Friday, December 17, 2010


Good evening prim pals! I've had a few e-mails wondering what we have left in the shop for Christmas, so I thought I would give you a little tour. (Don't forget, you can click on the pictures to enlarge.) Our fireplace is filled with Santa goodies and surrounded by old rockers - one a make-do rocker.
More Santa goodies and gift items, including this chippy old green tavern table and chairs.
Snowmen, snowmen everywhere!
More items as you go through the French doors into Zanie Janie's coffee shop.
Wreaths, old windows, stockings, suitcases...
This guy would love to stand on your porch to greet your winter visitors.
Boxes, stitcheries, and more gift items - or maybe you'd rather have an old chair for your porch!
Hurricane candles, old "houses", lit chick feeders and more furniture.
Some kitchen items - including mama and daughter Santa aprons.
Little black table and chairs, enamelware, potpourri and cute prim towels.
Stuff is everywhere! Old make-do pie safe, hand-painted childrens table and chairs, sleds, gingerbread and more snowmen.
Cute little burgandy bookshelf, light bulbs, rice lights, crocks, lamps and candle mats.
Beautiful old walnut cupboard, crocks, more prim towels and prims.
Whoopee pie mix, towels, lights, pillows...
Love this old wood tote with the 3 choir boys and batter candle.
Handpainted minnow bucket with lights inside.
OLD youth bed - one of my favorites!
Aprons, signs, lights and more.
Cute little mailboxes to wrap your goodies in.
Black crow candles and room sprays.
Cutest tart warmers ever!
Lots of handmades.
Battery candles.
Linen sprays, hand soaps and other surprises.
So you see, we have LOTS of items left for your Christmas gift-giving. Come on in - all Christmas is 25% off! Remember, this is the last Saturday for our Dickens Festival and the light parade starts at 5 (or maybe 6). I'm in a dealin' mood!!!
Hope to see you soon!
Until next time...


  1. You do have lots of goodies left Dawn. I hope they all sell out by weeks end!

    And I hope you have a great week - I am sure it is as busy as ever for you!! Hugs from MA it MI!!

  2. Wow your shop is gorgeous. Love all the wonderful offerings you have. It would be hard for me to let go of those treasures. May you have a blessed Christmas this year. God bless. Cathy

  3. merry christmas dawn....hope you are enjoying all of your family on this wonderful day...have a happy new year's too....your store looks great...wishing you the best!!!!