Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Good evening prim pals! Just returned from 5 nights of R&R at the Little House and it felt SOOO great! We took our Gannon up with us Thursday night - the first time all summer, went to some sales, Grandpa and Gan did some fishing, went to Morning Glory Mercantile (again) and had such a great time riding go-carts! Amanda brought Jack, Ellie and Caroline up on Saturday afternoon to spend the night and we made pizza's in the campfire with the pie makers. It was so much fun. Sunday we spent time with our friends, Debbie and Kenny, and had a wonderful dinner together. Thought you would enjoy seeing some of the great prim displays from Debbie's house.

Isn't that tiny firkin just adorable?

Good old bowl sith some fun goodies.

Old graters, cans and boxes on the back of her stove.

One of Kenny's great signs behind their sink.

Good old door turned sideways behind some cupboards.

Love old sho-flys! You'll have to come into the shop to see more of what we picked up both from Kenny and Debbie and the sales.

Gan, Dick and I all went on the go-carts and I could have ridden all day. What a blast! I forgot how much fun it is.

Old Harley is the "up north" dog that lives behind our cottage. Our Gannon and Abbey have loved him since he was a puppy. Gan just couldn't go home without taking him a treat.

We had to go to the good Ben Franklin in town and Gan picked out HERMIT CRABS! He named them Blazer and Gunner and was fascinated with them all weekend.

Those were some crazy shells!

I took Ellie and Jack to town on Sunday and Ellie picked out this t-shirt at the craft show. I think she's going to be my little hippie girl!

Jack found a container of pirates and was in his glory!

Caroline was getting ready for the trip home!

I loved our time away, but it always feels great to get home. Time to get out some of the fall goodies and start playing! So what will it be, playing or sewing? Such a decision! Hope you are all having fun getting out the boxes of fall and putzing in your homes.

Until next time...


  1. Go carts! WOW, you go girl! How wonderful for you to be surrounded by your most adorable grandchildren. Looking forward to seeing photos of your shop all decked out for Halloween. Enjoy what is left of summer, blessings from Maine, Julie.

  2. Dawn what a blast and great family fun!
    Loved all the pics.
    Hopefully you are noticing this beautiful sunset tonight.

  3. Dawn ~ what a blast you all must have had. Great pictures, the grandkids all look so darn cute. Happy Fall! We darn near had a frost this morning & there's another advisory for tonight. We had our first wood fire in the house last night.

  4. Hi Dawn. Glad you had a great time.
    We had our woodstove going last night. Brrrr
    Can't believe the change in the weather. I would rather have this, than over 100 degrees.
    Have a great week.