Friday, December 11, 2009


Good frosty morning out there! Wow, is it ever cold in Michigan. The wind chill was below 0 last night - ouch! I had such a fun evening though, I went to Ashley's house and took care of Abbey and Lucy while they went to her husband's Christmas party. Lucy was a little sweetie and went to bed early and Abbey and I played games, read stories and just enjoyed being together. She called me in the afternoon and told me we were going to have a "fabulous" evening together - and we did!
I'm trying to master this new camera and haven't had a lot of time yet, but have some pictures to share with you. I'll do more of our home this weekend. This is my old "chairback" shelf in the living room.
Too dark, but you can get the idea. My collection of old pinkeeps in the window.

Now on to town. Janie getting her coffee beans put in the roaster - YUMMY! I'm getting so spoiled having such great coffee right next door - and having such a sweet neighbor!
Now on to the shop. Our front table has had some changes. Just love the old sleigh that Debbie brought in - also the sign.

The stockings were hung...

This wonderful big black table is also a new addition - with a drawer in the front.
Old chippy blue cupboard - should I paint it?
This old sled is too great for words. It's SOOO heavy, I can't imagine some little child pulling it to the top of the hill! Sure would be a great porch decoration though.
Ice skate on a wooden base with a battery candle inside. You could take off the base and use the skate in a wreath too.

Another old skate (double runner) with an electric light inside.

Handmade Santa suit - I may bring one home.
Close-up of sleigh and sign.
Amazing Grace with her old Bible and cheesecloth hair. She is just as sweet as she can be.
This prim wool tree is in a bundt pan with angel vine. What a great place to put your candy canes!
Snowman door greater has sticks for his mouth and a pumpkin stem nose.

This snowman is adorable. Wouldn't he be cute on a porch????
Funky old snowman head on a funnel sure wants to go home with someone.
That's all for today, but I'm looking forward to coming home, turning on the little white lights and taking lots of pictures to share with you of our new home. It's small, but oh so cozy. I'm really loving the simplicity - especially with running the shop and going to visit Dad so much.
Enjoy your frosty day. Put on a pot of coffee, turn on the Christmas music and have fun baking, decorating or wrapping gifts. We'll talk again soon.
Until next time...


  1. Dawn,
    It sure has been cold, hasn't it? We got dumped on with tons of snow, still coming down.
    Everything looks great at the store & I'm looking forward to pics of your new home.
    Stay warm.

  2. You're sure right about it being cold! I hope that it warms up soon. Then I'll venture up and see all your new goodies. Looks like you've got some great things in.

  3. Yes, it is COLD...BITTER cold, the wind is horrible-cuts right thru ya...everything looks many goodies...I'd go wild in there ;)

    Have a happy weekend, stay warm!

  4. It's cold here in Ohio also. Wind chills have been below 0.
    I just love seeing all the goodies in your shop. My hubby has been too busy with the swine flu clinics at work that we aren't going to make it to MI this month. Now I'm hopiong for my birthday in March.
    Stay warm.

  5. It's even cold here in Central Virginia Dawn!

    Can't wait to see more pics of your new home....the shop looks wonderful!

    Merry Christmas!

  6. We finally got dug out of all the snow! It's been in the single digits and below with the wind chill! That's NE for ya. Your shop looks so warm and cozy! I hope you don't mind I borrowed your ice skate idea. I used plug in lights but, they looked really cute. I raffled one off for our charity event and it was very popular!
    Thanks for sharing,
    Laurie :)

  7. No snow here in our neck of the woods but it is bitter cold, we have a Christmas party tonight and I hate to go out in it!

    Can't wait to see your home!

  8. I love your chippy blue cupboard the way it is! Wonderful pictures! Have a great weekend!