Sunday, May 30, 2010


AND THE WEEKEND STARTED WITH A BANG! We were just closing the shop yesterday and Merry (Where the Blackbirds Sing) and her friend Sue came in. What a great surprise! My friend Bonnie had stopped in after leaving her hubby at the hospital (he had surgery on Friday), so we invited her to go out to dinner with us. YUMMY! We had Chinese and it tasted SOOO good!
A little later, we stopped in to daughter Amanda's house to see some of the grands and it just lifts your soul. My Ellie girl (a/k/a Peanut) is one of grandma's (a/k/a Grandma Peanut) little sweeties. Can't wait until we can spend a little more time together - maybe tonight!
Sydney discovered Jack's cycle and loved riding it - little Caroline didn't mind it either.
Grandpa discovered a little toad in the rock wall and what a fascination to children! Caroline tried so hard to look in there to see him.
Finally Grandpa got him out so they could all have a good look. Jack wasn't a bit afraid and had to "pet" him for a minute.
After they all got a good look, they put him back in his "house".
Little Sydney wasn't sure which rock was his house!
Ashley and Abbey stopped down at the shop on their way to a wedding yesterday. I can't ever get enough of my beautiful girls.
This morning has been "lawn" morning and while we were sitting and taking a little break - look who came to visit! I just love all the wildlife on this channel. There never seems to be a time when there isn't something to see. We discovered baby Robins under the deck this morning too, those cute little beaks were sticking straight up waiting for their mom.
Today is my mom's 87th birthday - Happy Birthday Mom. We are going to pick up Dad and take them out for ice cream this afternoon. I hope it lifts Dad's spirits, he's been pretty down and is trying to escape the nursing home!
Tomorrow morning my hubby is driving a truck in the parade for the WWII vets that can't march any longer. This started a few years ago with my dad and the tradition continues. Our Gannon and Abbey love to ride along. Gannon wears Great-Grandpa's WWII hat and Abbey wear's Dick's Viet Nam hat. All the kids will be there and then we are going to the nursing home to have a birthday party for Mom.
Hope all of you remember these special men and women this weekend and celebrate the freedom they have provided for the rest of us. Thank you to all the veterans and soldiers across this great country!
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  1. What a beautiful family, so much love. Have fun at the parade...our town doesn't do anything like that. Wish it did.

  2. Awesome pictures, Dawn! Looks like you've had a fun weekend! Enjoy the parade and hug your dad and your dear DH for all of us!

  3. Dawn,
    I so enjoy the pics of your family. Happy b-day to your dear Mom.........and I hope your Dad enjoyed his ice cream..I'm sorry he has been down.How wonderful your dear hubby drives the truck for the Vets that can no longer march...may we never forget the sacrifice of the brave men and woman who serve our great country so that we may live in peace.

    Love your post today - always sweet looking at your family pictures. Your grandchildren are absolutly beautiful.

    Happy Birthday to your mother - and how is dad doing with his transition?

    We put up our long flag on the porch this week and I though of you - always will be a reminder of my friend in Michigan.


  5. Such cute grandkids! I call my grandson, "peanut" too! Have a wonderful day with all your family.

  6. Lucky you got to meet Merrie. She is a great gal, she has been so supportive of me with my dog heartaches and such. I feel like she truly understands as she has a brood of 'em too.
    Hope you had a good one, Shanda

  7. Thanks for stoppin' by my blog! Love yours! GRRREAT Music! Don't ya love this old stuff? And all that goes with it! Great Folk, kindred spirits, the wonderful 'soul', only things, that have 'lived' a colorful, can have...
    Have a Wonderful Day...
    Barb C.