Thursday, January 20, 2011


Took a few pictures of new wares today (until my memory card was full). Time to delete a BUNCH of pictures and start over. Some new little pillows are in for Valentine's Day.
Black and brown hearts, flat moss and cheesecloth.

Fun little pocket pillow that could be filled with anything.

Don't know what happened with the blur, but this black tilt-top table is a sweetie. What a great little extra table when guests arrive.

A lot of new lamps arrived too, but my favorite is this tall pewter sweetie.

Nice swing-arm floor lamp.
BUT, this heavy iron lamp is just the best! We got lots more in mustard, stars, tin...

One of my favorite merchant neighbors had her ribbon cutting today. Barb and daughter Stacy from the Blackberry Bakery are just two doors down from me. What a treat!
Presentation of their plaque from the village.
And cutting the ribbon! Welcome, welcome, welcome.
I'd like to thank everyone for the well wishes for Dick and his broken leg. Poor guy. He got the permanent cast on today and has to go back Monday for more x-rays. Sure hope he doesn't have to have surgery!
Tomorrow morning I'm going to be at the shop a little late. Going on a little adventure with friend Carol. Might just have a big surprise soon!
Have a great day!!!
Until next time...


  1. Couldn't believe it when I saw the 3 lamps that you got in at the sister has one just like the pewter lamp and also one like the swing-arm, but hers has a green checked shade. And I have the exact iron floor lamp, but my shade is a different shape.
    Love the hearts and the pocket pillow!!

  2. Glad to hear Dick has his cast. Hope he gets a good report from Dr, on Mon and will not have to have surgery. He has my prayers. Love the pillows. I really love the burlap pocket pillow. All the items made from burlap are going on me. Have a good weekend

  3. Great goodies when you post pictures of the store! Stay warm and busy!

  4. I love small towns with unique shops like yours and your neighbor's bakery. Younger son goes to college near Grand Rapids (we live in Kansas), so we usually get to spend some time in Michigan throughout the year and I'd love to detour over to your town next time we're there. ~Roberta

  5. Hi Dawn~ would love your suprise to be that you were moving to Amherst, VA and we could set up shop together!!!! How FUN would THAT be??? Hope Dick will up and runnin' soon.