Sunday, November 25, 2012


After months of hard work, our 39th Annual Holly Dickens Festival finally arrived. People came and we all had a great time. Two more weekends to follow too!
Dick and I, as co-chairs for the festival, would like to welcome you for a little preview.
The heart of the festival this year has got to be the sledding hill right in the middle of town. The kids had a blast and I can't wait to take my turn! It will be here for two more weekends!
The St. Dominic's Chapel Girl's Choir were just heavenly, both outside
and inside of our shop. They will be here two more Saturdays.
Holly Hills Primitives had special guests yesterday, Teresa Kogut and Jan Turchey. They did needle punch and needle felting demonstrations and were getting names for upcoming classes right here at the shop.
Our own Sharon was as elegant as ever as she waited on the customers.
It's always fun to have Zanie Janie next door!
The kilted magician strolled through the shops performing some fantastic magic tricks.
We rented costumes from Sutton's Costumes and the fine folks from that shop came to pay a visit in their finery.
Oh my goodness, we had the best ribs EVER cooked over a wood fire by the Red Wood Grill.
Jacob Marley paid us a visit - chains and all (Jeff Miller).
Mr. Scrooge and his real life wife made the festival a real hit (George and Diane Kullis).
Two country gentlemen shook hands and had a great time (Dick and John LaCroix).
We even had an English bobbi strolling to streets and keeping things safe (Denise).
We had to be at the shop at 6 a.m. this morning (grown) for Channel 7 from Detroit to do live interviews.
Hard to even talk at that time of the morning, let alone be on t.v.!
The Queen led the children's parade, performed Renewal of Vows and entertained the crows and she was beautiful (Debbie Musgrave).
Dick and I spent some time with Queen Debbie and Santa (another face of John LaCroix).
Josh Zion (JZ) was the hero of the festival with his sledding hill.
The beautiful Adventist choir also came in to entertain the customers.
Now this was fun! Judd and Alicia came to Holly to celebrate their 25th anniversary. Dick and I were the witnesses for their Renewal of Vows with the Queen.
They even had their own congregation. Congratulations to Judd and Alicia. Well friends, I'm just plain tuckered out. Time to get a little rest. We have two more weekends of the festival - sure would be fun to see you in the shop! Until next time...


  1. What a great festival it must be. The sledding hill is pretty cool!

  2. You both look handsome in your costumes..pretty lace Dawn.
    Looks like a great time!

  3. Oh Dawn You Guys look GREAT !!
    All the photos are Wonderful.
    Holly is the Place to Be for
    each Season ... your Town knows
    how to do it Right !!!
    Hope you get some Rest !!
    Blessings & Hugs ~ Connie xox

  4. You and Dick look so festive! What a wonderful event! Take care, Janice