Tuesday, April 3, 2012


WHAT A GREAT WEEKEND! Dick, Gannon and I took off Saturday morning and headed to the Breckenridge Promise Of Spring show. I was so excited to get there! Gan was still pretty tired, so he snuggled up with Rosie in the back seat and they both had a little snooze. The show was great, filled to the brim with prims! We picked up a few little goodies and inquired about getting into the show. I'm so keeping my fingers crossed!

We saw the most amazing sight! For miles and miles there were these HUGE windmills. Absolutely spectacular! We couldn't believe how far they went.
After leaving Breckenridge, we drove up to visit Sandy at Morning Glory Mercantile in Houghton Lake. I never leave there without quite a few cute things. I'll have to take a picture of my favorite later and share with you.
From Houghton Lake, we drove over to our Little House and spent the next two nights. Gan and Dick did some fishing (no luck) and I putzed and cooked. It was so nice to sweep off the deck, be able to set outside some, and just spend some quality time at our favorite place.
We came home yesterday afternoon and went to dinner to celebrate Chad and Kim's birthdays. We have had a tradition for YEARS to go with Kim's parents (Jim and Sharon) and Mom joined us too. Good food was had by all!
It's almost a wrap that our Funky Tennessee Artist will be at the shop June 9 for our downtown Holly antique show. I'll let you know for sure once all the plans are in place. I LOVE her handmades and I'm sure you will too.
Now it's time to get creative and get moving. Easter is about over with and it will be time to change things up a bit next week. Hope you all have a wonderful afternoon.
Until next time...


  1. I was at that show too! I go every year with a few of my friends. I hope you get into the show. I would love to see some of your wares there. Do you usually go to the show in November? We are going to try to get out to see your shop very soon!!
    Take care,

  2. Hi Dawn...I haven't been to Breckinridge in a few years...it is a really nice show..always something to buy or drool over! I can't believe that Easter is already at our front door...CRAZY!!

  3. How sweet is that photo of Gan in the backseat with Rosie! Sounds like a fun weekend! ~Roberta

  4. Hi Dawn I was disappointed that you were closed but I kinda thought being a Monday you might be. AT first we didn't have plans to go there but ended up there. I am hoping maybe we can get to that June 9th Antique show. Now I really want to come if you have the Tennesee Funky Artist!! Isn't it great to be able to sweep things off and sit outside? I just love it!! Thanks for stopping by!! XO Love, Fran.

  5. Sounds like a great weekend! I love that your grand kids love spending time with you - how great is that?

    Happy Easter, Dawn!