Sunday, March 17, 2013


It is definitely that time of year again! Time for all of the spring open houses and shows to be starting. I'd like to invite you to our 2013 Springfest Open House on March 23rd from 10-5 and March 24th from noon to 4. I am going to do a shop "redo" this week and lots of new goodies will be coming in before next weekend. There are still some great bunnies ready to find their new homes. Dick is been building like crazy over at the woodshop and coming up with some awesome creations! Lots more to be there by Saturday! And I'm sewing, painting and creating like a mad woman too! Also, mark your calendars for March 30th from 10-3. The Breckenridge Antique Show in Breckenridge, MI is the best primitive show in Michigan. I'm so honored that we are able to participate in this all prim show! Hope to see you at one place or another. Enjoy your Sunday evening! Until next time...


  1. You love every minute of it.
    If I don't see you soon I know I will see you and Dick on the 3oth. at the show.
    Have a great week!

  2. Hello, busy all the Spring goodies.Irish Blessings Francine.

  3. I wish that we could get back up your way. Hope you have a great open house and show. I think of you every time I look at my awesome angel and the other goodies from your shop.

  4. See you at the show soon Dawn. We will be there early afternoon on Friday. Janice

  5. I think I'm going to try to come on the 30th if we are in town. This sounds like so much fun!

  6. Good luck with the open house - as usual I wish I lived closer - you have more fun and events than anyone I know...your area must be hopping!
    Did you go to Columbus for the show Saturday???
    I suggested it but we headed to Pennsylvania instead...wishing it was Columbus!

  7. Hi Dawn, I bet the shop looks fantastic! Good luck with the open house, someday I am going to get myself to that wonderful shop of your's! Greetings from snowy Maine, Julie.

  8. Good luck with the open house. I bet the shop looks wonderful. Enjoy every moment.