Tuesday, November 1, 2011


What a fun night! We all headed over to daughter Amanda's house for a great evening with all of the grandchildren. Everyone was there except Abbey, she and Ashley are in Indiana for the rabbit convention. We watched everyone get their costumes on, had pizza and off we all went in every direction! Gan decided he wanted to be an old woman,

and he sure looked like one! He ended up with a whole pillowcase full of candy.

Caroline was a witch and Sydney was a ladybug. Adorable!

Our Ellie was the cutest spider I ever saw!

She even had to show us how a spider crawled on the sidewalk.

Sydney posed outside for me.

Lucy was too afraid to go until Aunt Amanda took her to the house next door. She had the cutest sock monkey costume, but was terrified of it. Uncle Chad convinced her to wear her hat. After that first house, she was off like a rocket!

Daddy had to hurry to keep up!

She walked up to every house, knocked on the door and said "Treat Treat" and "Thank you".

When they got back to Amanda's, the two-year-olds both had to dump out their candy and check it all out. Lucy can't say Caroline, so she calls her "Kline".

All in all, it was so much fun to see our grandchildren have such a great time. Don't know why I didn't get a pictures of Jack - guess he was too darn busy getting ready.

Now it's time to concentrate on our holiday open house - this weekend will be here before we know it. Hope to see you then!

Until next time...


  1. Dawn, Such precious Grands. They all looked so cute. Glad you got to share in the fun with them and your family. Have a great day.

  2. They are indeed precious~Gan dressed as an old woman made me giggle~he looks awesome~ but then the little critters just melt my heart~ladybug, spider, witch, monkey hat~ great times!!

  3. Looks like you all had a wonderful time..... Your grandchildren are so cute, and it's just wonderful that you get to spend these special times with them..... We got no trick-or-treaters here (we never do), but I am hopeful that next year when we move to our hometown we will have a busy Halloween. Hope to have some grands by then, too!!! ;)
    Have a happy week!!

  4. How sweet...I can't wait until I have grandchildren too. Looks like all of yours had a lot of fun!