Sunday, September 18, 2011


Good Sunday afternoon prim pals. What a great weekend we've just had. I've been promising pictures of our new shop items and I also wanted to share pictures of our wonderful village this weekend. SO...grab a cup of coffee and let's take a little tour.
We brought back two pieces of great reproduction pieces this time for the folks that aren't quite into the real deal of antiques. We'll see how they go and maybe we'll be adding a lot more. Love the little dry sink with the pegs along the back.

My favorite has to be this big old chair - more for the real prim fans. I could just see this in a foyer or next to a fireplace. LOVE IT!!!

The old slant top desk is filled with wonderful fall scents of potpourri.

Votive candles packaged in strawberry baskets and cake candles.

This picture is SO dark, and it's my favorite item! A wooden cubby with a spice shelf and drawer. Really grungy mustard color, but perfect for any room in your home.

This old hired hand's bed is outstanding. Couldn't you just see it on a screened in porch with lots of pillows to take an afternoon nap?

Another good oldie is this tin pie safe with old green paint. I have one at the Little House and it is a great spice cupboard.

This Salem witch is done on an old basket. What a cute addition to a porch!

Oh my gosh, I'm crazy about this old canvas apple picking basket - and behind it is the original apple orchard ladder.

Need any breadboards? Who can have enough?

The little mice snuck in the shop this week and are having a grand party. BUT - they are also all finding new homes.

Another great cubby done in old red paint.

One of these banners would just make any fall display! So there you have SOME of the new goodies we brought into the shop - but there's tons more!

Then it was on to a funfilled Saturday morning. The village of Holly celebrated the first annual Patriot's Week and Saturday was the wrap up. We lined up at 8:30 a.m. to be in the parade (which was beyond wonderful). Abbey rode with Papa and I and seemed to know everybody along the parade route. We had so many patriotic groups and so many joined in that we had to have 3 parade staging areas. Who could resist the fun???

The Holly Chamber of Commerce is having a new rebirth downtown.

Betsy Ross even came back to join us!

The flagpole and flag company in town brought new 5'x8' flags around and gave one to all of the merchants. What a wonderful donation for this event.

Jimmy (from the Downtown Party Shop) is a huge supporter of our village. He brought his grandson and daughter to join in.

The Holly High School band was in our staging area and we were so lucky to listen to them warming up with the old patriotic songs. Great job!

While we were on the parade route, I couldn't resist taking a pictures of our Ashley, friend Jessica and our little Lucy. Lucy absolutely loved the parade and has talked about it non-stop!

Okay, do you know what Patriot's Day stands for? This is Judge Warren (from Oakland County Circuit Court). He and his 12 year-old daughter Leah (10 at the time) founded this holiday. They wanted a time for our country to come together as citizens, not just veterans (although they have been the driving force) to keep America alive.

Judge Warren has written a book, which we purchased. I am so excited to start reading it and "hear" what they are saying about our great America. Above is Judge Warren and his lovely daughter Leah.

We stayed open Friday and Saturday nights until 9 p.m. We flew our flag proudly, and loved every minute of the festivities and how our community came together.

At the end of the parade, one of the firetrucks pulled a trailer that held a sacred piece of the World Trade Center that the city of Farmington Hills graciously lent to us. To actually see and touch this piece of history was undescribable. It literally brought tears to many eyes.

As the evening was slowing down, I had the pleasure of meeting two blog readers. Sue and Leah (from Ypsilanti, MI) came in to visit. What lovely gals! Hope they come back to see me soon.

So friends, this has been quite a weekend!

Also, next weekend is going to be a great one too! Mark your calendars for the Gathering On The Lawn at the Old Granary in Quincy, Michigan on September 24th. The shop is delightful, filled with prims from top to bottom and the venders will be set up all around the shop on the lawn with more great items. Dick and I are going to be there with lots of goodies that haven't been seen in the shop yet. This is well worth the drive!

Hope you all are having a restful, peaceful fall Sunday. Anybody been to the orchards yet for delicious cider and donuts???

Until next time...


  1. Raising my hand .... had Cider & Donuts once at the Orchard by us. Yummmm
    Dawn Great Pictures of the Shop, you have such Wonderful "Finds"! :-)
    Good Luck next week-end I'll say it again ... Great Town you live in !!
    Fall Hugs ~~ Connie xox

  2. Love the pictures of your shop! Very enticing!

  3. I think if I had to pick a different place to live other than where I will be moving to soon (my grandmother's homestead in my hometown), I would pick your little town of Holly! What fun you all seem to have there!! Always something going on..... I love reading about all the events on your blog.... :)
    No cider and donuts for me yet, but hopefully we will stop next weekend when we go antiqueing. I did have a caramel apple donut from Dunkin Donuts, but that's not quite the same as stopping at an orchard for some!
    Great pics of the shop -- love that big bench!

  4. Dawn, what a lovely day you had, lots of fun for everyone. I just drooled over the new items in your shop, wonderfully primitive. I just noticed your new Fall header, what a simple but creative idea, thank you for all the eye candy! Have a great week, I'm off to gather corn stalks in the morning! Your friend from Maine, Julie.

  5. Dawn, I'm so glad you were open late last night and that Leah and I had the opportunity to meet you and see your lovely store in person. Looking forward to a return visit and more purchases from Holly Hills! I understand there will be a Dickens Festival in early December...I'll definitely be back for it. I have already planned my're less than 50 miles from Ypsilanti! :)

  6. Hi Dawn.
    Everything looks great. Looks like a wonderful time too.
    Take care.

  7. Hi there Holly...again some gorgeous products.
    I really love those huge settle benches - I'd love one by my front door.

    I bought one of the fabric banners today at Wholesale in Madison - which disappointed me greatly...not many made in the USA products this time. BooHoo!!!! Mine is a Christmas one with the sleigh and horses.


  8. I love the "good" stuff you have added to the shop. It looks usual. I am still doing shows! Hope to talk to you soon.