Wednesday, July 13, 2011

4-H FAIR...

Yesterday was so much fun! Dick and I got up early and headed to the Oakland County 4-H Fair to watch our Abbey show her Holland Lop rabbits. Ashley went above and beyond as a parent getting barns ready, supervising and working in this horrible heat. Amanda brought Jack, Ellie and Caroline out to meet us and the fun began! The fairgrounds had a wonderful children's play area set up with "corn" boxes set up for the kids to play in.

Our two little two-year-olds had fun together. Caroline is six months older .

Little Miss Lucy had been at the fairgrounds several days and knew her way around.

What would a fair be without cotton candy??? (Just ask Jack!)

Caroline, Lucy and I had to have a ride on the pretend horse.

Then Ellie, Abbey and one of Abbey's friends had to have a turn!
Ellie loved the slide that went down into the corn.

Lucy must have filled this bucket a million times.

Ashley and Abbey were busy cleaning bunnies and getting them ready to show.

The little girls had to give each other a couple hugs throughout the day.

Then the showing began with a showmanship class.

Abbey standing in front of her bunny and cavy boards.

She got first place and a beautiful trophy for the best overall livestock notebook.

Then on to some serious showing!

What a fun class! They had costume classes for rabbits and guinea pigs.

Third place in this one - not too bad.

When Abbey was finished showing, we brought Lucy home with us to get cooled off. It was SOOO hot on the fairgrounds and these little cheeks were getting pretty red.

When Ashley and Abbey got here to pick up Lucy, we couldn't believe it. Abbey won the traveling trophy for Grand Championship high point of all rabbits and guinea pigs! She ended up winning four trophies and I forgot to count the pile of ribbons. Way to go Abbey, we're do proud of you (and your mom). Tomorrow she will be competing in the vocal contest singing "Don't Rain On My Parade". Good luck sweetheart!

Now it's on to getting the shop ready for "An Evening In The Country". Hope I'll see some of you there!

Until next time...


  1. Wow! Congratulations to Abbey! Way to go! 4-H is great. I too was in it for many years. I participated in the shooting sports and LOVED it. Looks like lots of fun! Oh-and I got the word today that I'm going back to teaching so maybe mom and I and Darbee Rae and make it up that way next year! Keeping my fingers crossed! :) Hugs.

  2. Looks like a great time at the Fair.
    Boy, that is quite the trophy! Congratulations Abbey! Great job.

  3. You are truly blessed Dawn...beautiful family! First time I ever saw "sand corn" (big smile)!!! But what a great idea...(bag some of that up for Halloween displays...last year I soaked feed corn in and orange spice oil and it was wonderful!) Congratulations to Abbey - what a haul!!!

  4. WOW!!! please extend my Congratulations to Abbey. That is quite and accomplishment for a young lady. Great job
    Looks like the fair was a ton of fun
    Happy Thursday

  5. What an exciting day for Abbey and the family!! Congratulations to that lovely young lady!! And good luck to her as she competes in the vocal contest -- what a talented granddaughter you have!!
    Looks like you all had a wonderful day!