Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Good Tuesday afternoon friends. Just hanging out and trying to get creative today. SOOO much to do before the end of March with the Breckenridge Show coming on March 30th! I decided to take a little break and share a few of my "little dolls" with you. For years I've loved the big dolls, but just how many can you have???
These little cuties are so simple and prim. The middle one is done on an old spool and the one on the right I picked up in Ohio with Peggy.
This is my very favorite bottle doll done by The Funky Tennessee Artist (and also my best friend Connie). She holds a place of honor on top of the new little antique cupboard from The Parson's Wife.
Another original design by Connie is this make-do on a stump. I got it the last time I visited Tennesee. Speaking of Tennessee, we're so hoping to make a trip down there this spring for a visit and to go to the Clinton Antique Fair. Can't wait to visit with Rebecca and Sharon, meet Betty, and (of course) have some porch sitting time with Connie. Isn't it fun to have something to look forward to? That's half of the excitement! I'm also looking forward to our rug hooking group tomorrow. Got a new one started and our group of gals is so great, always fun when Wednesday rolls around! Tonight we are excited that Debbie and her brother Chris (from Oklahoma) are coming for dinner. Welcome to Michigan Chris! Lots to get finished up before then, so I better sign off for now. Until next time...

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  1. Oh Dawn, what sweet prim dollies, love them too......Have fun tonight, Blessings Francine.