Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Not sure if you remember, but we lost our Rosie Boxer awhile ago and my heart has ached each day since. Every day when we walk in the door, it's a disappointment that she isn't here to greet us. Every night I miss her snuggling with me while I stitch or watch t.v. SO... Dick and I went puppy shopping yesterday. We have narrowed it down to two puppies. We were determined to get a little girl, but there's also a little boy that has stolen my heart. Which one would you get?
Just look at this sweet, wrinkly face! This is the little girl and she is so sweet.
The puppies are only 5 weeks old, so we have to wait until December 20th to pick one up. I just can't decide!!! I am a little partial to females, they seem a little easier to train.
BUT, look at this face! This is the little boy. I love all of the white on him, it reminds me of Rosie.
The name we have picked out is "Dickens" - for either a boy or girl. Oh dear, which one will it be??? Which one would YOU pick???
We had a great day at the shop today. Our rug hooking group went down the street to Blackthorn's Pub for our Christmas lunch and had a ball. Each person had to bring a handmade gift and we drew names to see who got to choose first. There were beautiful gifts and we all took home something very special! Hope you are all having a festive holiday season! Until next time...


  1. Get them both, they are both so cute, I know that's probably not what you wanted to hear, but that's way too hard of a decision to have to make!

  2. =get them both..they can occupy each other.

  3. If you can't get them both, get the one that needs you most. I have had nothing but female rottweillers for years. 5 years ago I got a male and he is the sweetest one I have had.Never thought one could this sweet. He was easily trained, he minds and hasn't been destructive. Bless your heart. Let us dog lovers know what you decide.

  4. I would go for the female if you can't take both of them. I got "Kit" after I lost my sweet "Shorty" and she filled that empty hole I was left with. Good Luck with your decision. They are both so sweet.

  5. To be honest, at this point, I would get both...what great companions they would be for you and for each will never regret them and they will give it back double fold!!!! Dianntha

  6. 13 years ago, I decided I wanted a white female toy poodle, I looked and looked. Lot of sweet girls--then I picked up a little 2# black male with a splash of white on my chest. He couldn't get close enough to me. One of the best dogs we've had. 5 years ago, I moved to Florida and wanted to get another dog. I went out looking for another little boy just like my beauji-- instead a white with a black spotted female stole my heart. I have never regretted either one.. My advise, follow your heart and let the dog choose you. Best of luck. Renè

  7. I am not the right person to be asking...see I am a sucker Dawn..and I would have to take them both home..and the girl would be called Holly and the boy Dickens. Good luck my friend. Janice

  8. Well Dawn, I have never owned a dog, just a cat for 13 years and he was a boy, and so loving. The girl looks like she would have a"I am going to do it my way" personality . After all don't all of us girls? {smile} The little boy looks like he just wants a friend. Either I am sure will win your heart and give you all the love you miss. Good luck in choosing. Glad your group had a good day. Sounds like fun,

  9. Oh such sweet faces! Tough to choose... Good luck! Maybe you'll just have to have 2!
    Laurie :)

  10. Oh...what adorable puppies!! What a hard decision to have to make. Maybe you will end up with 2 new fur babies.

  11. AWW!!!!!!!!
    Well knowing you I think the girl would be the better pick right now.
    Boy puppy does look like Rosie alot!
    Well, you could get both but they did get big and it would be a tad crowded:0)
    Love the name you picked!
    Can't wait to play with Dickens!

  12. I'd have to get them both. It's no harder to have two as one and they'd keep each other company. I'd then name the female Carol and the male Dickens~ Good luck with what ever you chose.
    Happy Christmas,

  13. They are both adorable! But if you can't get both I think I would take the female. Can't wait to see what you decide! My little Snorkie was a Christmas present from my hubby 5 years ago. They bring so much joy to our lives. Lori

  14. Oh they are both adorable!I would go for the girl.I have had both male and female dogs and always have better luck with the females.Sweet name.Hugs,Jen

  15. They are both so darn cute but that face on
    the boy is speaking to me it is adorable.
    Hard Hard choice. good luck
    happy holidays
    Darlene North

  16. As the MOM of both a girl and a boy I will be no help...I would be getting BOTH! Whatever you decide between those 2 faces you cannot lose! Merry Christmas! ♥

  17. hi my mail...thanks....
    now for the puppy....what a cutie...i think i would go with the girl......but i would not name her dickens....would you call her dick for short...we call lucy..... lulu for short...just trying to think about how she would feel with the name....

  18. Hi Dawn, We are a boxer family also. Our four year old is Duke. They are wonderful dogs. Duke is our fifth boxer and they are so smart and very loving with children. Enjoy your new son! Evelyn