Monday, December 10, 2012


Whew! Our Dickens Festival wrapped up last night with a bang! When it was over our "Dickens Family" got together and had some fun "down time".
Abbey finally talked Lucy into going sledding with her!
There were a lot of screams as they came down the hill!
Gannon helped Aunt Ashley with the turkey bowling again on Sunday and had a ball!
It is so beautiful when the choirs come into the shop to entertain our customers.
Abbey got to be the queen for the children's parade yesterday and slowed down for a few minutes for a photo op with Papa.
The ghost of the Holly Hotel strolled through our shop for a moment.
After I got brave enough to try the sledding hill - which was just a blast - even though I still had my costume dress on - we took our Dickens Family for pizza and great conversation. This has been an experience of a lifetime.
Jessie - our former township supervisor - is quite the dapper young man.
Andrew, Josh, Melissa, Kelly and Jon have all been adopted by Holly this year after they did such an excellent job with the sledding hill. Parx and JZ Landscaping can also bring your town to life!
Then it was on to the pub for a special surprise from Josh and Jon. They made a "shot ski" that will stay in Holly for years to come.
Get ready, get set...
Then it was Dick and Jessie's turn. Thanks Josh and Jon for making something special to end three weekends of friendships, hard work, festivities and a very special experience. Until Holly Dickens Festival 2013...


  1. Such a great thing for your town of Holly to do. Looks like you all had a wonderful time.
    Enjoy your week.

  2. What a fun finale!!
    Rest probably didn't get dressed all day did you!
    I am ready for another dinner!