Tuesday, May 28, 2013


This was one long, crazy weekend! This post is a little long, but I have so much to share! Our clothing drive ended Thursday, so Friday morning I drove the clothes down to Seville, Ohio so they could go on to Oklahoma that afternoon. What an overwhelming experience! Mike and Tammy were taking a BIG U-Haul truck and a pickup filled with everything from bottled water, canned goods, clothes and more. What an incredible couple! Mike and Tammy owned a GREAT hot dog restaurant across the street from the truck and treated the best lunch! If you are ever in Seville, you HAVE to visit Seville Antiques. It was the very best primitive antique mall I have ever been in! What a treat! We are so lucky to be having two of the vendors at our Harvest At The Mill show in September! Lucy and Abbey came to spend the night Saturday night while their mom officiated a wedding. We had the most fun! Lucy went fishing for the very first time and squeeled every time she caught a fish. Abbey would stay out there fishing all night if we let her! We had a campfire and Lucy decided we needed "camp stories" and "camp songs". She was so tired by the time we came in that she was falling asleep when I put her in bed. After the girls went home Sunday, Dick and I headed out to the Great Lakes National Cemetery to watch the most beautiful ceremony I have ever seen. There were thousands of people there and it was so very sobering to see over 18,000 headstones of our fallen veterans. Then on Monday morning, we kept the tradition and watched the Holly Memorial Day parade in the front yard of our old house. Six of the grandchildren came, two of our children and friends Peggy and Bob's family. After the parade ended, Dick and I came home and slept the afternoon away. What a wonderful holiday! Now it's time to get busy building, sewing, stitching and painting new goodies for the shop. Sorry this post was so long, and I hope you had a great holiday too! Until next time...


  1. What a wonderful weekend filled with love and family and meaningful events. So glad you did get to rest a little too. Dianntha

  2. Hi, such a meaningful weekend, how great........nice you could rest too, Blessings Francine.

  3. Dawn my cousins son is buried in the Great Lakes Cemetery. His name is Justin Peterson, he died in Iraq. I sure enjoyed the fishing and campfire!lol My kids all love to fish and Andrew too. Wish I could make arrangements to go to Detroit in Sept. Who knows? It could work out.

  4. Dawn this is an awsome post!!!!
    You guys have such a big heart!

    Seville Antique Mall is my very favorite for primitives. Great stuff!
    Hugs to Dick too and thank you for your years of service to keep our country safe.

  5. Your post shares the American Spirit! Love, support, hope, honor... celebration! Recognition! Family! Main Street! LOVE LOVE LOVE!
    Hope you're having a wonderful week~