Monday, December 6, 2010


Good evening prim pals! Whew! What a busy weekend just ended. The second weekend of our Dicken's Festival was a huge success. Again, we were blessed with a young girl's choir that came into the shop to sing for us - and to get warm.
Our little granddaughter Sydney (in the brown and pink) was in the "Hello Santa" dance, but she didn't do too much dancin'. When you're almost 3 it's kind of embarrassing to get out there in front of all those people! She still looked like a little dolly!
Oops! Was I supposed to move up???
After Sydney's dance, our son Rich and his wife Val came into the shop and we got a picture of them in the sleigh (after a warm cup of coffee from Zanie Janie).
Sunday morning we got up and went to visit my dad. He sure isn't doing very well, so keep those prayers coming! We did have a nice visit and then Dick and I took off for the north woods to our cottage for a quick overnight. We wanted to check the heat, pipes, etc. and just get a little rest.
I can't even begin to tell you the feeling I always get when we walk into the cottage. That little house just wraps around us and says, "Welcome home." Last night I took down all of the fall stuff and did a little Christmas decorating. Old friends are great, but so are new ones!
Come on in and have a seat by the "fire". I'll show you some of the things I put out.
These old snowman heads were made by me and friend Connie many years ago. It's like getting out old friends when I open the Christmas boxes.
This wool stitchery was done by dear friend Debbie and I smile every time I get it out of the box!
I almost forgot about the little skate light, isn't it the cutest?
These little girl's skates are hung on the fireplace.
Yup, we even put up our tree. Not sure when we'll be back to enjoy it, but I couldn't let a Christmas go by without it.
More snowmen made by Connie and I a few years ago.
Tiny, thin icicles are hung from the garland on the stairway.
I love how the lights glisten through them.
These old buckets set on the shelves in the kitchen.
A little greenery and ribbon around the corner of our window.
Some funky little stockings in our kitchen window.
One old glittery snowman is an up north tradition.
Old socks and Dick's uncle's old hat are drying by the "fire".
And one little lonely snowman pillow on the antique rocker.
We left fairly early today, came back to visit with Dad again and then we took off to do some Christmas shopping. We found quite a few gifts, but LOTS more to go. With seven grandchildren, there's lots of shopping to finish. (I just started!)
I'm trying so hard to keep my chin up this holiday season. It is so very hard to watch my Dad fail so quickly and to watch my Mom hurt so very bad. They will have been married for 65 years in February and dated 5 years before that. If that isn't love, I don't know what love is! Be sure to give your special someone a kiss before they go to sleep tonight.
Until next time...


  1. How lovely for you to have such a sweet cabin to retreat to. You offer such wonderful decorating ideas. I am now off to find my boys childhood skates and the old buffalo red coat of my husbands. Keeping you and your family in my prayers,BTW the shop looks so festive! Have a great day, Julie

  2. I want your cabin!!! Love it. Glad you had a successful weekend. Keeping you close in thought and prayer. I will get up with you one day..I promise.

  3. Lots of hugs and prayers still coming your way....just trying to do some "catch-up" reading...Stay strong ....glad to hear you are busy...very quiet in Hereford today...:( XO