arbor at 7:30 yesterday morning for Dick's surgery, so we were ready to hit the bed. Today's a new day and we are ready to rock and roll again. Come on in and see us if you're in the area! Until next time...


  1. Oh, she is precious~ so cute dancing~sounds like a great way to spend an evening after a long day~
    will continue prayers~

  2. What a nice way to end the day. So glad that you all were there to share in the joy of the little prancing feet. I just love that age. We have a little 4 year old ballerina granddaughter. Such a fun age. Hope that yo all get rested up. Praying. ~Sara

  3. Having 3 daughters (now all grown up!), we attended MANY dance recitals! As with you, I couldn't get enough of the little ballerinas/tap dancers on the stage!! My middle daughter literally 'danced' to her own drummer.... she was always heading the opposite way of the others....LOVED that about her....always made me smile!!
    What a wonderful way to spend an evening!! Glad Great-Grandma got to see Sydney perform, too!
    Prayers for your family....

  4. What a little "princess". She is too cute and I'm so glad her great grandma could be there.

  5. oh you lucky grandma.....i so wish my little ones would do dance....just so i could see them at the dance recital's....she is just as sweet as she could it