Sunday, October 28, 2012


Here they come! The children's parade for our annual Holly-Ween event in downtown Holly, Michigan. What a great day! We handed out over 1,000 pieces of candy and the town was FULL!
Local Gary Musgrave (a/k/a Dracula) was responsible for fantastic Halloween music.
The officials all got in the act! Jerry Walker, our Village Manager, worked so hard to help everyone out.
Our current Village President, Jeff Miller, looked like he stepped right off the Titanic!
Ghostbuster Jessie Lambert, Township Supervisor, was a huge hit with all the kids!
Granddaughter Lucy wore her mom's old dance costume as Minnie Mouse. I don't think anyone had more fun than she did. Those little legs danced like crazy in the street!
Abbey and Ashley set up a table for the 4-H rabbit club, including live rabbits for the kids to pet. HUGE HIT!
Our youngest grandson, Peyton, had to snug up to son Rich for a few minutes before he got into the swing of things.
Cousins Lucy, Sydney, Peyton and Caroline (our youngest four) all had a ball.
Then, of course, there is son Chad! Some kids never grow up, even at the age of 43! I am so sorry that I didn't get pictures of Ellie, Jack or Gannon. It was wonderful to have 4 out of 5 of our children with us, and all eight grandchildren. Thanks Holly for another wonderful event.
I also wanted to share a proud moment of hubby getting sworn in for the Downtown Development Authority this last week. I know he will bring good things to our village! Now it's time to get a few things picked up and head down to the shop. The next three days will be spent on a major "redo" to the shop. Can't wait to see the holiday outcome! Enjoy your Sunday! Until next time...


  1. Hi Dawn!
    Your grandkids look adorable and what a fun day for them! I didn't see you two dressed up!
    I hope we don't get snow for Halloween eve but then I really shouldn't complain with all the nasty weather happening.
    Congrats to Dick and we know he will do an excellent job!
    Have fun with your change over.
    talk to you soon

  2. The kids look so cute in their costumes!

  3. I so wish that I lived closer to join your rug hooking group...So nice for the town to get into the Halloween spirit. Looks like fun was had by all! Take care, Janice