Thursday, December 10, 2009


Oh the weather outside if frightful! (But beautiful.) Hubby got the woodstove all hooked up on Monday, so last night we had a fire and was it ever cozy! We turned on the lights in the back yard and it was like a picture. There is a canal and pine trees behind the house and it looked magical with the snow coming down - great, huge flakes. I went shopping after I closed the shop yesterday and got a new camera! Finally! Of course, I had to charge the battery before I could use it, but I'm so anxious to take pictures of our new home to share with you. The above picture is one wall of our bedroom. I love longjohns and stockings! The Christmas stocking in the middle is my first stocking from 1951! I'll get that camera figured out at work today and get new pictures soon. We're almost all decorated.
Tonight I get to take care of Abbey and Lucy while their parents go to a work Christmas party. I think I'll go to their house so they can get good sleep in their own beds.
I've also got new things to show you in the shop - and woo hoo I HAVE A CAMERA! (Did I tell you that?) I just can't believe the bad luck I've had in this department. Debbie brought in the most wonderful prim sleigh that I can't wait to show you pictures of!
Well gals, off into the snow I go to open the shop. There is nothing like getting all the Christmas lights turned on, lighting the candle and turning on the Christmas music. It is truly a magical time of year!
Enjoy your cozy nests!
Until next time...


  1. I am so feeling you in the camera department. It is so hard for me to go and buy one right before christmas. Especially having three children and seeing there list that they want santa to bring them. Thank heavens for my phone..but the pictures arent as great on there. Can't wait to see your new pictures..I can smell that fire here at my prim home :) Yum..O'
    Have a great day enjoy those babies tonight :)
    Stephanie XOXO lilmamasprimitives XOXO

  2. You're right Dawn, this time of year is so very special indeed....and it's so easy to get into the spirit with the snow falling and with a candle lit, how wonderful!

    Merry Christmas!

  3. I love all the stockings and long johns! How nice to have things you love around you in your new home. Looking forward to seeing more!

    Enjoy the grands!!

  4. I think I love long johns after seeing the picture..I may start hunting a few to hang at my house! Do you sell them?
    I just have to ask about the you see it long is it??? I adore it. Dianntha