Thursday, January 13, 2011


BUSY DAYS!!! Finally, yesterday friend Bonnie came in to help me do a much overdue store redo. It always feels so good to get a new look! We moved so much furniture, I wondered if we would ever get done. I'm so excited, we even made a "work area" for me to paint and redo some fun things for the shop.
I stripped the trees, packed away Christmas, but decided to leave a couple trees up with the lights for a little while longer. There's just nothing like little white lights!

Quite a few pieces of furniture are marked down. Trying to make room for all the new goodies that are arriving almost daily now.

Sorry about the blurry picture - don't quite know what happened!

This little table and chairs are so charming - jut right for a game table or a tea.

This little table is a new addition. Just right for an end table, foyer, nightstand or a child's desk.

Hearts are sneaking in - prim hearts of course.

Lizzy is a new dolly that made her way in through the snow. Her arms are made from corn cobs!

This make-do rocker is covered in old feed sack and has an attached batter candle. So, if you haven't been in for awhile, come see what's new. Handmades are also arriving daily and lots of antiques!

We had such a great time on Sunday. Our grandson, Gannon, has been in the hospital and his little brother and sisters needed to burn off some energy (and I think the rest of us did too). Papa cleared off the skating rink and the kids had a ball. This is the first year of single blades for Ellie!

What a good skater Greg is! With him for a coach, it won't be long until Jack is going like crazy!

Abbey and Papa had a ball. I think she would stay out there until her toes froze inside of those skates.

Even little Caroline got in on the act. Amanda - you're next!

I went out to check things out with Amanda and Abbey, but I spent a little more time by the campfire!
EXCITING NEWS! For years I have wanted a VW convertible and last night was the night! Dick brought one home from work for me. It is so adorable. Kind of crazy with this business, but thank goodness we have the old jeep to haul things in. Just wish it was summer so we could put that top down - darn! Planning a trip to TN in the spring to see friends Rick and Connie and you can believe that top will come down as soon as we hit warm weather!
Time to get sewing while I have a few quiet moments. It was fun to visit!
Until next time...


  1. Hope Gannon is on his way to recovery, good thoughts coming his way & yours as well.

  2. Hi, Just want to introduce myself. I have been visiting your blog for such a long time. I have enjoyed pic. of your shop and home, and am in love with your special little town. I love primitives and here in Ga especially close to me there are no prim. stores. Just yesterday I got my blog started with the help of my daughter. Couldn't wait to let you know how much I have enjoyed your blog. I have lots to learn but am so excited to become part of the blogging community and making new friends.

  3. Hi, Dawn ~ don't you love the change of seasons and re-doing the shop? How fun it must be redecorating, though certainly a ton of work. I sure hope Gannon is feeling better. When I was little, I was like Abbey ~ I would stay out til I was darn near froze. Oh, how I loved to go ice skating.

  4. I hope your grandson is well on his way to a full recovery. Love the transformation to the shop, lots of great eye candy! I do understand what you mean in regards to putting away the little twinkle lights. Congrats. on the VW, what color is your new sweet ride? Blessings from snowy Maine.