Sunday, April 22, 2012


Good Sunday evening Prim Pals! Dick and I worked at the shop today and it was SOOO chilly. What the heck happened to spring? All of our tulips out front finally opened and they look so pretty. Won't be long until there will be REAL flowers in our window box.
Check out our tulips! I'm thinking of planting lots of sunflowers in this little garden for the summer.
I never get tired of looking at the back wall of our shop. It's my favorite part, feels so cozy back there. Some days I could just curl up with a good country magazine or do some stitching by the "fireplace".
As most of you know, Zanie Janie's Simply Coffee is next door to us, but the great thing is - we have French doors inside that connect our two shops - without going outside! I'm so spoiled having that fresh roasted coffee just a few steps away.
Dick and I decided it would be fun to feature some of our other downtown "neighbors" on a regular basis. Holly is such a delightful village and there is so much to offer. One of the newer shops in town is A Simpler Time Antiques run by John Shoemaker.
John is a great addition to our village. He's always ready to step up and get involved in anything he can to help promote other businesses. He has even started a "group out" for any groups that come to town.
His shop features a great eclectic selection of antiques, jewelry, old "coke" items, candy, fudge, old time sodas and more, more, more. It's a fun shop to browse through and find something from your childhood - no matter how old you are! We're so glad he's here, be sure to stop in and say "hi" when you come to town. Well, tomorrow and Tuesday are going to be stay-at-home work days. Lots more goodies coming to the shop. Also, we hope to have another shipment from The Funky Tennessee Artist by Thursday or Friday. I can't wait! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Until next time...


  1. I would be over to the coffee shop a few times a day. Lucky you! Your town looks so inviting, would love to visit someday. Great pictures, Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks for sharing! Your town does look very nice and inviting, how nice to be right by the coffee shop!

  3. I love the back of your shop, as well! It is a wonderful space!

  4. Your town looks like going back in time~ so pretty, so welcoming, Oh, I want to visit~
    thanks for sharing~ looking forward to seeing more of your town~
    PS you asked about my bedroom, waiting on some bedding supplies~ giggles~ can't hardly stand the wait~ but can't show it yet, the bed looks bare~ your are always welcome at the homestead