Thursday, August 8, 2013


What a wonderful week I've had! My bestest friend, Connie, has been with me since Sunday afternoon, but is sadly leaving in the morning to return to Tennessee. She is also known as the Funky Tennessee Artist. We have sewn so much this week that I don't know if I could thread one more needle! We have created 44 new items between us in 3 1/2 LONG days. It was so great to share our ideas, talk, laugh and create together. There were lots of laughs, but this one takes the cake. Yesterday Connie was outside of the shop "grubbing" up our goodies and her apron strings got stuck under her "under carriage" and she couldn't move! I haven't laughed that hard in ages!
We had dolls, scarecrows, pumpkins everywhere! You'll have to pop in and take a peek!
I am so thankful for this wonderful friendship. Don't know what I'd do without her! Another surprise this week was a visit from my cousin and his wife that were visiting from Texas (Butch and Kelly). Since our shop has moved to the old Holly mills, it was so interesting to hear stories of the mill when it was up and running as an actual mill.
Don't forget, be sure to check out for all information and updates on the Harvest At The Mill show. We will be updating the vendor list shortly. We have so many fantastic vendors coming, you won't believe your eyes. Remember to get your reservations made for discounted accommodations before August 16, all information is on the new blog. Also, plan on staying for our blog/facebook gathering after the show at 6 p.m. at Bittersweet Cafe. It is going to be wonderful to see your faces in person! Until next time...


  1. Oh how funny.Bet you couldn't rescue her for laughing. Maybe you will get here to visit her after the show. Nothing like enjoying time with good friends, is there?

  2. Oh what fun Dawn!!! Creating and BFF's, there is nothing better!!! well.. maybe a glass of wine too! hehe! OLM

  3. That is too funny! How fun to create goodies with your best friend!! Looks like you got a lot made.
    Have a great weekend.