Sunday, January 30, 2011


Time to unveil my new surprise. Holly Hills Primitives has decided to expand and open a booth at the Livington Antique Outlet in Howell, Michigan. My good friend and antique buddy Carol and I decided to join forces and resources and take the plunge. We have had so much fun painting, planning, making and more. We have started moving in and it's all coming together with each load we take.
We have a nice corner booth and are on the waiting list for the booth next to us - if it ever comes available.

We have LOTS more work to do, more goodies to haul and things to make, but at least this is the beginning.
Our booth is a little unique. We have antique, new and handmade wares for sale.
Still looking a little empty, but it will all finish coming together soon.
Have you ever seen one of these? It's an OLD wire hoop to go under a skirt with the spring "bustles" attached. So unique.
This child's stepback is adorable. Could be used in any room and not just for children!

This little make-do chair is another cutie.
The best ever are these old children's canvas boots. Wouldn't they be great in just the right spring arrangement?
Mama's Reading Chair and Listen' Stool.
Great, large blanket crane with old (never used - still with label) muslin sheets.
Hope you stop by when you're in the area. I think I'm going to love having a booth along with the shop and the antique mall is HUGE!
Now it's back to reorganizing the shop, sewing and ordering lots of new spring goodies.
Mark you calendars for Saturday, February 26 from 8 a.m. until noon. We are doing a shop-hop with Wren In The Willow (Goodrich, Michigan) and you have to wear your p.j.'s for any discounts. More to follow!
Have a good Sunday evening my friends.
Until next time...

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


And the antiques came rolling in! Got a few things put out today, but lots more to go, along with painting, sewing and "make-doing". Just LOVE this beautiful hired hand's bed, complete with side rails and slats.
Look at this beautiful old oversized baby quilt with all the blue stitching. Done in 1913 and has a few old mends.

One of my favorites is this redwork lay-over. Just beautiful!

This little checkerboard table is adorable. Couldn't you just see it in front of the fireplace for a good game with your grandchildren?

Very nice old sewing box that opens from both sides - excuse my Lucy's little chair, she came to visit today!

Oh boy, I'm having a hard time leaving these blanket cranes at the shop. Just MIGHT have to bring one home.
More new lamps.

Mustard has to be one of my favorite colors these days.

Cute little tilt-top table that would be great for any room.

This little sewing box would be so perfect to store all the remotes in on a side or coffee table.

This fireplace screen is a little "fancy", but in perfect condition. Just had to put it out where people could see it.
After work I went up to visit Dad at the nursing home. One of his aides (Sheena) as giving him a big hug and couldn't resist getting a picture of that smile. It doesn't seem possible that he's been there for over 1 1/2 years already - so darn heartbreaking.
On a lighter note, be watching for some upcoming events at the shop. We are planning a February p.j. party, a spring open house and I'll be having a big surprise for you all very soon - maybe next week.
Hope you are all staying warm and safe, enjoying your homes and doing a little decorating!
Until next time...

Thursday, January 20, 2011


Took a few pictures of new wares today (until my memory card was full). Time to delete a BUNCH of pictures and start over. Some new little pillows are in for Valentine's Day.
Black and brown hearts, flat moss and cheesecloth.

Fun little pocket pillow that could be filled with anything.

Don't know what happened with the blur, but this black tilt-top table is a sweetie. What a great little extra table when guests arrive.

A lot of new lamps arrived too, but my favorite is this tall pewter sweetie.

Nice swing-arm floor lamp.
BUT, this heavy iron lamp is just the best! We got lots more in mustard, stars, tin...

One of my favorite merchant neighbors had her ribbon cutting today. Barb and daughter Stacy from the Blackberry Bakery are just two doors down from me. What a treat!
Presentation of their plaque from the village.
And cutting the ribbon! Welcome, welcome, welcome.
I'd like to thank everyone for the well wishes for Dick and his broken leg. Poor guy. He got the permanent cast on today and has to go back Monday for more x-rays. Sure hope he doesn't have to have surgery!
Tomorrow morning I'm going to be at the shop a little late. Going on a little adventure with friend Carol. Might just have a big surprise soon!
Have a great day!!!
Until next time...

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

THE BANG OF 2011...

WOW! Our new year has sure come in with a bang! Sometimes you have to ask yourself, "What's next?" Sunday was such a happy day. Dick took our Gannon our ice fishing, he's been waiting all winter. They dragged a portable ice shanty out on the lake, along with all the other equipment. They caught quite a few fish, had a great time and then it was time to come home. When he went to pull the shanty, he slipped and went down on the ice. YUP - a broken leg. I can't believe that they dragged all of that equipment home - almost 1/2 mile on a broken leg. He has a splint cast for a couple days, and then maybe tomorrow will get the real deal. The doctors wanted the swelling to go down before they put the permanent cast on. What a week!
I'm hoping to have LOTS of new goodies to show you either tomorrow or the next day. Got some great little antiques in and LOTS of new lamps and accessories are being delivered today. I love to get new things into the shop, makes it so much fun to play. Come back to visit me soon to see our new wares.
Until next time...

Saturday, January 15, 2011


Hi Pals! Just wanted to pop in and show you a few little things that are popping into the shop. This old wood crate is also a stitchery with a battery candle attached. You can hang it and use it as a shelf in any room.
Love this old shutter stitchery. Talk about PRIM! You can see the verse a little better on the picture below.

One of my favorite verses!

Cute little wool/felt hanging heart. You can leave it out all year.

Another small mustard side table.

This small burgandy table is cute as a button. Could even be used on top of another table.
Another favorite is this little vintage white/red shelf. Perfect for a kitchen or bath.
Guess that's about all for today, but it's all arriving daily!
I wanted to let you know that we are usually closed on Mondays, but we will be open the 17th for Martin Luther King Day from 10-5. I'll put the coffee pot on, have some treats, and specials throughout the shop. Come on in and lets gab for awhile! Hope to see you then.
Until next time...

Thursday, January 13, 2011


BUSY DAYS!!! Finally, yesterday friend Bonnie came in to help me do a much overdue store redo. It always feels so good to get a new look! We moved so much furniture, I wondered if we would ever get done. I'm so excited, we even made a "work area" for me to paint and redo some fun things for the shop.
I stripped the trees, packed away Christmas, but decided to leave a couple trees up with the lights for a little while longer. There's just nothing like little white lights!

Quite a few pieces of furniture are marked down. Trying to make room for all the new goodies that are arriving almost daily now.

Sorry about the blurry picture - don't quite know what happened!

This little table and chairs are so charming - jut right for a game table or a tea.

This little table is a new addition. Just right for an end table, foyer, nightstand or a child's desk.

Hearts are sneaking in - prim hearts of course.

Lizzy is a new dolly that made her way in through the snow. Her arms are made from corn cobs!

This make-do rocker is covered in old feed sack and has an attached batter candle. So, if you haven't been in for awhile, come see what's new. Handmades are also arriving daily and lots of antiques!

We had such a great time on Sunday. Our grandson, Gannon, has been in the hospital and his little brother and sisters needed to burn off some energy (and I think the rest of us did too). Papa cleared off the skating rink and the kids had a ball. This is the first year of single blades for Ellie!

What a good skater Greg is! With him for a coach, it won't be long until Jack is going like crazy!

Abbey and Papa had a ball. I think she would stay out there until her toes froze inside of those skates.

Even little Caroline got in on the act. Amanda - you're next!

I went out to check things out with Amanda and Abbey, but I spent a little more time by the campfire!
EXCITING NEWS! For years I have wanted a VW convertible and last night was the night! Dick brought one home from work for me. It is so adorable. Kind of crazy with this business, but thank goodness we have the old jeep to haul things in. Just wish it was summer so we could put that top down - darn! Planning a trip to TN in the spring to see friends Rick and Connie and you can believe that top will come down as soon as we hit warm weather!
Time to get sewing while I have a few quiet moments. It was fun to visit!
Until next time...