Friday, January 13, 2012


AHHHH! To be home again is wonderful! Dick, Gannon and I left for Ohio on Wednesday morning to go to the market and warehouses. We had a great time, but ended up coming home in a snowstorm and BAD roads. We unloaded the car at the shop and put most of the new goodies out and now we're finally home-sweet-home. Winter has finally hit in Michigan with a bang! It is SOOOOOOOOO cold outside, but I guess we've been lucky to avoid it this long.
I'll try to take more pictures tomorrow of the new goodies that are out so far, but I thought I'd share a couple of things we put in tonight. I'm in love with the new big wooden box! The hooked swan rug is beautiful and the little wheelboro is just in time for spring displays.

Have you ever used Hotwire or Priceline? What a great deal! We got a wonderful suite with a buffet breakfast, a pool and exercise room for a great price and Gannon loved all of it - especially the pool.

Yesterday we had to make a little spot for Gan to set after we went SHOPPING! Everything had to be repacked so we could fit our duffle bags in today to make it home.

The only thing Gannon was looking for was a new cowboy hat. Last night we finally found a Tractor Supply and he got just the hat (and shirt) he was looking for.

This morning the Jeep was loaded to the ceiling with quite a little planning from Dick.

Gannon and I were a little hesitant about getting in and starting out in the bad weather.

But after we got started, we had a tired little cowboy!

The roads through Ohio were TERRIBLE because of the wind. We went through several "white-outs" and were so glad when the roads finally got a little better. We were thrilled to finally see good old Holly, Michigan.
Yup, lots of great prims are in the shop and more handmades will be in by next Wednesday.
By the way, a great news flash - Holly Hills Primitives is proud to announce that we will be carrying some wonderful handmades in the very near future by The Funky Tennessee Artist - our very own Connie! She is sewing away and we will have our first shipment very soon. I'm so excited to see what she comes up with!
We will be open this Monday for Martin Luther King day for any of you gals that have a day off and are out exploring. Come on in and stay warm with us!
Time for some jammies and some relax time with my hubby.
Until next time...


  1. Dawn,
    Looks like you got lots of Goodies .. good thing you had your two guys with you for help.
    Gannon looks might handsome in his new hat & shirt ... I had to laugh looks like he just fit on the way back. The roads look so scary to be driving on ... Thank God you are all home
    safe & sound.
    Hugs ~ Connie xox

  2. Wonderful gatherings~ Oh, Ohio is cold, blowing winds, I know up in Northern Ohio some are reporting 2 feet of snow, in my area we got about 4inches, but drifting has made the roads dangerous!Glad you made it home safe~
    Love the Cowboy Hat~ looking good~

  3. Glad you made it home safe! Can't wait to see more pictures!
    Laurie :)