Monday, December 13, 2010


To the tune of about 7 degrees (actual)! We got hit last night with our first big storm and it was a doozy. When we came out of the hospital, I could hardly keep my footing- the wind was blowing so hard. The roads are just TERRIBLE! But, when we got up this morning it was just magical. The snow had stuck to the trees and the canal was frozen.
Just wish the roads were better and it would warm up at least a little!
Last Thursday evening was a very special event for our little village. Marta's Lost hosted "Fashion Forward", a fashion show from the Victorian times to the present. It was held at the Historic Holly Hotel and was just beautiful.
There were maniquins dressed with clothing from all eras. The proceeds went to help out with our annual Dicken's Festival - such a great cause.
Saturday was our third week of Dickens. Grandson Gannon was our Jr. Santa and granddaughter Abbey was our Mrs. Santa.
Little granddaughter Sydney danced this week (polk a dot coat) - which was adorable!
There was mistletoe throughout the town and we caught this couple kissing!
Sydney sat on cousin Santa's lap (after she saw who he was).
Ken McKaye is the driver of this spectacular carriage.
And Gannon and Abbey were lucky enough to get their yearly ride.
Blackberry Bakery had an author signing (cookbook) by the fun gal. Her name is Kathryn and she stopped into the shop to say "hello".
Towards the end of the evening, Jack and Ellie came to see some of the shows. I think Jack was amazed by the fire eater! Don't forget, next Saturday from 1-6 is the last Dickens day of 2010. Hope we get to see you!
My Dad is back in the hospital and it has been a very stressful weekend, but he is moving back to the nursing home tomorrow. I feel so sorry for him, he has been in extreme pain and so very confused. Just doesn't seem fair for such a wonderful man to have to go through all of this. God must have a plan.
Well friends, stay warm and safe and we'll talk again soon.
Until next time...


  1. Holly looks like such a fun place to live!! I am sorry to hear about your Dad. Hopefully he can get settled into the nursing home and enjoy his Christmas.

  2. So sorry to read about your Dad. But you are right...God has a plan...believe that with all of your heart. Stay warm my northern friend

  3. Looks like a great time in Holly.
    It is cold here in Ontario too. Lots of snow:)
    Sorry about your Dad.
    Take care Dawn.

  4. Dawn ... Great Photos the Snow Pictures are Beautiful .... and all the kiddes look like they are having Fun. Keeping your Dad & the whole Family in my Prayers.
    Blessings & Hugs ~ Connie xox

  5. BRRRRRRR....cold here too...19 degrees but the "real feel" with the wind chill is 9 degrees ! Thank goodness so far no snow! Prayers as always for your Dad and all your family Dawn - I can only imagine how hard it is on you right now - Stay strong my friend - Love all the pictures of your sweet grands and townfolk! XO, Judy

  6. Oh Dawn! I am so sorry about your dad! it doesn't seem fair does it?!! I hope he feels better ASAP! I will keep him in my prayers and sending you hugs!!