Saturday, January 14, 2012


Good cold evening my friends. Guess winter has finally hit Michigan in a big way. What a difference a couple of days makes! As promised, I'm back tonight with a preview of some of the goodies that are now in the shop. There will be lots more by Monday and then Wednesday. Grab a cup of coffee for a heavy picture laden post. Hope you see some things that might be interesting to you!
Lots of stitcheries are arriving daily. I love the ones on the old boards, the best prim look.

This one is in an old cupboard door with a grubby quilt background.

There are stitcheries large and small.

More stitcheries, fun banners, candle holders and a great old tobacco basket.

Do any of you collect children's brooms? I have quite a few at our Little House in northern Michigan.

These baskets are adorable. They can hang from old boxes, on the back of chairs or from your peg racks.

This big old box is one of my favorite new things. Advertising on the front and back sides. Wish I had room to bring it home!

This grubby, burgandy, table-top dough box is wonderful. It has a lid and great storage.

We brought back a selection of signs. A lot of customers have been asking for crow things.

My favorite sign is this "Horse Keeping", bet my daughter Ashley will love it!

Who doesn't love hooked rugs? We have several to choose from. This family tree is gorgeous with beautiful colors.

Of course the swan is stunning too.

Cute, cute, cute bags made from coverlet material. Would be darling Easter bags/baskets or to leave out all year. Filled with prim grass.

Black and beige throw, lamp shade and table runners to match.

For you ladies that have been asking for bonnets, we have 'em.

These handmade gourd dippers are perfect for a prim kitchen.

As are the handmade gourd spoons.

We have now restocked our Billy Jacobs prints for all of you fans.

I'm crazy about these simple, prim candle holders.

Cute as a button light bulbs. We have hearts, teddy bears, flowers, cardinals and more.

The battery candles are restocked, along with the timer type (both tapers and pillars).

I couldn't resist this little black doll with the crazy hair and crow.
So there you have a sampling of some fun new items. Can't wait to show you some of the new dolls and other handmades.
Don't forget that the shop will be open Monday (Martin Luther King Day) in case you're out exploring.
Hope you enjoyed our little preview. Stay tuned for more-to-come goodies very soon!
Have a great evening and stay warm!
Until next time...


  1. Lots of goodies! Those stitcheries are really neat!

  2. Hi Dawn, what a fun show n tell...there are many things that caught my eye...those hooked rugs are beautiful!
    Thanks for the nice birthday greeting for Doug on my blog...I passed it along...he thanks you!