Saturday, October 29, 2011


I love our little village! Every year, the Saturday before Halloween, the streets are closed in town and the kids are all invited to do a children's parade and trick or treat from the merchants. It has become a tradition in our family for the grandkids to all come to "grandma's store" and make the rounds. This year we had 5 out of 8 there and it was so much fun!

Son Rich, his wife Val, Sydney and baby Peyton.

Our Sydney sure loves her baby brother!

This was Peyton's first Halloween and the poor guy slept through most of it!

Daughter Amanda with Ellie, Caroline and Jack.

Jack, Caroline and Ellie were anxious to get out there and get some candy.

Monday night we are all going to Amanda's house to trick or treat with 7 out of 8! Abbey is at a rabbit convention out of state, but we'll sure save her some candy. This will be our first Halloween without her!!!

Well, this weekend is pretty much it for fall goodies at the shop. Next week we will be moving furniture, packing away fall and transforming everything to a primitive winter wonderland. Don't forget, we will be closed Nov 3 and 4, but the holiday open house will be in full swing on Nov 5 and 6. Hope you can come join in the fun!

Have a great weekend and a Happy Halloween!!!

Until next time...


  1. I'm sure everyone enjoyed the fun! Great memories in the making!

  2. What fun Dawn...I had my grandkids over today for a costume party...and they had a ball! Of course their poor granny and pops were worn out...but they had a splendid time...sooo cute...wish they could stay this little for a long sweet! See you next week!

  3. I'll bet your shop will be gorgeous once you've decked it out for the holidays. Be sure to share pics with us!


  4. Wonderful photos~ cute kids~looks like fun!!

  5. How wonderful for you, I cannot wait for the day to become a grandmother! Looking forward to seeing the shop all decked out in it's Holiday finest. Happy Halloween. From snowy Maine, Julie.

  6. Hi Dawn, Thanks for dropping by my blog. Your grandkids are so cute. Little Peyton is adorable, can't wait until Oliver gets that big, so I will be able to do things with him. Thanks for sharing your great moments with your family. Vicky