Sunday, October 4, 2009


What a whirlwind weekend!!!! Our Gannon called me Friday afternoon and wanted to come spend the night, so we all met at our house (including Ashley's family) and watched the homecoming parade - always so nostolgic! Then Saturday morning we had to hurry up and get the shop opened up - it was our fall antique show in town. The weather sure didn't cooperate, but we had lots of fun. It was cold and drizzly and a lot of the vendors didn't show up. We had lots of customers and sold so many Halloween goodies, it was fun to see old and new friends! A bluegrass band was set up across the street, so we got the benefit of all the music! They even played the washboard!!! I talked to one of the band members, and we're hoping to have them play in the shop for one of our upcoming events.
Gannon was with me most of the day and helped some of the ladies carry their packages to their cars - he even got a tip!

This is a mask my son Chad made in the sixth grade - a long time ago. Gannon decided he wants to wear it for Halloween and little sister Ellie LOVED it! It was almost as big as she was!
As soon as the show was over, I had to fly home and get ready for our FORTY YEAR class reunion! Oh my gosh, does time fly! 1969 was a long time ago. It was held at a nearby golf club and we had the best time! (Although I asked my hubby who all the old people were when we walked in - just kidding.) We haven't danced and had such a great time in quite awhile.

Haven't seen some of these old classmates in years! Left to right - Denise (my old neighbor), Mike (the class clown), Dawn (one of my old bestest friends - haven't seen her in over 30 years) and Bob (went from K-12 with him).
The highlight of the night was spending time with Theda (on right) and making plans to get together again very soon - she lives near our cottage! Our Hope (homecoming queen) arrived with a grand entrance - tiera and all! What a hoot! Can't believe that the next one will be 50 years!
Today Dick and I went to buy paint for our new home and tomorrow morning we will start painting. Can't wait! The contractors are done and now it will start coming to life. I can't wait to cook a big old pot of homemade soup and get that wood stove going, it will be so cozy.
Well gals, there are SOOOO many new antiques arriving at the shop this week - it will sure be busy! Don't forget that several shops - especially us - will be having Witch's Nite Out this Friday night from 5-9. Hope you can join us! I'll be adding pictures all week of the new goodies. Enjoy your week and keep warm!
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  1. Dawn,
    Thanks for always stopping by and leaving such nice comments!!!! I wish you were closer....I would love to see your sounds wonderful!

  2. Your hometown happenings always sound like so much fun!! I am so glad you had such a great time in the midst of all the chaos and you get to start making your new space a home for you. Looking forward to reading about it when the stove is burning and the soup is cooked and you can say 'we're home'!!

  3. I agree with Linda..your town does have the coolest events - you are very lucky!! Have fun with your Witches Nite Out...the customers really got into ours!! You are also very lucky with all your "antique" finds...!!! Judy
    ps. ***make it bean soup and I will be on my way!