Thursday, March 4, 2010


Oh yes, home again! Is there anything better than coming home at the end of the day and being able to just snuggle in for the evening? I'm sure that's why we take so much time decorating and nesting - it's all worth it at the end of the day. Don't you love to turn on your little lights, maybe listen to some music, light a candle, and settle in with some stitching or a great new magazine? Bliss at it's finest!
The picture above is an old one I found that has our shop in it from about the 1920's. It's pretty blurry here, but I was so thrilled to find it.
This is a picture laden post, but I was so excited to share all the new shop goodies with you!
I was so excited to take these chicks into the shop, it's hard to find just the right prim chick!
Aren't they the cutest things???
I got a couple different lamb chocolate molds.
This little mouse really needed a ride on the carrot!
Wouldn't this little lawnmower look adorable in a garden?
Another mouse crawled in on a strawberry.
Now for the antiques! Look at this huge tote! It would look great hung sideways on a wall for a shelf.
My favorite is this little drying rack. It would be so cute as a towel rack in a country bathroom.
This little school desk is prim perfect! The drawer under the seat even has a place for a pencil.
This is the cutest little tin typewriter.
This old framed print is a beautiful towel holder.
Another favorite is this old toy horse.
I got this wicker shopping basket on wheels - cute as can be!
How about enamel ware? Got lots of great pieces.
More books are working their way into the shop too - from decorating to novels.
Isn't this little metal wall-vase adorable?
Another prim stitchery on a board with rusty wire and clothespins.
I love this strawberry "lug" with all the little baskets.
This afternoon, my daughter Ashley and our little Lucy came in to the shop for a visit. We all sat in Janie's coffee shop next door and had a great time. These guys always light up my day!
See - I got teeth now!
And I just learned that bread is really YUMMY! What a doll baby - we're so lucky.
Well, that's it for tonight. Jammie and snuggle time is calling!
Until next time...


  1. I can't wait to get to your shop, you have so many great things and an eye for making the most of what is there!
    Awww, lovely girls there. You must be so proud.
    Thanks for the word picture, I felt myself relax when I read it. :)

  2. awww! Lucy is just precious!!

    I love ALL your new items! You're killing me! I want to rush right over and take a closer look! lol

  3. Ok, that's it..I am selling my home and moving to Holly Hills so I can shop every week at your Shop!

  4. You got some awesome stuff, Dawn and that little Luci (and your DD, too) are just the prettiest!

  5. Hi Dawn,
    I love the lamb mould pictured in the box of hay up there.Just wondering if it too heavy to ship to the U.K.
    You may have sold it by now of course but if not,let me know.

  6. Morning Dawn!
    I loved the tour through your shop of new goodies...wish I was there to touch and pick each one up and drool!

    What a great picture of the shop in its original state...wonderful.

    Darling phot of Ashley and Lucy....just adorable.


  7. Wonderful shop ful of prims ~ love the spring goodies. Ludy is such a doll.

  8. Hi Dawn,
    Such a cutie Lucy is:)

    Love the wonderful antiques you got in, I know my granddaughters would love the school desk:)


  9. Your mice are too is little Lucy!

  10. Dawn, I always love the prims you have to share! I would love to take a trip to your store... The chicks are the cutest! Love that tool tote too!
    Great pictures of your daughter and grand-daughter. She is precious!

  11. Geat new OLDE stuff - Your daughter is beautiful...(like her Mama..) but little Lucy - oh my !!!

  12. Oh my goodness, that Lucy is just so precious. sigh...What a blessing. Thank you SO much for sharing the pics..loved all the other ones, but Lucy WAS the best,lol