Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Good evening. What a day! I FINALLY went to our old house and started sorting, pitching and moving more things. Isn't it strange how you can live in a house for so long and then all of a sudden it doesn't feel like home anymore? Kind of sad. With most of the furniture gone and a lot of things off the walls, it just isn't the same. I've put this process off way too long and it's finally time to get moving. The back of my car is filled to the brim with things for the shop, lots more of the furniture will be heading there this weekend. More things will be coming here too and lots to our children. I hope to be able to have a sale very soon! At least it is started, some organization is intact, and the piles are started.
Our old house was built in 1869 by my great-grandfather's uncle and I always felt that it was meant to be that we live there. Well, now it's time to pass the torch. We are needed much more here with my mom right now and our new little nest is pretty cozy. I can't wait to be able to transplant some of the flowers and just go play in the dirt though.
I hope to have pictures for you tomorrow. Besides the things I'm taking from home, Dick and I went out yesterday and took a new load of antiques in. Guess tomorrow will be play day at the shop with lots of redos.
So, tonight I am very tired and ready to just snuggle up and rest for a little while.
Have a great day and we'll talk again very soon.
Until next time...


  1. Dawn... Another new adventure...that is how I look at your "emptying" of the olde house. How much fun to see who "hearts" that piece that you no longer can use. I am sure there are lots of stories that will go with certain items...AND your new home is just falling into place - it already looks like you have always lived there. That is what "country" is all about - you can live anywhere with your belongings and make it cozy and warm. Life is good...!! Have a fun day "redoing" AGAIN !!! XO, Judy

  2. Dawn,
    Yes, all good things do come to an end but remember there are always many good memories to come as we write the stories of our lives. A house is not a home without the people who live in it. I look forward to your new pictures.

  3. Change can be so difficult... but, it always seems to work out and new adventures appear. Get some rest... just think how wonderful the shop will look with new "old" things to decorate with. I am supposed to open on Saturday. I haven't even started displays yet! I'm not sure I have enough to even make things look good... but, I will try and eventually it will fill up agian. Take care, Laurie

  4. Good morning Dawn..I am sure it is difficult to leave such a wonderful home..but change can be fun and exhilarating!

    Looking forward to seeing photo's.

    Hugs, Doreen