Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Hi Prim Pals. Sorry I haven't visited so much lately, but we have a good reason. Dick and I have been very busy moving Holly Hills Primitives to the old Holly mill. I am so excited to get things in order and get opened back up so you can all see it. We closed the shop this week for the move, but the new doors will be open next Wednesday. Our new address is 105 Civic Dr., Holly, Michigan! We have moved and moved and moved, so today we took the day to get what was in there in some kind of order and it's starting to take shape. Tomorrow we will be back at the old shop again getting the dreaded basement organized and ready to go. I just had to share a few pictures of what we have done so far, but it's a LONG, LONG way from being finished.
This picture was taken quite a few weeks ago and we've done a lot since. Love planting the flowers and getting the porch all gussied up!
Come on in!
There is one whole HUGE wall filled with built-in shelving and it's starting to get filled.
Got the old buggy seat out today and can't wait to finish decorating the LONG table it is sitting on. I promise to have more pictures shortly, but today was the first day we spent getting a little organized. Be sure to come visit anytime after next Wednesday! I'll have the coffee on and maybe even a little treat! Until next time...


  1. oooh look at all that lovely space...what a great new place!!! Looks awesome....

  2. Oh my...what a great space for your shop. Love the charm of the mill. Maybe I will get back up that way one day soon. I think of you everytime I see my angel that you made. I just love her hanging from the quilt in my dining room.

  3. Dawn I can't wait to get in the new shop. It looks like a great place to display and have fun with it.
    Love the flags hanging off the rafters. You will be using a ladder quite a bit.
    Norm and I will make it over soon.

  4. Wow, way to go Dawn....what a great shop......looking good so far....Francine.

  5. Dawn that is a beautiful building. Are you going to miss your neighbors in the old place? I so want to make it to Holly one day. Who knows, it could happen. Love the pictures and cannot wait to see more. Rest some.

  6. What a neat building! Looking good!

  7. Dawn,
    What a Great Looking Place,
    so Neat !!
    Good Luck in your new Location !!
    Blessings & Hugs ~ Connie xox