Friday, March 12, 2010


Oh happy days! Look what I just finished to bring home!!! I've wanted a mantel for quite awhile for our new little nest and I finally got one - I just can't wait to get it home - electric logs and all. it was a creamy white, but that just wouldn't do in our mustard and black color scheme, so out came the paint brushes.
It has been a busy week of getting more things into the shop. It is always such a great feeling to see fresh merchandise!
My very favorite is this Jenny Linn child's bed, including ticking mattress, pillow and quilt. The mattress and pillow are stuffed with corn husks.
Couldn't you just see a collection of dolls sitting in this one?
These cute little tealight holders, both bottle shape and mason jars, are perfect for a porch or patio on a summer's evening.
Cute little Easter socks for adults and babies too.
This old red cupboard is prim perfect! The inside of the door has old printing on it.
Wish this picture had showed up a little better.
I also LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this old red farm table with drawer. It is shown with two old spindle back chairs in perfect condition.
More signs.
And picture frames.
This old crate would be the best coffee table. It has the original printing on the outside. It was sent to Detroit, Michigan from Boston, Massachusetts.
More signs and flowers.
Isn't this breadbox perfect for a countertop?
This dress is so delicate and beautiful.
What a great centerpiece this old strawberry carrier would make.
More and more spring!
These metal flowers would look so cheerful in any garden.
Quilts anyone? This one is a real beauty.
This lamp is unusual. It has a blue plaid shade with a platform to set anything you want on it.
Another beautiful old lamp.
These bedsteps are awesome. The tops lift up for storage. Hope you'll come in and check out some of the great things that are arriving almost daily.
This morning I went to Abbey's school before I opened the shop. The second grade had written fictional "books" to read. We were treated with juice and donuts and it was so much fun. Lucy wants to show you her FOUR new teeth.
Soon it was Abbey's turn to read her book. Her teacher held the microphone for each student. I'm SO proud of her!
After work Rosie and I went up to visit my dad at the nursing home. He is one of the biggest dog lovers I know and Rosie is no exception. She just brightens his day! I give him her leash and she just walks around with him in his wheelchair. All of the patients want to pet her and love on her - she should have been a therapy dog.
Dad and Rosie having a little conversation. He told me that bringing her tonight just "made his day".
So today has been a productive day at Holly Hills and around town. It is supposed to rain in Michigan this weekend, so I hope you come see me instead of staying home with nothing to do!
Until next time...


  1. Oh Sweetie...
    What a beautiful post. I adore the pictures of your Dad and Rosie. Isn't she just the sweetest little thing ever? I adore her as much as I do my Handsome Bruiser. (pics are in my scrollbar of Handsome). We get so darn attached to our pets, they become our children. I am pleased she makes your Dad so happy.

    I love the Jenny Lind Crib, and ofcourse my gosh your mantel is just DDG. So beautiful, how gorgeous it will look in your home all finished.

    I love the quilt, so beautiful. Colors so vivid and bright. I would snatch that up in a hurry. Beautiful.

    Lastly those sock are just so stinkin cute. I would have to buy a couple of pair of those. Love those for sure.

    Have a beautiful evening sweetie and thank you so much for sharing with me. Country hugs and much love...Sherry

  2. I know one thing for sure, if it wasn't so far to your store that table would be coming home with me! Love it! Chairs too! I love chairs! Love the color of your mantel. It will look great and cozy in your home. Great pics of your dad and your dog! It's nice that he likes her so much and great that you can take her to see him!

  3. What awesome goodies you're getting in the store! I love seeing the pics of the grandkiddies - they're both so cute! And the pics of your dad; very special! Have a great weekend, Dawn!

  4. Your store is awesome.. I want to live in it..LOL!! Wish I was closer to come check it out but if I ever get over that way I am sure going to stop in! Thanks for the eye candy!

  5. Wow, what awesome goods in the store! Love the picture of your dad & Rosy. I saw the great article in the Country Register ~ good for you.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  6. Oh wow! I think I need to plan a 'road trip' to MI, girl!! :)
    What a wonderful smile Rosie brought to your dad's face!
    Have a great weekend.

  7. My goodness....where do I begin. I love your new mantle and I am sure it's going to be just perfect in your new home! I just drool every time I look at your store. Everything looks just amazing. The last part of your post brought tears to my eyes. Rosie and your dad look so happy. Have a wonderful weekend!

  8. Congrats on the fireplace Dawn, it looks great!

    The pot of red tulips has caught my eye, they're pictured on the shelf below the round clock....would I be able to buy one of those from you?....I adore tulips!


  9. Dawn... you need to have a "selling blog" with paypal and/or credit cards. I love all the new things you've added to your store!! I can't wait to get over there and browse!!! You seem to find/make/sell such wonderful items. And the way you arrange things makes me want to buy it all!!

    Seeing your father brings tears to my eyes remembering when my mother was in a nursing home. Back then, they didn't have therapy pets so I would sneak my pets in so mom, who had Alzheimer's, could cuddle with them!

  10. Good morning Dawn...guess it's Spring here too...IT'S POURING OUT! Has been for well over 3 days off and on...yuk! But at least it's not building up like the WHITE STUFF did! lol

    LOVE YOUR NEW GOODIES...especially that beautiful old bread/cake wonderful!!!
    All the goodies are great as well but that just took me wayyyy back.


  11. I am loving this eye candy!
    Time to wipe the drool off my keyboard.
    Thanks for sharing!

  12. Hi Dawn.....oh, I want that red cabinet, too bad I am in Pennsylvania and your in Michigan! :(

  13. Love your shop photos, wish I lived closer, would definitely be a regular! Love the red cabinet and table, down in VA we do not see much painted furniture. Keep up the good work.
    (Millstone Mercantile)

  14. Everything looks so beautiful!! I LOVE your new fireplace and my goodness..the child's bed is fantastic!!!

    Wishing you a lovely day my friend,
    Hugs, Doreen

  15. Oh Dawn I just love everything.....and little MS Lucy with her pearly whites and big pink fun to see Abbey at school!I'm so glad Rosie makes your Dads's looking like your Dad is making Rosie's day too.......I used to bring my Colby to the nursing home when my FIL was there...he was just a tiny puppy then....but he brought so many smiles to so many people in what would have otherwise been a very long day. Thanks for visiting as always! Have a great day!