Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Good afternoon friends! I'm so excited to share our two new additions to the shop. We got a VERY GENTLY USED settee that is beyond wonderful prim. The sun was shining so bright, that the colors don't show true. It is chenille and would be so beautiful with almost any color.
Isn't the pattern wonderful?
It has great lines and would go with so many of your prim accessories.
Our second addition is this early 1900's tin cake box. It has a little shelf inside and is in excellent condition.
Just look at the lithographs on the front, sides and top.
The only wear seems to show on the top. This piece would look great in a kitchen, a bathroom or a bedroom - even a dining room. I've never seen one like it!
I hope you take the time to stop in and take a look at all of our new spring wares - and they are still arriving!
Today is sewing day, so...
Until next time...

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Whew! This has been a long few days, but I think the shop is finally in order. My sweet daughter helped me so much yesterday and then my friend Bonnie came in and helped me finish up. We moved our cash counter and it opened the front of the shop up so much! The picture above has already changed - all the white is now in the window with white picket fence and dark pieces replaced the white in the shop.
The cash counter is in a much better spot now and MUCH more organized.

The front of the shop is filled with Easter goodies and lots of gardening mixed in. I even brought in my old fountain.
Just walk past our "greenhouse" into Zanie Janie's for a cup of coffee!
I love these big stars we got at the markets. I can think of so many ways to use them!
We got grubby lights, battery candles, lamps... All kinds of new "light" items.
It seems like our handmade cats always fly out the door.
The Americana is starting to march in. These two Uncle Sams are the best!
We brought back a barn lamp to go with the house lamp we already had and lots of textiles.
I had to get one of the sock mammy dolls for me too and I might keep one of the BIG handmade trees.
More crows are also flying in - with more to come.
These rusty lampshades are the best! They are actually made from the tin roofs of actual old barns that were torn down.
Lots of smalls are scattered throughout the shop.
I wish I could have shown you more pictures tonight, but my computer is acting up. You'll just have to come into the shop and see what we brought back from our buying trip.
I am exhausted and heading for bed. I'll try to get more on tomorrow when I have a little more energy. Sleep tight!
Until next time...

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


In every sense of the word! I worked for ten hours at the shop today rearranging, putting out new merchandise and getting it all ready for my great customers. Hope you can stop in before the new goodies fly out the door. I promise new pictures tomorrow!
Have a great evening and I hope to see you soon.
Until next time...

Sunday, March 21, 2010


Hi Prim Friends! What a great weekend we just had! It was hard to come home, but home we came. Dick and I left Thursday afternoon for Columbus to the trade shows and had a ball.
But first, let me show you the little log cabin that I took him to see between shows. We took a ride Friday afternoon and ended up in Waynesville (one of my favorite towns) and I couldn't wait to show him my favorite little house. It has been vacant for a couple years and I always have to go take a look when I'm in town. Would this be the cutest shop or what?

I could just see the porches filled with prim goodies.
And of course the garage would be filled to the brim too.
We got up early Friday morning and went to the Heritage show and found so many great things for the shop. I was worried we wouldn't have room for shopping the next day, but we sure did!
I was so excited to meet Karen and Doug from My Colonial Home blog, I would have loved to spent more time together, but I think we were all on a mission. She was just as nice as I knew she would be! Yup, time to try to plan another gathering!
We went to Raghu's warehouse and then went to North Shore Primitives, a beautiful primitive shop in Washington Courthouse, Ohio. I was hoping to run into Karen again, but we missed each other. Then we drove on to Waynesville. It was just a beautiful day and it was fun to just spend some quality time together.
Saturday morning we got up and headed for the Offinger show and ended up repacking the car to get everything in!
We did manage to fit everything in and had a LITTLE room to spare!
By the time we had finished we were POOPED and it was time to head back to Michigan.
We got lots of new ideas for some changes for the shop, we brainstormed a lot while we were riding and (if it all works out) you won't believe what we have planned next!!! Be sure and stay tuned.
Today we worked at the shop all day making some big changes. I hope to have everything back in order by the time we open on Wednesday and all the new goodies out for all of you shoppers.
The weekend has now wound down, but I'm looking forward to taking my new shopping buddy with me next time we go to the shows!
Hope to see you all soon!
Until next time...

Thursday, March 18, 2010


Another beautiful day is coming to Michigan today - 68 degrees! I know it isn't going to last past tomorrow, but we'll take whatever we can get.
This is a big evening for our Abbey, she is one of the MC's at her school talent show. I went to watch her dress rehearsal on Tuesday and she did a great job.
Good luck tonight my sweet girl!
Holly had three ribbon cuttings yesterday! Love to see those new businesses come to town. I was only able to get out of the shop for one of them, Bear White Studios, a new art gallery in town. There is also a new children's resale shop and a beauty salon. I hope all of them are very successful!
I also got another big piece of furniture into the shop. It is a black vintage wardrobe (very usable) and so prim. Come on in and take a peek!
I'm so darned excited that I could hardly sleep last night! This morning I'm going up to visit my dad and then Dick is coming home early and we're heading to Columbus to the trade shows. Good thing we're taking his vehicle - lots more room to bring back LOTS of new goods for the shop. If things work out, we're having dinner with Karen and her husband (My Colonial Home) and I just can't wait to meet her! It's always fun to get away for a few days and even more fun when you get to go to primitive heaven. All the new merchandise will be in the shop by Wednesday, so I hope to see lots of you by then.
Better get up to the nursing home and spend a little time with Dad. Hope you all have a great weekend!
Until next time...

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Oh glorious day! The sun is shining, I have the doorwall open with fresh air flowing into the house and everything is wonderful. Doesn't spring just renew the soul??? I even saw some little sprouts peeking out of the ground and the robins have arrived.
This morning I decided to take pictures of two colors, black and mustard. Come on in and sit a spell.
Let's start in the kitchen with a cup of coffee...
Rosie will be happy to help take you on a tour.
I didn't grind our coffee beans, but wouldn't it be fun to use this old grinder?
Oops, forgot to set the treats out on the hoosier.
These wax eggs and bunnies don't weigh that much.
This old mustard island is so handy, we could set the treats there too.
The old beadboard cupboard holds lots of dishes. Rosie's dishes are in an old drawer on the floor.
A B C in black and mustard.
This grungy towel is hung on the side of the island with a pocket to hold a wooden spoon with a little flax.
And black appliances, of course.
Can you even imagine trying to make your own butter?
Old black suitcases are great storage - especially for pictures.

Come on in to our sitting area and let's sip our coffee and talk.
We can sit across from our new fireplace - just got it set up last night and I LOVE it!!!
The mantel is a great place for keepsakes and old socks and baby shoes. The whisk brooms were my Dad's, the metal toy was my mom's from the 1920's, and the books were my grandparent's.
When we got the fireplace set up last night, Rosie laid down in front of the "fire" and we were in hysterics!
This long skinny pillow with black stars will help rest your back.
Large penny rug covering the seat of the other wingback.
This arrowhead collection was found on my relatives farm years and years ago. What a treasure!
The black pillow with the "penny" basket was made for me by my friend Connie many years ago and is still one of my favorites.
Come on into the living room.
Let me turn the light on.
You can either set on the couch or
in the chair.
This old black trunk has been in the family for many years and makes a great place for our t.v.
This old chairback/shelf has been moved many times.

Nothing says prim like old feedsacks.
Here's where I set while we're talking. My little corner of our sitting area. It's so much cozier now that we have a fireplace!
And my little grandchildren are always there to make me smile.

Would you rather come into the dining area? The chalkboard is the back of the island I showed you earlier.
I love old black silouettes!
How about black shutters and a black bunny?
Of course we had to have black chairs around our table.
The black dolls hide in the bedroom. They're afraid to come out!
This is one my son got for me many years ago. I couldn't believe it, but I was so excited that he did that for me.
Black and white army picture with my dad in it.
Our Gannon spent the night on Saturday night. Rosie is a buddy to all the kids.
Hope you enjoyed our coffee time and that you'll come back soon. Maybe next time we can set outside and enjoy the sunshine. Have any of you started working in your gardens yet? I can't wait!!!
Oh boy, Thursday afternoon we are leaving for Columbus to the trade shows. My hubby is going with me this time - the first time ever. I'm so excited to get lots of new goodies for the shop, but most of all, I think Karen (My Colonial Home) and I are finally going to have a chance to meet. I'm so looking forward to it.
Well girls, enjoy the sunshine and I hope you have a glorious day!
Until next time...